5 Signs You’re Going Through A Spiritual Transformation

Signs Going Spiritual Transformation

Experiencing changes in your life? It may feel like a time of upheaval or a journey of inspiration and growth. Here are 5 spiritual transformation signs that you may be undergoing.

Life occurs as a series of cycles. In a single human lifetime, the first cycle is the conception and the last cycle is death. Death is not an end, but merely the start of a new cycle.

Rather than viewing these cycles as separate circles, they exist in almost a spiral pattern. There is a flow and everything is connected so we can blossom into our fullest potential.

What is spiritual transformation?

The human body transforms every 7 years. In a 7 year cycle, all our cells are renewed and replenished and it is also believed that this cycle involves spiritual transformation as well.

Transforming happens to everyone. It is a natural part of life, but it is usually the spiritual transformation that provides the most impact.

Before you transform your life has to crumble in some way. Some part of you needs to be buried or broken off in order to be transformed.

This process can be painful, but it is also one of the most magical and enlightening experiences that we can have.

Think of the humble caterpillar. At a certain stage of its life, the caterpillar goes into the darkness of the cocoon in order to be transformed.

Do you think the caterpillar knows what is happening to it in the cocoon? Do you think it can see past the darkness?

5 Examples of Spiritual Transformation

As far as we know, the caterpillar has no idea what is to become of it.

Perhaps on some level, it can intuit what it is going to become, but throughout the process, the caterpillar is alone and faced with nothing except the memory of what it once knew to be true.

The animal kingdom can provide us clues as to the process of transformation. Not only does the caterpillar morph into a beautiful butterfly, but snakes also shed their skin and the mythical phoenix rises from the ashes.

Animals can provide us clues as to the transformation process and in many ways, help us to understand our own.

Often it can be difficult to know where transformation will lead us until after it is complete. Although signs will vary from person to person, here are 5 typical signs of transformation:

5 Stages of Spiritual Transformation

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5 Spiritual Transformation Signs That You’re Undergoing

1. Things Start to Crumble

Depending on the size of your transformation, it is likely that some part of you and your life needs to be released in order to facilitate the transformation process.

If you feel that your life is crumbling around you or you have experienced continued losses in some way, usually this is a clear sign that you are getting ready to undergo a form of transformation.

Crumbling sounds negative, but really whatever is being crumbled from your life is likely to no longer serve your highest good or needs to be updated in order to support your new journey.

2. You Feel the Desire to Be Alone

Just like the caterpillar spends its days in the cocoon alone, when you are transforming the desire to be alone also emerges.

This is because transformation brings a recalibration process. During this period you are trying to figure out who you are and what you are going to become.

spiritual transformation signs
5 Signs of Spiritual Transformations

You may start questioning your life, your thought process and everything in between. This can cause an overwhelming feeling which can be amplified when surrounded by others.

Because you are in the dark, all of your thought processes are likely to bring you into an internal state, causing you to really go within.

During this process, there is a deeper questioning as to who you really are and an exploration into all the things that make you, You.

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3. You Feel Lost or Confused About Everything

Transformation can be a very confusing process as there is no way to turn back and often there is no clear direction forward either.

Until the cocoon starts to break away all there is darkness and this can be very confronting and confusing. If you are sensitive enough, you may also be able to feel this darkness coming from a person.

5 Spiritual Transformation Signs That You’re Undergoing

During transformation not only are you confused as to who you really are but suddenly you are not sure about anything anymore. You are in the dark and there is no way of knowing which way you are going to go.

Transformation can also bring about the changing and reconfiguring of thought processes and intuition, which can add further confusion while this change is underway.

4. A Particular Life Lessons Seems to Confront You

Life lessons usually flow in and out of our lives in the form of cycles and transformation is usually a sign that you are at the end of a cycle.

During your transformation process, especially at the beginning of it, you may receive the final confrontation of your life lesson.

This may force you to have to face your fears head-on and really deal with your inner demons one by one.

This final confrontation is usually what leads to the crumbling or collapsing of your life and helps to facilitate the rebirth process.

5. Heavy Pluto Transit in Your Astrology Chart

You can see transformative cycles in your astrology chart usually by following the planet Pluto.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. He is the planet of death and rebirth and when he makes a strong transit in your chart, it could be a sign that you are undergoing transformation or that transformation is about to begin.

Saturn transits can also indicate serious transformation, but Pluto’s work is often felt on a far deeper and more profound level.

Transformation can help us to expand our consciousness, align with our higher path and help us to get in touch with the essence of our soul.

Even though the process may be confronting, confusing and heavy, it is also an extremely powerful experience that can truly transform and shape your life in amazing ways.

If you feel that you are going through a transformation, the best way to deal with it is to accept the process and enjoy the ride.

When you finally step out on the other side, when you finally see the crack of light peaking over the top of your own cocoon, that is when you will know exactly how to move forward.

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5 Signs You Are Going Through Spiritual Transformation
5 Signs You Are Going Through A Spiritual Transformation
5 Signs You Are Going Through A Spiritual Transformation
5 Signs You Are Going Through A Spiritual Transformation
Signs Going Through Spiritual Transformation pin

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