Which Lunar Celtic Animal Zodiac Are You? Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times


Powerful Celtic Zodiac Signs: Which One Is Yours?

Have you found out your personality secrets with Celtic zodiac signs? If not, read on to discover the mystical world of Celtic astrology!

Celtic Animal Zodiac symbolizes different Celtic spirit animals that give deeper insight into you and your life purpose. If we draw a comparison between the Native Americans and the Celts, we will note how both have deeply studied animals and their behaviors in a spiritual way. 

The Celts are known for their mystical interpretations of their life and spirits. In this article, we discuss the Celtic animal signs and what these spirit animals represent. They are deeply rooted in nature and they seek guidance from the environment and nature for their actions.

The moon is our closest celestial partner. Our calendar uses star constellations of the zodiac. There are 13 moon cycles in a year. Like our Native American kin, the full moon each month held a special personality. Each moon has a tree and animal assigned, depending on the month one was born, The Celts developed a system to determine certain personality traits for them and their tribe.

13 Celtic Zodiac Signs

Let’s find out more about your Celtic zodiac sign. Which powerful Celtic animal totem do you have?

1. Stag/Deer: December 24 – January 20


According to the Celtic horoscope signs, the Celtic deer/stag can accomplish anything without the support of others. They have the ambition and the stamina to attain all goals once they have set their determined minds to the task. It’s the determination that attracts others to them. Whenever the feeling of pessimism dawns on you, seek a stag, for them to lift your energy and make you look at the path ahead positively. Wherever Stag goes they bring fresh energy, health, and hope.

These people are awfully persistent, they will not be deterred from their vision by any boundaries and challenges. Hard work comes naturally to them. When their mind is set, they can be unwaveringly persistent. They are straightforward and truthful people and want the same honesty from others as well.

2. Cat: January 21 – February 17


According to the Celtic zodiac symbols, the Cat Celtic person is highly intellectual and has their intellect flying high above the common ground level dweller, they can become frustrated with individuals who cannot grasp what is so obvious to themselves. Their high intelligence and curiosity allow them to learn things quickly.

Their farsighted nature helps them to see danger coming from afar, also they have a knack for perceiving the future. Cat Celtic sign is a keen observer and listener and because of that people under this sign might seem aloof and mysterious to some.

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3. Snake/Adder: February 18 – March 17


According to the Celtic star signs, the Celtic animal sign of the snake will stick it out no matter what the circumstances. They shall endure appalling conditions or relationships that stretch their limitations to breaking point before they make a change. But It’s only they who set their boundaries for themselves, they can retaliate when pushed into a corner.

Snakes are natural communicators and can be extremely convincing, also they can be a constant source of support and encouragement. No matter how hard you try, you cannot fool or mislead a Celtic snake person for long. They are fair and reliable when entrusted with anything.

4. Fox: March 18 – April 14


According to the Celtic birth signs, just like a fox, this Celtic animal sign is cunning and sly. They love to watch and be caught up in the exciting hustle and bustle of life, and love watching the drama unfold around them. The restless and explorative nature of the fox Celtic takes them out into the world and may take you along in the ride. But they also handle their explorative and courageous nature with tact and intelligence. 

A common trait for fox Celtic animals is they are loyal and honest in any relationship. Fox people make great friends, they know how to brighten up the room with their humor and playing around. They are also soft-hearted and expressive. They don’t shy away from showing their emotions, be they positive or negative.

5. Bull/Cow: April 15 – May 12


They are, in one word, insightful. When they decide to grow they do it quickly. This insight shows how quickly they can accommodate their passions. The Bull Celtic animal sign is strong, determined, and cannot be pushed into something they don’t want to do. This sign can spot a lie from miles away as they are very intuitive. 

They are the most reliable people, when other people tumble, they hold their ground and provide insights. They make the best of friends as they won’t let their friends down in any way. Materialism can be tempting for a bull as they have high standards for themselves and others. They are attached to nature and this shows in their tastes too. They are very caring in nature and people always feel comfortable and welcome around them.

6. Seahorse: May 13 – June 9


A seahorse person can be both nurturing and sociable, adventurous and courageous. They are totally secure in who they are and nothing said or done will change that perception and that’s why these people adapt easily to a variety of conditions and circumstances. Like the brightness of a seahorse’s appearance, these people are intelligent and bright. This can also refer to quick wit and mental agility.

