Spiritual Significance of Dragonfly

Spiritual Significance of Dragonfly

The dragonfly totem carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. As a spirit animal, this fly is connected to the symbolism of change and light. When the dragonfly shows up in your life, it may remind you to bring a bit more lightness and joy into your life. Those who have this animal as a totem may be inclined to delve deep into their emotions and shine their true colors.

Dragonfly Meaning

The dragonfly is generally associated with the symbolic meaning of transformation. Here are common meanings for this animal totem:

  • Change and transformation
  • Adaptability
  • Joy, lightness of being
  • Symbol of the realm of emotions, invitation to dive deeper into your feeling
  • Being on the lookout for illusions and deceits, whether are external or personal
  • Connection with natures spirits, fairies realms
Dragonfly kiss

Dragonfly totem wisdom and change

Dragonflies start to grow in water and then move into the air and fly. When this spirit animal shows up in your life you may be called to transform and evolve. Symbol of metamorphosis and transformation, it inspires those who have it as a totem to bring about the changes needed in their lives in order to go to reach their full potential.

When this spirit animal shows up in your life, it’s an indication that it’s time for a change. Just like the dragonfly changes colors as it matures, you may be called to live and experience yourself differently. Stay open to the enfoldment of your personal journey.

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Dragonfly power

The dragonfly is characterized by amazing flight patterns as it appears to be able to change direction swiftly, gliding through the air with no apparent effort. Its lightness inspires those who have the dragonfly as a totem to use their ability to be flexible and highly adaptable in any situation.

You can call on the dragonfly power animal when you’re stuck in a situation and need assistance to gain a new perspective. The solution might lay in your ability to adapt and tackle the issue from a different angle.

Lightness and emotional flexibility, two characteristics of the dragonfly spirit animal

By affinity with the dragonfly aerial lightness, those who have this animal as a totem can develop the ability to take things lightly even in the darkest moments. Lightness in feelings, lightness in thoughts. The dragonfly spirit animal invites people to keep a light, positive outlook no matter what.

It is often seen around water, ponds, or on the edge of a river or lake. It symbolizes the affinity with the realm of feelings, water being a powerful symbol for emotions and the unconscious. If the spirit of the dragonfly comes to you, you may be called to explore your emotions in a light and joyful manner.

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  1. Avatar of Enrique García

    This summer in my swimming pool I was visited,every day by a red dragonfly. whilst swimming l was followed up and down and comming to meet me from one end of the pool to the other. Even I was calling her and she was flying passing over me and landed near by. As she was resting on the edge of the swimming pool, l use to swim towards her and stop at a distance of 10 inches and talk to her, so close that I could see clearly her Little round mouth and big eyes. This was practically every day. I was so impressd that at the end the purpose of me going to the swimming pool to see her again.The pool wa covered mid september, but I still going there expecting to se her again. I am spanish and live in the country in Calasparra.

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    I have loved dragon flies forever, they are so graceful when they fly so magical , also so stunning , I love learning things about these beautiful flies thank you for sharing

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