Astrology and Tarot: A Dialogue of Sequential and Nonlinear Thought

Astrology and Tarot: A Dialogue of Sequential and Nonlinear Thought



By Sensei Erwin L. Rimban


          Astrology is an esoteric theory of personality that seeks to unlock the potentials of a human being through a crystal-clear understanding of the archetypes that powers his soul. On the other hand, the Tarot is a meditation and visualization tool that unlocks the potentials of a given situation through an inspired interaction with the power of symbols.

The purpose of this reflection is to understand the power of both esoteric systems to unlock the powers of the rational and the intuitive minds, thereby achieving psychic and emotional balance and facilitating self-actualization.

          The alphabet of Astrology inclines us to understand a structure that unfolds from the chalices of spontaneity. The Four Elements are highlighted. Fire signifies energy, passion, and the accompanying drives that are necessary for energy to be translated into action, like initiative, enthusiasm and the like.

The three Fire signs in Astrology are different ways of expressing this drive.

Aries is the incipient fire that seeks to express itself in the environment as the Singularity’s penchant for excellence.

Leo is the stable fire that seeks to enthrall its audience with its radiance and brilliance.

And Sagittarius is multipotential fire with its ability to express itself in various environments.

Within the wonderful symbolic world of the Tarot, the elemental power of Fire is given articulation with the Suit of Staves. We can see the dynamic development of this theme of energy expressing itself from the Ace of Staves to the King of Staves. The Suit of Staves is all about energy trying to express and manifest itself in the planes of matter in various conditions of being.

So we can clearly see the thematic correspondence of the astrological fire signs with the various depictions in the Suit of Staves of the Tarot. Such thematic correspondences also occur with the other elements.

The Air Signs in Astrology encourage us to contemplate the powers of the Mind and its capacities for permutation, computation, analysis, mentation, discrimination, and synthesis.

In addition, we are also encouraged to reflect on the various ways the Mind expresses itself, such as the various linguistic systems, as well as the various mathematical, statistical and computational languages.

Gemini as polarity, Libra as symmetry and harmony of thought and

Aquarius as the openness to unconventional modes of thought is Natal Astrology’s portals to understanding the verities of the Mind.

Similarly, the Tarot develops a similar theme as well, because the powers and capacities of the Mind are celebrated, conveyed and exemplified by the Suit of Swords. Beginning with the Ace of Swords and culminating with the King and Queen of Swords, this Tarot suit encourages us to enter the portals of the Mind, understand its peculiarities, comprehend its strengths and weaknesses, and learn the various ways the Mind expresses itself while exploring the planes of matter.

Both Astrology and Tarot extol and celebrate the power of the Mind. But, at the same time, these two legendary esoteric systems caution us against using the only facet of the mind, like the rational mind, thereby limiting and disregarding the other facets of the intuitive mind. Instead, both Astrology and Tarot encourage us to use both reason and intuition to achieve a state of true mental balance.

Going further, we enter into the realm of the Water Signs in Astrology.

We realize that this is the veritable realm of relationships, networks, and associations. No man is an island, indeed, and the Water Signs remind us that true balance, harmony, and inner peace can only be gained by harmonizing ourselves with our relationships.

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are signposts of symbiotic intelligence.

But they emphasize different ways of achieving harmony and symbiosis. Cancer seeks a state of harmony with its native environment.

Scorpio seeks a state of harmony with its conjugal environment.

And Pisces seeks a state of harmony with all possible environments, especially those that signify union with a transcendental state.

Amazingly, the lessons of these three zodiac signs also resonate very well with the Suit of Chalices or Suit of Cups in the Tarot. Starting from the Ace of Chalices into its culmination in the King and Queen of Chalices, the Fool archetype in the Tarot journeys in wisdom and compassion and love by acquiring the values and virtues extolled by the elemental power of Water.

Those who study deeply Astrology and Tarot would soon realize that the more we work hard in understanding, improving and enhancing our relationships with other people, the more we shall achieve harmony and happiness in our lives. And so, indeed, in this area, Astrology and Tarot once more combine to bring these essential lessons to us, although they convey them in a highly symbolic and arcane language, compared to such fields as the social sciences.

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