10 Animals As Omens When They Cross Your Path

10 Animals As Omens When They Cross Your Path

If any of these animals accidentally cross your path, powerful omens are presented to you according to ancient cultures and their Old Ways.

Omens and the Old Religion

During the Old Times, animals and plants were all associated with Gods and Goddess. Athena had Owl as her sacred animal while Poseidon protected Horses and Artemis (Diana) deers. Everyone had a soft spot for animals, therefore close encounters with animals were supposed to be divine interventions at some point. We have selected the animals who are considered to be the most powerful omens of all.

Important notice before analyzing the omens. Sometimes, the “accidental” appearances of Animals can be the encounters of our Totem Animals, trying to catch our attention. For more information about how to find out your Totem Animal click here. 

10 Animals as omens and their significance

1. Owl 

Owls are believed to be harbingers of doom and carriers of unimaginable wisdom at the same time. (Read here more about Owls as totem animals) Maybe owls know things and they appear to warn us about what is coming – usually something huge – either this is for good or ill. Owls have been associated with many gods and goddess but one of the most powerful associations is with Athena (Minerva) the Goddess of Wisdom in Ancient Greece.

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When an Owl appears one has to be extra careful about his/her next steps as the Owl tries to make us ready for what’s coming (it doesn’t have to be bad but it’s certainly very important or even life-changing). If you are a Witch, the appearance of an Owl probably means that our magic is strong and we should be very careful with the energies we summon. We should choose wisely!

Owls are not omens of Bad Luck or Harbingers of Doom (they can be if we see two owls fighting and shouting over a house). They are messengers of Great News. Owls are considered Royal Birds, therefore seeing them can be considered as omens of success.

2. Spider

Spiders are also associated with the Goddess Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. Spiders are also considered sacred animals as their web symbolizes that we are all connected with each other and all nature. However, the appearance of a Spider does not have the same meaning as Owls. Spiders are trying to “ward” or remind us of a friend.

In ancient times Spiders were omens for a friend (either from the past or a close friend). We will probably soon meet this friend who is going to give us brand new information. In general, Spiders are good omens, bearers of Good Luck.

“If you find a spider at night, it means good luck.”  Kemp P. Battle

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3. Cat

You walk by the street thinking of your daily routine when for some reason a cat caught your attention. You refuse to believe that this is important but the cat for some reason follows you and tries even harder to make you turn around. The cat is the personification of intuition (click here to read more about Cats as totem animals). When a Cat appears out of nowhere and for some reason and you can’t help but notice their weird and cute moves, it’s an omen (or omens) that you have to listen to your heart.

Cats are associated with powerful and Wise Goddesses like Bast, Freya, and Brigid. The weird cat symbolizes your hidden magical and spiritual powers which now you have to listen. If you are a witch then you should probably be more careful the next time you cast a spell as the cat tries to warn you that you’ve probably had to get in touch with your higher self before you cast more spells. The Colours of cats do matter:

  • White Cats: symbolize fertility and change in romantic affairs
  • Orange Cats: symbolize different planes of existence and spiritual travels
  • Black Cats: symbolize the change of Luck (for good or ill) and Wisdom

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4. Crow / Raven

These creatures have a bad reputation of being harbingers of death and dark magic. However, although they sometimes can bring bad news, they are the personification of truth. Crow / Raves in the Sacred bird of Thoth, Great Egyptian God of Wisdom and Magic. Moreover, Crow/Raven is sacred to Apollo (the God of Sun), Hera (Queen of the Gods), and Asclepius (God of Medicine).

Seeing a Crow means that truth is going to be exposed to you soon. Ancients believe that wisdom cannot be achieved if you are not ready to receive this information. The sight of a Crow is the divine confirmation that you are now ready! Soon you will learn something really important.

5. Deer

These wonderfully enchanting horned animals are sacred to the Goddess of the Moon, Artemis (Diana in latin). Artemis was believed to love them so much that she kept having one as her close companion. Artemis is a solitary Goddess who loved being alone in the Woods with her beloved animals and trees.

10 Animals As Omens When They Cross Your Path

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  1. I’m wondering what the meaning of a Squirrel omen would be. Or maybe totem…I’ve been drawn to them ever since college, when I came out from an existentialism class where the professor was insisting that there is no higher meaning possible in modern life because our larger culture denies it, and I had just come from a workshop a Lakota medicine woman had led and was arguing that the subculture one belongs to can provide the higher meaning. As I passed a clump of trees, the squirrels who were usually very shy of people kept coming out from their trees, hopping moderately close to me and looking me straight in the face. Ever since then I’ve had an attraction to squirrels, but it’s just sort of a general feeling and I’m really curious if they have any traditional meanings attributes or magickal significance.

