What Is Your Soul Symbol? Your Birth Month Has The Answer

What Your Soul Symbol

The concept of the soul has always been an intriguing topic to talk about. But what is it about the soul that attracts so much interest and conversation? The most interesting part of all this is that everyone has their own soul symbol, and the only thing it depends on is your birth month. Your birth month can determine what is your soul symbol, and what it says about your personality.

There’s a lot of debate revolving around the existence of the soul. Scientists are conducting extensive research on the topic. According to the Head of Astellas Global Regenerative Medicine and Chief Scientific Officer of the Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Robert Lanza, everything we experience and perceive is nothing but reflections of our minds.

In an article published in Psychology Today, Lanza explained that objects only exist with real properties if they are observed.

Space and time are the tools of the mind to put everything together and therefore, a part of our mind which is our soul exists outside of space and time.

Now, the question is: what does your soul symbol reveal about you?

There are lots of ways in which our souls reflect our personalities. One of the ways to figure it how is considering our birth month. If we look at the month you were born and analyze the symbol of the soul of that month, your personality can be calculated.

Let’s discover!

Here Is Your Soul Symbol According To Your Birth Month

1. January – Dragon

What Is Your Soul Symbol? Your Birth Month Has The Answer

As the first month of the year, you are the one everyone follows. You are strong-willed and have the potential to cross anything that comes in your way. Rarely anything can bog you down; you are simply that strong and willful. Your inner strength helps you sail over every tough obstacle that comes your way.

However, keep that temper of yours in check. That might be a little bit of a problem because getting angry is not a good solution for everything. Once you are able to do this, you will see just how more successful you can be. Learn to control your anger, and your life will get better.

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2. February – Phoenix

What Is Your Soul Symbol? Your Birth Month Has The Answer

While you do get burnt into ashes, like your soul symbol, Phoenix, you arise stronger and more powerful. You have immense tenacity which is the primary source of your strength. You might be a sensitive person, but that does not mean anybody can treat you any way they want. You know your worth, and you never compromise with it.

When you suffer a loss, you might take some time to process it and grieve, but that still does not stop you from living your life with a lot of integrity, enormous strength, and tenacity.

3. March – Yin-Yang

What Is Your Soul Symbol? Your Birth Month Has The Answer

You seek balance in everything and always consider the good and bad sides of everyone. You have a positive approach to life and situations. However, you tend to take only the good into consideration, always negotiating and solving problems. You never judge someone before you get to know them, nor do you make blind assumptions and presumptions.

However, no matter how nice you are, you need to be cautious too because not every person out there has a big and kind heart as you do. Just be a little careful because some people are too toxic to be good, and it’s better to stay away from such people.

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4. April – Lion

What Is Your Soul Symbol? Your Birth Month Has The Answer

If your birth month is April, then your soul symbol is the Lion. You are someone who is filled with immense passion, is extremely bold and courageous. You face challenges head-on and are loyal to the core. You always try to protect the people you love, and you would even risk your own life to take care of your clan.

Life has handed you many challenges over the years, but you have never let it defeat you even for once. You have fought and worked hard to come up victorious. You have an intense fire burning inside you all the time, which pushes you to be the best version of yourself.

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  1. Avatar of Nela

    Everything you’ve said is true from the very first to the last word but it doesn’t help much,does it?This cruel,cold,insensitive world we live in is not a good place for us.We give so much and get so little in return and it hurts.

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    Phoenix! Makes sense to me! Would love to read more about the Phoenix Soul Symbol as the others I could see very closely represent those I know born to those months! This is awesome thank you!

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    I have always wondered if any of this stuff actually exists, and now I might have my answer. I have been drawn to wolves for a while now, but I never knew why. Now I do!

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    Colleen Callander

    Amazing I love this stuff and I am a believer , it is the true in-depth in to our souls that makes us who we are,

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    Well it concerns me why I wasn’t able to find what the soul symbol for December a Sagittarius is because ALL the other months were available??

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      Hi! The article is fixed now. Please check the updated article. Thank you so much for your comment. Hope you are safe and well.

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    Just me I love it and the idea but I would like to know why only November October September August July and June are the page I even
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    I understand the “being
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