What’s Your Spirit Animal Based on Your Day of Birth?

What's Your Spirit Animal based on your Day of Birth?

What’s Your Spirit Animal based on your Day of Birth?

How each day of the Week is associated with one Spirit Animal and what does it mean? What blessings are given to each individual who is born under the influence of each day.

Although this spirit animal rules the day, you may also be under the influence of another spirit or totem animal.

Everyone has a Spirit Animal

Animal Guides also known as Totem Animals or just Spirit Animals, come to us for many different reasons, but they usually have a reason that can be group into life-long guides, messengers, tests or journey based guides. Although each of us is somehow ‘linked’ with the physical world with one spirit Animal, many of us encounter more Spirits that act additionally to the Primary Spirit animal.

Therefore, each of us ‘has’ one Totem Animal but we may also be guided in our lives by additional ones when times is needed. In case you didn’t find your totem yet, you can always follow these instructions and try yourself!

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Every Day is Magical

We’ve been through this a couple of times before yet it’s always interesting to remember. You see, back in the ancient times, the ‘Magical’ or ‘Astrological‘ planets were just seven. The discovery of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto came much later, although they have been prophesied by the alchemists.

As the ‘Planets’ were seven, the ancient ones observed that there is a 7-day pattern, with each day radiating separate energy. Thus, they created a ‘week’ based on these seven different ‘planetary days’.

  • Sunday (Dimance in French), is the Day of the Sun (Apollo)
  • Monday (Monday – Lundi in French), is the Day of the Moon (Artemis)
  • Tuesday (Mardi in French), is the Day of Mars (Ares)
  • Wednesday (Mercredi in French) is the Day of Mercury (Hermes)
  • Thursday (Jeudi in Frech) is the Day of Jupiter (Zeus)
  • Friday (Vendredi in French) is the Day of Venus (Aphrodite)
  • Saturday (Samedi) is the Day of Saturn (Kronus)

Therefore, each day is drenched in the power of the Planet, which is of course associated with a major deity. Thus, we can find our personal totem animal which ‘rules’ over the day we are born. Once we find it, we can ‘summon’ it during the same day of the week we were born and let it guide us. To do that, we can keep our ‘birthday’ candle, from my last birthday cake. Although, you can substitute it with any white candle, the birthday candle is more appropriate. Next birthday… keep it!

The Spirit Animal Spell

Create an appropriate offering. You can get some cookies or a small cake, or a dish of honey and milk. Burn some Benzoin to invite the higher entities you look for. Now put the candle before the offering and once you light it up, say the next words.

Sacred Spirit of …

I summon thee,

I ask for your guidance,

Come to me.

Now close your eyes and visualize this spirit coming to you. Once it’s there, greet it properly and offer your cake, etc. Tell the Spirit that you are now ready to be guided and ask it to advise you and guide you through the day. Wait for the signs. Write down your progress. Repeat, for 6 more (total seven) consequent weeks.

What your Spirit Animal based on your Day of Birth?

Your birthday can reveal your sacred Spirit Animal. Although we’ve been copied before (unfortunately most of the time without our permission), we should advise you that this article is created by the notes of the High Priest of the Sacred Phoenix, thus please remember who to thank for you good results. 🙂

Monday: Stag, the Graceful

The stag is the sacred animal of the wild huntress of Mother Earth, Artemis. This Spirit embodies the secrets of this world and the Wisdom of the Woods and the Wilds. Thus, the Stag can be summoned to nurture your intuition and make you more confident of your Magical and Psychic powers.

The Stag is also amazingly beautiful. Therefore, it bestows a charming and attractive aura. Use the power of this animal to attract whatever you wish. But remember, you wish should be noble, just like the Stag.

Your Mystical Powers: Safety, Nourishment, Gentleness, Grace, Instincts, Adventurous, Speed

Tuesday: Wolf, the Brave

Wolf is the sacred animal of the God of War, Ares. It is no coincidence that this brave animal has been chosen by Ares (Mars) to be his sacred animal. Ares’ association with the wolf probably begins with the founders of Rome. In this story, a she-wolf (Lupa) nurtured and protected his banished twin sons (Remus & Romulus). Wolf is considered to bestow bravery and self-reliance to the ones who are born on this day.

Moreover, the spirit animal of Wolf is summoned in times of need to bring order in chaos. Wolf can stand in chaos, as s/he is the one who can handle fears. Call upon the powers of the Wolf to give you spiritual guidance and protection.

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