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8 Reasons Why Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships And What You Can Do About It

Why Spiritual Awakening Breaks Relationships

Is it true that a spiritual awakening breaks your relationships? If your recent spiritual awakening experiences caused a rift between you and your loved ones, then you were meant to find this post!

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is a paradigm shift that happens to your consciousness. You wake up to a profound reality of existence and start seeing life and things around you with a new perspective.

Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?
Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?

What Causes Spiritual Awakening?

There is a strong connection between spiritual awakening and depression. It doesn’t have to be chronic depression, although it has been found that people struggling with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or childhood trauma often lead to their awakening.

Other life events that can trigger an awakening are:

  • Bereavement
  • Near-death experiences
  • Accidents
  • Serious illness
  • Quarter or Mid-life crises
  • Any tragic loss
Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?
Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?

There Are Different Spiritual Awakening Stages

Regardless of your reason, you start by exploring big questions like the purpose of life, the right way to live, or the true meaning of relationships. No matter which spiritual path you follow, your quest ultimately leads you to become your authentic self as you peel off all the layers of social conditioning one by one.

But before that, this beautiful and empowering journey will help you uncover your true desires, goals, passion, strength, and of course with that, your:

You will also find breakthroughs and insights into your thought patterns that will guide you to:

  • Identify your gifts
  • Overcome your challenges
  • Live your life in perfect alignment with your highest good (or as some of us call it; your higher self)

Finally, your altered consciousness brings about a sea change in your behavior and lifestyle. Such as:

  • You may not feel like investing your energy in doing things you used to enjoy before
  • You might feel drained by certain people and situations and tend to avoid them
  • You opt for an organic or plant-based diet
  • You’re doing things that others don’t understand

These are signs of spiritual awakening and they indicate you have found a way to be happy and at peace with yourself, that you’re giving up the old ways of life that were no longer serving you and you’re making room for positive changes.

However, don’t be surprised if your existing relationships become the collateral damage of your ascension. The impact of spiritual awakening on your relationships can often be catastrophic.

When you’re going through a significant transformation, it’s natural that your relationship during awakening will also go through a major shift.

Depending upon your loved one’s attitude and approach toward your new-found way of life, your spiritual awakening can be even more fulfilling or it can leave you feeling isolated, misunderstood, frustrated, and even questioning your journey.

If you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening and relationship problems in its wake, keep reading to find out how and why a spiritual awakening can break your relationship, and what you should do about it!

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Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?
Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?

8 Reasons Why Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships

Here’re the signs of a spiritual awakening ending your relationship:

1. Your Goals Have Changed

Maybe before your spiritual breakthrough, you and your partner had established some mutually agreeable goals in your relationship. This might include paying a mortgage, buying a car, or settling down in a quiet suburban neighborhood.

But now you feel an apathy toward materialism and want to invest your resources into building a life that is focused on community welfare or something more impersonal.

If you suddenly want to donate a chunk of your savings to your local animal shelter or want to live in a remote location somewhere in the mountains, this might not go down well with your partner.

This is just one of the instances of how your spiritual awakening breaks your relationships.

2. You Are Neglecting Your Loved Ones

After you had your awakening, you will be drawn to things that help you to sustain your well-balanced state of mind. You might want to spend your time:

  • Reading
  • Meditating
  • Doing yoga
  • Taking long walks in nature
  • Being around animals and trees

While all these activities are great for your overall well-being, if you keep prioritizing them over spending quality time with your partner, friends, and other loved ones, you’ll inadvertently hurt their feelings. And if continued for a long time, this is how your spiritual awakening breaks your relationships by pushing people away from you.

3. You Are Feeling Detached From Others

A spiritual level-up brings along:

  • Sensitiveness
  • Intuition
  • Wisdom
  • And a higher perspective 

You start seeing through pretense and illusions. You can sense vibrations and energy and instinctively know who or what is good or bad for you. You start vibrating on a high frequency and become intolerant toward people who are toxic, negative, or belong to the lower vibrational frequencies. They drain you out.

You can no more make small talk with your cousin Sally who secretly tries to put you down or be nice to someone at a party who you can sense has a bad aura. Also, you might have adopted a healthier way of living and cannot be around people who smoke or drink, or eat meat.

Obviously, others won’t understand your heightened perceptive abilities and life choices. They might even label you moody, eccentric, or crazy. This is how your spiritual awakening breaks your relationships and ruins your social life.

