What Is Your Spirit Animal? Find Out With This Quiz

What Is Your Spirit Animal Quiz

So you want to know what your spirit animal is? Different cultures around the world use terms like Spirit Helper, Animal Guide or Spirit Animal to describe benevolent spirits that guide and help us through challenges in life. Find your spirit animal with this fun quiz!

Our spirit animals can offer us knowledge, wisdom, power, and a sense of well being. These spirit animals often act as our guardian angels and guide us throughout our entire life.

What is a spirit animal

The belief of animal guides is prominent in some ancient cultures like Native American cultures. It was later adopted in Wiccan and Pagan beliefs as well. The concept is based on the belief of Animism, a spiritual belief where all natural objects and creatures in the universe have a unique spiritual essence.

A spirit animal is a supernatural force that empowers and enables an individual with the strength, wisdom, and traits of the animal. The spirit animal is superior than the real animal as it is the collective essence of that particular animal. The animal spirit will stay with the person throughout his/her life to guide, teach and protect them.

Understanding Your Spirit Animal

Every animal spirit has their own special significance, characteristics, and meaning. It is believed that your animal spirit will appear to your subconscious mind through sleep or even meditation. You will develop a strong connection with this animal in real life. If you suddenly become drawn to a particular animal or you interact with the same animal through repeated coincidences, then it means your spirit animal is revealing them to you.

Native Americans also believe that different spirit animal guides may appear in our lives to solve different problems and issues.

Once we overcome a specific problem, then they might leave and another spirit animal may appear for the next phase of our life.

Find Your Spirit Animal

Want to know about your inner Spirit Animal? This fun quiz will help you find out your spirit animal right away.

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Spirit Animal quiz
What Is Your Spirit Animal? Find Out With This Quiz
What Is Your Spirit Animal pin
What Is Your Spirit Animal? Find Out With This Quiz

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  1. I already know my spirit animal, have for over 40 years. Not a criticism but there’s no way I could have gotten there from here. Besides, in the past forty years I’ve turned into multiple people, personalities, abilities, thoughts and idiosyncracies. A lot of animals guide me now. And then the plants know too much about me and I know too much about them. Still, I think Asclepias tuberosa is my favorite, which leads to my favorite color “orange” with greens and purples mixed in.

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