Which Celtic Tree Astrology Sign Are You and What It Says About You

Celtic Tree Astrology Sign says About You

Celtic tree astrology is based on the druid’s (religious leaders and soothsayers in ancient Celtic cultures) deep knowledge of nature’s cycles, and the powerful spiritual energy found in trees. Nurturing this knowledge further, they correlated the qualities of trees to human personalities.

Note About Signs and Symbols: Signs and symbols have specific meanings pertaining to the culture they belong to, and these meanings also evolve with the passage of time and changes in societal opinions. But the most fascinating thing about signs and symbols is that they derive their most influential meanings from our personal point of view.

Celts and The Sacred Trees:

Celts, the ancient tribes of medieval Europe, felt a deep connection with the trees inhabiting their lands; these kind giants were believed to be the powerhouse of profound spiritual knowledge and great wisdom. 

To the Celts and many other ancient groups around the world, trees weren’t only valuable as means of livelihood, providing material for fuel, construction and weapons, ancient traditions revered the spiritual presence of trees, and felt a natural connection to these sacred beings.

The spiritually awakened Celts, particularly the druids, were sharp observers of Mother Nature. They observed how our personalities are closely linked to the time of our births. They noticed how babies born during specific seasons grew up to be a particular type of human being.

Celts also observed the sky and found a close connection between the cycles of the moon and the development of our personalities. That’s why the Celtic astrology is based on a lunar calendar. Since the moon has 13 phases in a year, there are 13 Celtic zodiac signs instead of 12, as popular in western astrology. 

In Celtic traditions, each lunar month is related to a tree and they assign a Celtic Tree Astrology sign to people born during that period. 

Here are the 13 Celtic Tree Astrology Signs with Meanings. Without further ado, let’s gather inspired insight on our true natures:

Celtic Tree Astrology Sign says About You info
Which Celtic Tree Astrology Sign Are You and What It Says About You

1. Birch – The Go-getter

(December 24 – January 20)

Birch The Go getter
Birch – The Go-getter

Birch people are resilient, and radiate inner strength, which motivates others.

Compatibility: Vine and Willow.

This time period represents the start of the Celtic new year, so the Birch represents a new beginning, rejuvenation and awakenings. 

This time of the year is dark and challenging, so people born under the energy of the Birch are resilient and always stretch out to find fresh rays of light, hope, and better horizons in life. 

When a forest is burned down by a fire, the Birch is one the first tress to regrow. Just like the resilient Birch, you are tough, determined, calm and a natural fighter. Dark times have been pivotal in developing a strong personality. You are born with sharp leadership skills and take up the responsibility to guide others during a crisis situation.

These people are highly driven and radiate inner-strength, which motivates many other lives.  

Birch personalities, when in tune with their softer sides, brighten up any space with their intelligent, witty and charming aura.

2. Rowan – The Philosopher

(January 21 – February 17)

Rowan The Philosopher
Rowan – The Philosopher

Rowans are deep-thinking visionaries and radiate influential energy.

Compatibility: Ivy and Hawthorn

You are the deep thinkers among all the Celtic zodiac signs. Your mind is overflowing with high ideals, progressive thoughts and original, creative ideas. You are such a profound thinker that others find it difficult to connect with your high-level thinking, and often misunderstand you. 

Naturally, you are a little aloof while interacting with others, thinking they won’t get you and perceive your thoughts as weird.

Although you have a calm demeanor, a passionate fire burns inside you, keeping you motivated to find your path in life.

You have an influential presence among your peers; your mere presence can change the energy of a place! Others look to you when in need of unique ideas and fresh perspectives.

Your healing and compassionate aura can pull people out of their negative mindsets.

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