But on the positive side, it frees you from bad habits, energy vampires, and toxic connections that were feeding off of your positive energy.

Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?
Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?

4. You Raise Your Standards

Falling into the traps of toxic positivity or spiritual bypassing is very common with people who are new on their path of awakening. As your spiritual life becomes your priority, you start expecting yourself and others to live up to your newly defined standards.

You remind your partner to be positive when they try to vent to you about their bad day, you disapprove of your bestie when she is crying over a breakup, or you try to repress your emotions to be a righteous person.

Denying yourself of human emotions and not processing unresolved or overwhelming feelings, to stay “positive” all the Goddamn time is a surefire way how your spiritual awakening breaks your relationships.

5. Your Partner Can No Longer Recognize You

You have changed overnight. You don’t react to things the way you used to. You don’t enjoy the same food or the way you used to spend your shared time with your partner. Of course, your partner will think some alien has snatched your body.

It’s unfair of you to even expect that they would seamlessly adjust to your new lifestyle. Try to give them time and make the process easier for them. Make them understand that you are still the same person. Your spiritual awakening breaks your relationships only if you let it.

6. You And Your Partner Have Different Spiritual Beliefs

You would think having a partner who’s into spirituality will make things easier for the two of you, post your ascension. Think again!

What if your partner is a spell-casting, foul-mouth, hot-headed Wiccan, or witch, and you have chosen the path of say, Buddhism? Good luck to you both!

On a serious note, as mentioned earlier, your spiritual awakening breaks your relationships only if you allow it. So, talk to your partner or your romantic interest, be respectful of their path, accept them as they are, and hopefully they will reciprocate.

Remember that there is no ONE truth, but many, so stay open and flexible, and don’t let differences in beliefs come between you and your loved one.

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7. You Cannot Connect To People Who Are Not “Spiritually Aware”

Have you heard of the term spiritual narcissism? It’s a feeling that you’re somehow more special than others due to your spiritual wisdom and knowledge.

When your mind is open to greater truths of life, death, Karma, past lives, or intergalactic Starseeds, it will obviously not be easy for you to connect with people who have not undergone this level of spiritual transition.

But if your wisdom and experiences make you feel superior to others, then are you really awakened? You might think your spiritual awakening breaks your relationships, but in this case, your ego does!

Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?
Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?

8. You Don’t Feel Satisfied With Your Romantic Partner

Once you go through a massive shift in your thinking and beliefs, your preferences, values, and likings change drastically. You suddenly might feel your relationship with your spouse, partner, or love interest cannot give you the satisfaction you are looking for.

The relationship ceases to be fulfilling and exciting, and you start looking for a new partnership, that might be more aligned with your new vision.

While this might be true, do give your relationship a fair chance. Maybe your significant other is trying to understand you and do everything in their power to sync with your changed life. It may also happen that they have some ideas to make it work without splitting up.

However, even if after open and honest communication, you feel you and your partner want different things out of life and your journeys take you to different destinations, don’t force it. Accept that the relationship has run its course and clearly communicate that to them.

If they truly care about you, they will understand, and will not want to obstruct your spiritual advancement and emotional well-being. Don’t think your spiritual awakening breaks your relationships, but think of it as releasing what was not meant to be!

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Love And Pain

Love is the highest level of positive vibration. When you set out on a path of self-love, self-realization, and self-actualization, the love and support of your dear ones can be empowering. However, when you claim your awakening, be ready for 3 types of reactions:




If your loved ones are critical or even hostile when you are doing good and feeling happy about yourself, accept that they are not used to you setting boundaries or that they don’t have your best interests in their hearts.

If they’re neutral, try to work things out by giving them a chance. And if they’re supportive and caring, even if they don’t agree with your beliefs one hundred percent, do your best to sustain your relationship.

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Every spiritual awakening journey is a highly personal and unique one, bringing along the lessons that the seeker needs. And growth pain is part of the process and one of the main spiritual awakening symptoms. The other thing that all spiritual paths have in common is love, and how it’s the only route to connect with the divine; the divine which is within you, me, and all of us! 

We hope you found our article on how spiritual awakening breaks your relationships insightful. Do you agree that spiritual awakening breaks your relationships? Share your views by commenting down below!

Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?
Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships
Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?
Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships
Why Spiritual Awakening Breaks Relationships pin
Why Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships pin

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