African Astrology: The Most Primitive And Accurate Astrological Guide

African Astrology Astrological Guide

On of the most primitive forms of astrology, African Astrology, originated in ancient African civilizations and is based on Geomancy. It is regarded as one of the most accurate forms of astrological guides.

The primitive societies of Africa were one of the first groups of people to show a keen interest in the stars and planets, and they even named the celestial bodies while studying them for astrological purposes.

Geomancy – The primary technique used in African astrology is Geomancy, where three bones are randomly tossed on a flat surface. The resulting lines and arrows formed are organized into three levels. The base level is formed by a bone in a vertical line. The other two levels are formed by one or two lines. In this way, a twelve figure image is created, each corresponding to a zodiac sign in African astrology.

Thus in African astrology, as in many other types of astrology, there are 12 zodiacs, each corresponding to one of the twelve figures created by the bones.

Here are the 12 zodiacs of African astrology:

1. The Baobob Tree 

January 4th- February 3rd

African Astrology: The Most Primitive And Accurate Astrological Guide

People born under the sign of the deeply respected Baobob Tree, are honest, show thoughtfulness and are liberal-minded.

They have a practical approach and thorough knowledge of business, which combined with their opportunistic approach ensures success in most of their endeavors.

Although you have a well-defined course chalked out for yourself, your anxiety during quick decision-making becomes a hindrance in your path. Baobobs are easy-going and don’t take themselves very seriously, but they have a strong sense of individuality.

  • Lucky day: Thursday
  • Element: Air
  • Favorable months: January and May
  • Best sense: Sense of smell
  • Sensitive body parts: Gallbladder and liver

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2. The Wealth Of Amber And Silver

February 4th – March 5th

wealth amber silver
African Astrology: The Most Primitive And Accurate Astrological Guide

People born under The Wealth Of Amber And Silver (TWOAAS) sign are emotional, inherently nervous, temperamental, insightful and sharp-witted. But they demonstrate intolerance towards differences in opinions.

Emotionally ablaze, they feel emotions very strongly and may experience both positive and negative emotions.

They are resolute, displaying conviction in the face of temptation. Their strength to refuse temptations is indeed an admirable quality.

They are staunch in their own opinions, perspectives and knowledge regarding life, and are resentful towards anything that deviates from their premise.

Blessed with quick-intellect and good intuition- these skills prove helpful in many aspects of life. But TWOAAS must enrich themselves from inside in order to prevent a life that’s exciting but empty.

  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Element: Air
  • Favorable months: February and June
  • Best sense: Sense of sight
  • Sensitive body parts: Nervous system

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3. Family

March 6th-April 4th

African Astrology: The Most Primitive And Accurate Astrological Guide

People born under the sign of the Family are compassionate, kind, giving, accepting and good mediators.

They are reserved, unassuming, and show no signs of selfishness. Rather they are very selfless; their idea of a successful life is sharing all that they possess with their peers.

Because of their innate wisdom and focus on the greater good, they are often called upon as a consultant, to mediate and give advise. The ‘Family’ people are bound to achieve at least one remarkable act before their life ends, which can be a part of a job or their daily life.

The loners among the ‘Family’ people should let go of the feelings that stop them from doing the things they want to; their good-natured personality will be accepted wherever they go.

  • Lucky day: Tuesday
  • Element: Earth
  • Favorable months: March and July
  • Best sense: Sense of smell
  • Sensitive body parts: Lungs

4. Small Services To The Neighborhood

April 5th- May 4th

Small Services to Neighborhood
African Astrology: The Most Primitive And Accurate Astrological Guide

People born under ‘The Small Services To The Neighborhood‘ sign are friendly, dependable, creative, fun, affectionate, show unity and procrastinate.

Both the symbols of this sign represent strength. The symbols are opposite yet interconnected.

People of this sign can make new friends easily and because of this, people get to know their nature properly.

They handle crisis situations well, which brings out their dependability, creativity and strength. But when it comes to making tough and critical decisions, they may get confused and try to put off deciding until it’s absolutely necessary.

Relationships and friendships are abundant in their lives, but not all are genuine and lasting. It’s advisable to understand which are the fake and inappropriate ones, and don’t waste your gentle emotions craving their affection. Reserve it for your true friends, which will ensure happy and lasting bonds.

  • Lucky day: Saturday
  • Element: Earth
  • Favorable months: April and August
  • Best sense: Sense of hearing
  • Sensitive body parts: Medullary
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