Your True SPIRIT Animal Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your True SPIRIT Animal Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Do you know what your spirit animal is, according to your zodiac sign?

Astrology is a very ancient practice and it is quite complex as well. While we might not have been aware of it till now, there is a spirit animal assigned to all of us based on our zodiac signs.

Of course, astrology is not something that could be encapsulated into just these 12 zodiac signs. Spirit animals are another part of it. It has been present from ancient times. In Native American culture, spirit animals were assigned to an individual based on what they thought their inner nature would be like. On the other hand, in other cultures, if you came in contact with your spirit animal, it meant a passage to a better life or evolution to your better self.

For many others, spirit animals are just guides that direct us toward the right path.

According to many experts, spirit animals are tied to our spiritual side and help us to understand life on a deeper level. It is connected with our personality as well. On that basis, many experts have been able to understand which zodiac sign can be associated with specific spirit animals. You may not be aware of them right now, but try to discover your spirit animal from this list. Maybe, you will find out something completely new about yourself too.

Here Are All The Zodiac Signs And Their Own Spirit Animal

1. Aries: Hawk and Tiger

As a fire sign, you are full of confidence and power. You have a regal side but you are a force that cannot be dominated easily. If someone tries to challenge you, you will accept their challenge with grace and then go and crush them. Your temper will fall on them too. It’s the tiger calling you from the inside, which is your spirit animal.

Plus, you already have a natural leader instinct present within you. Hawks are like that – they can team up, but they are better workers when they are alone. They can be impulsive and sometimes spontaneous, but they are capable of showing such confidence that they can blaze through any kind of situation fearlessly.

2. Taurus: Beaver and Wolf

You are a bit stubborn like a bull, which is your zodiac sign, but your wolfish element is much higher. You like to be the lone wolf, handling different things on your own. But that does not mean that you do not value other members of your pack. The pack is important to you and you also permit them to have their way, as long as they are under your protection.

On the other hand, the hardworking element present in you is similar to a beaver. They like to work hard but are also quite strategic. So, you tend to plan your next step carefully and do not leap into something just like that. But on the other hand, inside, you are quite generous and kind. You are quite resourceful as well and that makes you more grounded than others.

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3. Gemini: Black Panther And Deer

Gemini has two sides and shows a multitude of personality types, but like a deer, they are quite energetic and like having fun. Hence, Gemini can make fun of themselves and can be quite witty, making anyone else roll on the floor laughing. You are good with conversations too but the deer spirit will not let you go into vanity.

On the other hand, in many social settings, Gemini can dominate and can handle things gracefully, but that is their black panther side taking over. It is calm and does not give in to negativity. It’s carried itself with elegance.

4. Cancer: Dog and Woodpecker

Cancer is nurturing and hence, it relates to a woodpecker. A woodpecker is also a very nurturing spirit and they support their family and become the empath for others. Woodpeckers can also become jealous and over-possessive sometimes, but those are rare occasions. This is similar to Cancer too.

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