African Astrology: The Most Primitive And Accurate Form Of Astrology, Based In Geomancy

African Astrology - The Most Interesting And Accurate One

First of all, you should know that African Astrology is one of the most primitive and most accurate forms of astrology, and it is based in Geomancy.

The beginnings of African astrology are found in the development of the ancient African civilizations. It is believed that the Africans were the most primitive of the societies who took a keen interest in the stars, invented names for the planets through the study of astrology.

Geomancy is the root technique of African astrology. When bones are tossed down randomly and form lines and arrows this type of divination is called geomancy. The lines would then be organized into three levels.

The base-level uses a bone (one of the three bones thrown) in a vertical line, and the other two levels are then formed of one or two lines. In this way, they create a 12 figure image, and through this technique, the African zodiac was created.

As is the case in so many types of astrology, the Africans have 12 zodiac signs that are related to the 12 figures made out of the bones.

Let’s find out:

1. Father (The Baobob Tree): 

January 4th- February 3rd

People born under the sign of this revered tree demonstrate honesty, liberality and thoughtfulness.

They have a realistic and well knowledge of business combined with a sense of opportunism which often leads them to success.

Although you usually have a well-defined path ahead of you, your anxious nature becomes an obstacle for you. Baobobs do not often take themselves too seriously.

2. Mother (The Wealth Of Amber And Silver)

February 4th – March 5th

The wealth of amber and silver signers inherit a nervous and active temperament. They harbor resent at things which are different to what they perceive in their own life.

However, their ability to refuse temptation is indeed a strength and virtue. They also have an unusually quick intellect which aids in many aspects of life. ‘Signs of Wealth’ are usually emotionally ablaze in good and/or bad ways.

3. Family

March 6th-April 4th

People born under the sign of the family are usually warm and kind. They are reserved, with no time to be self-centered or selfish.

They are more often called upon as a consultant than they call upon others. ‘The Family‘ people are destined to achieve one great act in their lifetimes, be it in a job or day to day life.

‘Family’ loners should abandon whatever refrains them from doing something and know that wherever they go for they will nearly always be accepted.

4. Son (Small Services To The Community)

April 5th- May 4th

People born under this sign make friends easily due to which people get to know them properly.

They overcome every moment of crisis. But when the time arrives to make tough decisions they may appear confused and are in an effort to put off deciding until they absolutely have to.

Know who your enemies are and do not waste any of your gentle sentiments in seeking affection from them, stick with your true friends and you will have many lasting friendships.

5. Daughter (The Market)

May 5th-June 4th

In life, people born under this sign will encounter peace and harmony as well as facing brutality and danger.

They waste their energy on relationships without any future. Acting as a dramatist, they can exaggerate crises, but they will never remain distressed for long as they never wander far from a fair benevolence.

6. Uncle (The Ancestor) 

June 5th- July 4th

Although you often don’t intend to be, people under this sign can often be self-centered, caring less about the emotions of the people around them.

The ancestor is a leader, guiding and governing. Sometimes they can be in the dark but when they learn to be light-hearted and less self-centered, their dreams can be realized to their full extent.

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  1. People often refer to Africa and Africans as one country with one people. This vast continent had and has many different African cultures, traditions and wisdom. Which one are you referring to in this wonderful article?

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