What Your Native American Totem Says About You


“Animals are not only beholders of great beauty,
but they are also beholders of ancient wisdom.” ― Molly Friedenfeld.

Check out what’s your native American totem:

The Falcon ( March 21- April 19):

Like the falcon, they are independent and look at the bigger picture of life. They are the ones who are least judgmental. They do well in life and also take their loved ones along with them in their path of success.


The Beaver ( April 20- May 20):

The Beaver-people are creative, constructive and caring. Kind-hearted by nature, they can attack if they are threatened. They are good in fixing broken ends, be it in their personal or professional lives. Honing their creative nature, they set new limits for others.


The Deer ( May 21- June 20):

Like the deer, the deer-people are introverts when it comes to the world. They enjoy spending time in nature and are sweet and loving only to the people they are close to.


The Woodpecker (June 21- July 21):

As their animal totem suggests, the woodpecker-people are extremely diligent. Their consistency, hard work, and their stubborn outlook radiate an energy which inspires others to stay focused in their lives.


The Salmon ( July 22- August 22):

The salmon-people are revolutionaries, always going against the wave. Their outlook towards life is different from us and these creative Salmon-people always want to break the existing notions.


The Bear ( August 23- September 22):

Passionate and loyal, the calm bear- people can be extremely gentle with the ones they love but harsh towards the ones who dare to challenge their authority.


The Raven ( September 23- October 22):

Enigmatic and mysterious, the raven-people can nurture extremely dark thoughts. They usually stay aloof from others until and unless they come across the ones who are like them.


The Snake ( October 23- November 21):

The snake-people are the ones who are gifted with empathy. Intuitive yet secretive, they understand people instead of judging them.


The Owl ( November 22- December 21):

Like the owl, people with this totem are extremely intelligent and can see opportunities in dark. They are blessed with a sharp grasping power and they are always alert all the time.


The Snow Goose ( December 22- January 19):

Like the Snow Goose, people born within this time period are calm, composed and loyal by nature. They are honest about everything and loyalty is a virtue for them. If they have the support of their partners, they can work at great lengths, tolerating pain.


The Otter ( January 22-February 18):

People born under this totem are warm and kind-hearted like the otter. Healing is a natural power they possess. It’s difficult for them to see others suffering and they try their best to keep everyone away from trouble.


The Wolf ( February 19- March 20):

The wolf is the symbol of wisdom and fear. There’s no middle path for them in life. They will either accept you or reject you. Extremely loyal, wise and fierce, people with this totem can go to any extreme to fight for the ones they care about.