Your True SPIRIT Animal Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Spirit Animal: True Spiritual Animal Counterpart Of 12 Signs

You must have heard about spirit animals, but do you know what your spirit animal is, according to your zodiac sign?

Astrology is a very ancient practice and it is quite complex as well. While we might not have been aware of it till now, there is a spirit animal assigned to all of us based on our zodiac signs.

Of course, astrology is not something that could be encapsulated into just these 12 zodiac signs. Zodiac Spirit Animals are another part of it. It has been present since ancient times.

In Native American culture, spirit animals were assigned to an individual based on what they thought their inner nature would be like.

On the other hand, in other cultures, if you came in contact with your spirit animal, it meant a passage to a better life or evolution to your better self.

For many others, spirit animals are just guides that direct us toward the right path.

According to many experts, spirit animals are tied to our spiritual side and help us to understand life on a deeper level. It is connected with our personality as well.

On that basis, many Astro experts have been able to understand which zodiac sign can be associated with specific spirit animals.

How to find your spirit animal? You may not be aware of them right now but try to discover your spirit animal from this list. Maybe, you will find out something completely new about yourself too.

What Is My Spirit Animal?

Here are all the zodiac signs and their own spirit animal

1. Aries Spirit Animal: Hawk and Tiger

As a fire sign, you are full of confidence and power. You have a regal side but you are a force that cannot be dominated easily.

If someone tries to challenge you, you will accept their challenge with grace and then go and crush them. Your temper will burn them too. It’s the tiger calling you from the inside, which is your spirit animal.

Plus, you already have a natural killer instinct present within you. Hawks are like that – they can team up, but they are better when they are alone.

They can be impulsive and sometimes spontaneous, but they are capable of showing such confidence that they can blaze through any kind of situation fearlessly.

2. Taurus Spirit Animal: Beaver and Wolf

You are a bit stubborn like a bull, which is your zodiac sign, but your wolfish element is much higher. You like to be the lone wolf, handling different things on your own.

But that does not mean that you do not value other members of your pack. The pack is important to you and you also permit them to have their way, as long as they are under your protection.

On the other hand, the hardworking element present in you is similar to a beaver. They like to work hard but are also quite strategic.

So, you tend to plan your next step carefully and not leap into something just like that. Inside, you are quite generous and kind. You are quite resourceful as well and that makes you more grounded than others.

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3. Gemini Spirit Animal: Black Panther And Deer

Gemini has two sides and shows a multitude of personality types, but like a deer, they are quite energetic and like having fun.

Hence, Gemini can make fun of themselves and can be quite witty, making anyone else roll on the floor laughing. You are good with conversations too but the deer spirit will not let you go into vanity.

On the other hand, in many social settings, Gemini can dominate and can handle things gracefully, but that is their black panther side taking over. It is calm and does not give in to negativity. It carries itself with elegance.

4. Cancer Spirit Animal: Dog and Woodpecker

Cancer is nurturing and hence, it relates to a woodpecker. A woodpecker is also a very nurturing spirit and they support their family.

Woodpeckers can also become jealous and over-possessive sometimes, but those are rare occasions. This is similar to Cancer too.

Another spirit animal of Cancer is the Dog. They are loyal and sensitive and become the best friend of everybody. Their presence is peaceful. While they may not speak, they can bring joy and love into your life easily.

5. Leo Spirit Animal: Salmon and Peacock

Leo is confidence personified and so, they like to show off. Just like the peacock, it does not shy away but keeps a bold exterior and shows itself off whenever it can. They are a bit arrogant but, even then, their beauty lightens up the world of others.

Similarly, Leo is also similar to Salmon. The Salmon goes against the current and is somewhat egotistical. However, when it comes to emotions, Leo can get emotionally invested in all of it, and combined with pride that can become a problem.

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6. Virgo Spirit Animal: Bear and Eagle

Virgo has the attentive quality of an eagle. They can spot things from a distance and can be very attentive. They can take decisions after thinking properly and then they go for it.

