Which Celtic Goddess Are You? Quiz


Which Celtic Goddess Are You

Which Celtic goddess matches your personality? Morrigan, Ceridwen or Brigid? Reveal your hidden power with this Celtic Goddess Quiz. 

Celtic mythology 

Historically the Celts were a group of tribes with origins in central Europe. They used the war to conquer agricultural lands and other places they needed for survival and to spread their goddess worshipping practices. This society of warriors shared a similar language, religious beliefs, traditions and culture.

The ancient Celts knew that all women held a power inside them at least on a par with their male counterparts. This is what sets the Celtic pantheon apart from many of the others.  On the eve of the battle, the Celtic Priests would perform certain rites, conduct ceremonies and made offerings to the war goddesses. After their victory in the war, some Celtic warriors participated in a ceremony to wed the goddess of the land before they could rule over the conquered places and its peoples.

The stories of Celtic Mythology is profound in folklore characters including Irish mythological gods and goddesses. Most of the Celtic goddesses have their origin from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and other places. 

However, there is still very little known about the Celts because the Romans and the Catholic Church destroyed most of the Celtic writings and documents related to Celtic mythology. The worship of the Celtic goddess still didn’t disappear completely, because few of the goddesses were adopted by Romans. 

Most of the information about their goddesses come from local folktales and oral traditions from Ireland, Britain, Iberia and pre-Christian Gaul (now France). After the  Druid and Pagan movements, the popularity of the Celtic Goddesses rose again. 

So which Celtic Goddess are you? 

Are you Morrigan, or “The Phantom Queen,” that symbolizes death, war, fortunetelling and ghosts? Or  Brigid the one revered as protectress of domesticated animals or Olwen, known as the goddess of light and sun?

Want to know what divine Celtic traits do you possess? 

Take the Celtic Goddess Quiz

The quiz is developed by Celtic mythology experts to help you reveal your ancient Celtic power hidden within. It is the goddess embedded deep inside you that drive your decisions and choices in life. Knowing which Celtic Goddess matches your personality will help you stay tuned with your powerful feminine side and stay strong.

This is a short, fun quiz with a few simple questions. Answer it honestly and don’t rack your brain too much and waste time. 

Have fun and share your results with your friends and family. 

Start Quiz 

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Which Celtic Goddess Are You? Quiz

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