  2. The owl can be seen as bad news. Well at least in my family. Well if you hear it of course. Every single time we hear an owl hoot/ shouting outside our home, we know someone we know will pass to the afterlife. It never fails.

  3. Christina Anderson

    I was passenger in a car on my way home one night. We saw a large owl standing on the side of the road, the driver swerved left to give the owl a wide birth. All of a sudden the owl flew into my side of the car. I think he flew away away after that. The next week I’m at work and a pigeon flys into the ceiling fan and breaks his neck and lands at my feet! What the hell?
    Should I be concerned?

  4. I was wondering about hawks? I always see them perched in the branches or flying very close to me.

  5. You give a detailed explanation, however a bit one sided only utilizing Greek and Egyptian mythology. It would have been further enlightening and encompassing to have other mythological aspect and input.

  6. I have had a ladybug by my side on the end table by my chair in the living room for three days. It just disappeared and a few days later, I found it in my bed (I was recovering from foot surgery).

  7. Coyote if runs in front of you and stops in his track to look at you pass beware of bad approaching soon very soon

  8. What does it mean when something keeps nagging you to go some where and when you finally go and find a injured cat or another animal you take it home and try to heal them but only die in the end.

  9. What is a buzzard a symbol of? I’ve walked past one twice in the last year. They were both eating road kill and were so close and huge.

  10. My omen is vultures/buzzards. I see them when I’m having a hard time. They show up to lift my spirits and to let me know that everything will be ok. I took an affection for them before my husband passed and they have showed up ever since. It’s crazy the experiences I have had. I tell people about my vultures/buzzards and they think I’m crazy. Have a friend who has seen it and believes me now. So what is there meaning?

  11. I love this knowledge! It excites me to learn about the meaning of nature, I recently had a visit from an adorable brown bunny with black stripes. The rabbit was not afraid of me at all! He\she stayed around for about a week or more, it hopped around and ate grass very close to me. I’m happy about the reasoning behind the rabbit being in my presence Thank you

  12. This was one of the better articles that I’ve read about totems. Good job having some “more obscure” facts & features about these animals. More diversity is always welcome with divination- I usually have to check 3 or 4 sources to find decent info. More animals, birds, insects, reptiles, and even plants, flowers, and herbs would all be excellent additions to this info. Maybe more stuff about which Gods, saints, etc. are associated with what, as well as seasonal associations- like how a couple of the entries mentioned summer, nighttime, or phases of the moon- all good stuff to add, if you’re looking for suggestions. Thank you for the great article.

  13. I absolutely enjoy the words you have provided for me, I’ve been blessed with dragonflies!!! And I felt this was very special for me..so,yes my motivation for connection…for learning and appreciation for their beauty..so everything I read about my dragonflies fit everything I am feeling and seeing…I love to read and learn….so I’ve been opening myself up to my animal guide my Angel’s my Goddess….Dragonflies are apart of the fairy realm…blew me away..
    Much love…Jennifer

  14. Thank you soon much for sharing I loved reading this it cheered me up very well thank you I will remember these omens!

  15. I just had a spider drop down from it’s web, right in front of my screen 5 minutes before I read this…. coincidence??…

  16. valerie martinez

    I walk to throw my thrash in the bins. I i see a grey dove bird on the wire lines. what Does that mean ?

  17. Michelle Pittman

    Coyote, 2 days ago, I had a baby deer cross my path who stopped and made eye contact with me, a few minutes later, a family of deer ran past me, being chased by a coyote, the coyote seen me and froze, looked me in the eyes for at least 15 seconds, then softly stepped away!

  18. Shanna Gonzalez

    I only see 3 where are the rest of the animals want to know about a rabbit crossing your path

    1. you have to scroll to the bottom, right above the comments there are red numbers. Click on them to see the rest.

  19. Katherine Poore

    I was told cardinals are a loved one from heaven letting us know that they are there and watching us and that they are on the path to healing.

  20. Francesca Maybury

    Robbin….my mum and dad said a robin symbolises a visit from a deceased loved one…
    Also every time I see magpies, I count an say….1 for sorrow, 2 for joy, 3 for a girl, 4 for a boy, 5 for silver, 6 for gold, 7 for a secret never to be told….

  21. Coyotes and Otters or dead animals. What about land turtles those are rare especially in the city. What about Hawks and rare birds like hummingbirds or yellow finches or the blue birds. Or just finding the feathers of particular birds. Black yellow billed ducks? Or salamanders.

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