Their inner eagle makes them become more of an independent person who is looking to fly high in the sky but also, to keep their eyes on the ground.

On the other hand, Virgo is also associated with the bear. The bear is hardworking and intelligent. They have a huge heart and are quite generous.

At times, bears can be modest too. This makes them grounded. Sometimes, they can be lazy and reclusive too, but that is when things are going bad for them.

7. Libra Spirit Animal: Panda and Raven

Libra is judicious and does justice with both love and life. Raven is peace-loving. It is charming and quite judicious in nature.

It acts as a diplomat between different groups, remains patient, and is quite easygoing. However, sometimes, it might get rude and vindictive too.

Libra is also associated with caring Panda. It is quite laid-back but has a huge heart and genuinely cares for others.

8. Scorpio Spirit Animal: Snake and Lion

Scorpios can get a bit intimidating. This is because they are both passionate and mysterious, making them difficult to understand.

Like a lion, they will be quiet but they have fierce energy present within them. When they want something, they will not shy away from acting on it. They are always standing tall where necessary.

Snake is also associated with Scorpio. It defines the mystery that Scorpio is. Plus, snakes are quite spiritual and have a connection with the unknown. Hence, Scorpios have a deep passion for spiritual growth.

9. Sagittarius Spirit Animal: Cat and Owl

Owls are passionate and energetic and this perfectly describes a Sagittarian. They have a deep fire inside them and that makes them impulsive.

They can develop and value friendships. However, sometimes, they can be insincere and reckless. That is the time when they feel like they are not being loved in the right way.

People belonging to this sign are also quite curious like a cat. They want new adventures, but if they are not careful, they might end up in a bad place. They can be quite impulsive too. However, cats are very intelligent and good at problem-solving.

10. Capricorn Spirit Animal: Horse and Goose

Capricorns like to be alone. They are hardworking and ambitious. But they don’t like to be around people too much. That is why the goose is your spirit animal.

The goose stands apart and works their own way. They are passionate but also careful. When they go through a bad period, they can get a bit obsessive.

Capricorn also likes to focus on details but carries a wild spirit within, just like the horse. They are just waiting to be released. That’s why Capricorn wants to go out and enjoy life in the countryside.


11. Aquarius Spirit Animal: Otter and Bear

Aquarius likes to remain in their territory and they are not someone who will back down without a fight.

So, they will be directed to their dreams and keep going toward them like a bear. Of course, they can be loyal and affectionate, but only if you don’t obstruct their path.

The other spirit animal is an otter. Otters are intelligent and playful. They keep to themselves. But somehow, they attract people and so, this sign has a lot of friends. That’s because this spirit animal is both imaginative and nurturing.

12. Pisces Spirit Animal: Fox and Wolf

Pisces is dreamy and so, while we know the ferocity of the wolf, we fail to identify the emotional depth of this animal which is similar to Pisces.

They look after their pack and can be quite gentle and nurturing. But if there is a threat, then they get vicious and try doing anything and everything to protect themselves and make it all work out.

The other spirit animal is the fox. They are intelligent and quite likable, but if you put them in a corner, they can be scary. They just want to live their life without problems but if you challenge them, they can hit back.

So, have you found who your spirit animal is? If you ever find them going in front of you, try to follow them. Maybe they are leading you to a new destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will I know if I have connected or met with my spirit animal?

It is believed that your animal spirit will appear in your subconscious mind through sleep or even meditation. You will develop a strong connection with this animal in real life.

Can someone use a spirit animal to communicate with another person?

If you’re suddenly drawn to a particular animal or you interact with the same animal repeatedly through coincidences, then it means your spirit animal is revealing them to you and communicating with you.

Is it true that each person has a spiritual guide called a priest?

Native Americans believe that different spirit animal guides may appear in our lives to solve different problems and issues.

Your True SPIRIT Animal Based On Your Zodiac Sign
what is my spirit animal

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