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African Astrology: The Most Primitive And Accurate Astrological Guide

African Astrology Astrological Guide

One of the most primitive forms of astrology, African Astrology originated in ancient African civilizations and is based on Geomancy. It is regarded as one of the most accurate forms of astrological guides. This post covers African astrology in detail and explains different African zodiac sign characteristics.

The primitive societies of Africa were one of the first groups of people to show a keen interest in the stars and planets, and they even named the celestial bodies while studying them for astrological purposes.

Geomancy – The primary technique used in African astrology is Geomancy, where three bones are randomly tossed on a flat surface. The resulting lines and arrows formed are organized into three levels. The base level is formed by a bone in a vertical line. The other two levels are formed by one or two lines. In this way, a twelve-figure image is created, each corresponding to a zodiac sign in African astrology.

Thus in African astrology, as in many other types of astrology, there are 12 zodiacs, each corresponding to one of the twelve figures created by the bones.

Here are the 12 zodiacs of African astrology:

1. The Baobob Tree 

January 4th- February 3rd

African Astrology Sun SignThe Baobob Tree 

People born under the African horoscope signs of the deeply respected Baobob Tree, are honest, show thoughtfulness, and are liberal-minded.

As per African astrology, they have a practical approach and thorough knowledge of business, which combined with their opportunistic approach ensures success in most of their endeavors.

Although you have a well-defined course chalked out for yourself, your anxiety during quick decision-making becomes a hindrance in your path. Baobobs in comparison to other African zodiac symbols are easy-going and don’t take themselves very seriously, but they have a strong sense of individuality.

  • Lucky day: Thursday
  • Element: Air
  • Favorable months: January and May
  • Best sense: Sense of smell
  • Sensitive body parts: Gallbladder and liver

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2. The Wealth Of Amber And Silver

February 4th – March 5th

wealth amber silver
African Astrology Sun SignThe Wealth Of Amber And Silver

People born under The Wealth Of Amber And Silver (TWOAAS) sign are emotional, inherently nervous, temperamental, insightful, and sharp-witted. But they demonstrate intolerance towards differences in opinions.

Emotionally ablaze, they feel emotions very strongly and may experience both positive and negative emotions.

People with this African astrology sun sign are resolute, displaying conviction in the face of temptation. Their strength to refuse temptations is indeed an admirable quality.

In comparison to other African zodiac symbols, they are staunch in their own opinions, perspectives, and knowledge regarding life, and are resentful towards anything that deviates from their premise.

Blessed with quick intellect and good intuition – these skills prove helpful in many aspects of life. But TWOAAS must enrich themselves from the inside in order to prevent a life that’s exciting but empty.

  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Element: Air
  • Favorable months: February and June
  • Best sense: Sense of sight
  • Sensitive body parts: Nervous system

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3. Family

March 6th-April 4th

African Astrology Sun SignFamily

People born under the African astrology sun sign of the “Family” are compassionate, kind, giving, accepting, and good mediators.

They are reserved, unassuming, and show no signs of selfishness when compared to other African zodiac symbols. Rather they are very selfless; their idea of a successful life is sharing all that they possess with their peers.

Because of their innate wisdom and focus on the greater good, they are often called upon as a consultant, to mediate and give advice. The ‘Family’ people are bound to achieve at least one remarkable act before their life ends, which can be a part of a job or their daily life.

The loners among the ‘Family’ people should let go of the feelings that stop them from doing the things they want to; their good-natured personality will be accepted wherever they go.

  • Lucky day: Tuesday
  • Element: Earth
  • Favorable months: March and July
  • Best sense: Sense of smell
  • Sensitive body parts: Lungs

4. Small Services To The Neighborhood

April 5th- May 4th

Small Services to Neighborhood -  African zodiac signs
African zodiac signsSmall Services To The Neighborhood

People born under ‘The Small Services To The Neighborhood‘ African horoscope signs are friendly, dependable, creative, fun, affectionate, show unity and procrastinate.

Both the symbols of this represent strength in African astrology. The symbols are opposite yet interconnected.

People of this African sun sign can make new friends easily and because of this, people get to know their nature properly.