They are generous and others are attracted to them for their kind spirit. Seahorse traverses the harsh waves despite their small nature, people born under these signs are likely to sail through the harsh situations of life and come back winning. They rarely show fear but face any challenges with patience and determination.

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7. Wren: June 10 – July 7


According to the Celtic astrology signs, these people like to take their time in everything that they do because whatever they do they intend to do it to the best of their ability. They can observe and learn from the people and circumstances around them. Wren people have the mental stamina and focus to solve any riddles of life. This aspect also makes these people naturally optimistic.

The wren sees everything as black and white and that’s why they seek balance in every aspect of life. Their ethics and sense of truth make them more approachable to others. They find contentment when they are able to help others. Wren people are self-motivated and can thrive in isolation. These wonderful people will provide stability and financial comfort to their loved ones, give friends a safe harbor in times of need, and give freely of their energy.

8. Horse: July 8 – August 4


The Celtic animal sign of the horse is powerful, competitive, and headstrong. They are independent and reliable and they speak authority. If a Horse person gives you their word they shall do everything in their power to follow through and that makes them the greatest leaders. People born under this sign are beautiful and interesting, they have the charisma to attract others.

The Celts respected the Horse as an achiever, this wild creature is always on the run to move forward. The symbolism of the horse is powerful as it conveys a spirit full of nobleness, faithfulness, and always in action. Although they are kind and loving to the people they care for, they can come off as arrogant because of their ‘take charge’ nature.

9. Salmon/Fish: August 5 – September 1


People born with salmon have a strong sense of self that can make others jealous. Salmon Celtic signs can be defined as realistic, they often dive deep where no one can swim. These people are flexible, naturally athletic, and always open to new ideas. They know when to have fun and they know when austerity is prudent. They like to stay active but tend to retreat from the world from time to time.

People born in Salmon Celtic are gifted with knowledge and the ability to recall every piece of information. They may sometimes come off as the know-it-all but they are the ones who are able to make their knowledge into daily practices.

10. Swan: September 2 – September 29


With their elegant beauty, swans are stunning by personality. They have a positive yet spiritual aura around them. They are actually very loving people, they love their family and friends more than anything else. But the swan personality can seem extreme because they can be jovial one moment and moody the next. 

The swans have high standards and discriminating tastes. They cringe at impulsivity, these people have good analytical skills and a knack for details. Swans are helpful in nature, but they do it in an organized and planned way. This overmanaged, composed nature is often misunderstood as detachment. But if you get to know them better, you will have a calm, practical, organized companion for life.

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11. Butterfly: September 30 – October 27


They are the social butterflies. They are very loyal friends and care greatly about those who are very close to them. They never lose touch with friends or family that have moved away. But the downside of their nature is that they hold on to any relationship to the point that the other person may suffocate. They may come off as ‘clingy’ because of their nature not to let go of any relationship.

Butterfly Celtic people are always true to themselves in every moment. They will never pretend to be something that they are not. You would have to know the butterfly person very well to know that their stubbornness exists. However, the ease with which a butterfly transforms and grows back, again and again, reveals that these people are determined and optimistic.

12. Wolf/Hound: October 28 – November 24


Those born under the Celtic Wolf are fiercely determined and driven. Wolf might be fierce animals, but they are the most devoted, and loyal animals. Wolf Celtic zodiac people are very competitive. This competitiveness comes from deep-seated insecurity that they are under threat. These people do not like change. They become quickly attached to places and people and they love providing shelter for their families. They can be relied upon to help friends as they have a natural need to protect.

hey thrive on challenge, that’s what gives them their energy. They have a strong mental and emotional personality that just seems to attract people towards them. Hounds are strong-willed and brave, they have the ability to find the core of the story and strip every layer of the truth. That’s why they can be manipulative but still have a strong sense of truth and honor.

13. Hawk/Falcon: November 25 – December 23


These people have many interests and become well-versed in all of them. People with the spirit animal of the Hawk are curious and always look forward to better things in life. They tend to be starkly honest about everything. This frankness and openness do not go down too well with others at times. 

Falcon people have an uncanny ability to know the unseen hidden aspects of another’s personality. They easily pick up body language and nuances. These people need space, without it, they will perish and lose their will to thrive. They love to explore not just physically but also mentally and spiritually, they always have never-ending ideas but also have the determination to manifest those concepts.

Ancient Celtic horoscope is a very interesting topic to read about. Let us know what you think about your sign in the comments.

Celtic zodiac
Celtic zodiac

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