They handle crisis situations well, which brings out their dependability, creativity, and strength. But when it comes to making tough and critical decisions, they may get confused and try to put off deciding until it’s absolutely necessary.

Relationships and friendships are abundant in their lives, but not all are genuine and lasting. It’s advisable to understand which are the fake and inappropriate ones and don’t waste your gentle emotions craving their affection. Reserve it for your true friends, which will ensure happy and lasting bonds.

  • Lucky day: Saturday
  • Element: Earth
  • Favorable months: April and August
  • Best sense: Sense of hearing
  • Sensitive body parts: Medullary

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5. The Market

May 5th-June 4th

Market -  African zodiac signs
African Astrology Sun SignThe Market

People born under this African astrology sun sign are optimistic, humanitarian and dramatic. They will enjoy peace and harmony, but also face danger and cruelty.

Just like a traveler in his journey for treasure is bogged down by the sight of dry, arid lands and encouraged by the presence of moisture and rich, dense forests, similarly, this African zodiac symbol represents the richness and contrasting elements that are well-balanced.

Be careful not to waste energy on relationships that can’t grow and have no future. Being a dramatist, they can exaggerate negative situations and harbor unrealistic fears, but they never stay depressed for long as they don’t deviate too much from their fair and kind nature.

  • Lucky day: Sunday
  • Element: Fire
  • Favorable months: May and September
  • Best sense: Sense of touch
  • Sensitive body parts: Throat and veins

6. The Ancestor 

June 5th- July 4th

Ancestor -  African zodiac signs
African Astrology Sun SignThe Ancestor 

People born under the Ancestor sign show fairness, strong conviction, leadership skills and are perceptive.

They boast a strong foundation, from which they derive strength and nobility to succeed and be powerful. The Ancestor plays the role of a leader, governor, or mentor in their communities, guiding and governing their tribe. However, their self-centeredness combined with their desire to impress others throws them in the dark sometimes. They become ignorant of the emotions of others.

Thanks to good perceptiveness and self-awareness passed down their ancestral line, they are quick to recognize their shortcomings and redirect themselves on the right path. If they can be light-hearted and not so self-absorbed, their dreams will materialize fully.

  • Lucky day: Monday
  • Element: Water
  • Favorable months: June and October
  • Best sense: Sense of taste
  • Sensitive body parts: Head

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7. The Judge 

July 5th-August 4th

Judge -  African zodiac signs
African zodiac signsThe Judge 

The main characteristics of ‘Judges’ are realistic, grounded, charismatic, innovative, kind and spiritual. They have the ability to take quick decisions.

The ‘Judge’ according to the African Astrology guide inspires and enthralls people from all walks of life with their charming personalities. They are empathetic towards others, helping them rise up from their self-doubts and problems. By respecting other people’s perspectives and rights, they easily become popular and attract friends like a magnet.

They don’t harbor any false beliefs about life and themselves. They are realistic and have a good understanding of their own strengths and drawbacks, enabling them to make the best use of their qualities toward innovation.

Judges are good at taking quick decisions; they are confident even under pressure. They are well-suited for leadership and strategic roles. In addition to all these qualities, they also have a profound, spiritual side.

  • Lucky day: Tuesday
  • Element: Fire
  • Favorable months: July and November
  • Best sense: Sense of touch
  • Sensitive body parts: Kidneys

8. The Kola Nut 

August 5th-September 3rd

Kola Nut
African Astrology Sun Sign

People born under the African zodiac symbol of ‘Kola Nut’ can be highly unstable and temperamental, but they are also very energetic, brave and sensual. They are known to retain knowledge and wisdom.

Once they are beyond the restlessness of the youth, they evolve into worldly-wise individuals.

People belonging to the ‘Kola Nut’ African zodiac sign are free-spirits, looking for ways to make life more thrilling and less conventional. Because of their adventurous and energetic natures, often, they are irksome towards people who are less daring, meek, and gentle. They are attracted by powerful signs.

Feverish existence creates sexual tension within these people. However, their sexuality is counterbalanced by their tendency towards precise clairvoyance and a thirst for wisdom. And as they age, they feel the need to restore the balance disrupted by the follies of their youth.

  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Element: Earth
  • Favorable months: August and December
  • Best sense: Sense of taste
  • Sensitive body parts: Sexual organs

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9. The Traveler

 September 4th-October 3rd

African zodiac signs

People born under the ‘Traveler’ African zodiac sign have a complex nature and are easily misunderstood. They are sensitive and wandering souls.

Travelers are one of the African sun signs who find it difficult to have faith in their intuitions, but if they can bring that trust in themselves without holding any illusions, their journeys shall be as tangibly gratifying as they are inwardly enriching.

Travelers are complex beings, they can be overly sensitive sometimes and they themselves find that annoying. But, this can be a positive thing for these wanderer souls because it ensures that leaving a destination always evokes sadness, and arriving at a new place brings hope.

  • Lucky day: Thursday
  • Element: Air
  • Favorable Months: January and September
  • Best sense: Sense of sight
  • Sensitive body parts: Feet and joints

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10. The Distance

October 4th- November 3rd

  African zodiac signs -  The Distance
African zodiac signsThe Distance

People belonging to this African zodiac symbol are born with inner strength. They follow their instincts, and are creative and spontaneous, but also impatient and anxiety-prone.

Impatience and commitment phobia cause people of this sign to live an eccentric and spontaneous lifestyle, driven purely by instinct. However, their inner strength ensures that once they decide to commit to something, they are able to bring the patience and will be required to uphold their promise.

Their impatient nature can overshadow the natural creativity that comes from within. If they can control their anxious nature, they are sure to achieve big things in life.

People of the ‘Distance’ African zodiac symbols are often writers, poets, dreamers, and revolutionaries as per the African astrology guide. They are often the people who try to point out that logic is a relative concept that may, at times, be based on fallacies and that the only surety in life is uncertainty.

  • Lucky day: Friday
  • Element: Water
  • Favorable months: February and October
  • Best sense: Sense of hearing
  • Sensitive body parts: Heart

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11. The Child Of The World 

November 4th – December 3rd

Child of the World -   African zodiac signs
African zodiac signs – The Child Of The World

Individuals belonging to this African zodiac sign are generous, gentle and strong; this nature acts like a magnet for goodwill and devotion. They are opportunists.

Among other African sun signs, “The Child Of The World” are easygoing, kindly nature coupled with inner strength attracts good opportunities and luck in their lives. However, unrestrained pride must be discouraged, which invariably attracts misfortune.

They radiate positive energy, which makes them popular in social circles and they are valued as good friends. They don’t get depressed easily and know how to enjoy thoroughly within the boundary of a comfortable and peaceful life.

  • Lucky day: Saturday
  • Element: Fire
  • Favorable months: March and November
  • Best sense: Sense of taste
  • Sensitive body parts: Viscera

12. The Harvest And The Granary 

December 4th-January 3rd

Harvest and Granary -   African zodiac signs
African zodiac signs- The Harvest And The Granary 

People belonging to this sign are generous, loyal, a little careless and vain, and can be excessively cheerful and optimistic (Pollyanna).

Among other African sun signs, this one is always up for action, African astrology says. Their nature automatically draws attention and joy, but this gives them a misguided feeling of security and entitlement. It will be difficult for you to realize your true potential if you are blinded by this sense of false security.

You might encounter numerous obstacles in life that might take you down; especially in matters of love, you need to be extra careful!

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You are advised to trust your intuition to guide you in life and develop the habit of enjoying solitude and quiet reflection.

  • Lucky day: Tuesday
  • Element: Water
  • Favorable months: April and December
  • Best sense: Sense of hearing
  • Sensitive body parts: Bones and skin

Did you enjoy reading about different African sun signs and how it shapes a person’s personality? Let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the oldest astrology?

The oldest one is Babylonian astrology, which originated in the 2nd millennium BC.

Who is the oldest African god?

The oldest of all orishas (deities) in Africa is Obatala.

How many types of astrology are there?

There are around 12 different types of astrology across the world. 

What cultures have astrology?

India, Egypt, China, Maya, Inca, and Mesopotamia are human civilizations that base their cultures on astrology, which hints at the link between the events on earth and the cosmos. 

African Astrology –  African zodiac signs
African Astrology: The Most Interesting And Accurate One
African Astrology  African zodiac signs pin
African Astrology: The Most Primitive And Accurate Astrological Guide

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