First Impression Quiz: What Is The First Thing People Notice About You?


First Impression Quiz: What Is The First Thing People Notice About You?

First impressions matter a lot, and sadly, are resistant to change. Whether it is a job interview or a business meeting, snap judgments are passed and impressions are formed based on your appearance, behavior (verbal and nonverbal), and even the environment that you’re present in. And the harsh reality is that you hardly ever get a second chance to alter the first impression you gave off! To be better prepared for first impression scenarios, take this first impression quiz, created using expert insights that reveals the first thing people notice about you.

Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression.– Cynthia Ozick

Before you take the first impression quiz, here are some mind-blowing stats and research-backed facts that prove exactly how relevant first impressions are in modern life.

First Impression Facts and Stats:

A single look at a person’s face for 33-100  milliseconds is enough to create a first impression– according to a research work published in Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Popular dating apps, such as Tinder, operate on the basis of first impressions.

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Experts say, 55 percent of our first impression of someone is visual, based on what we see,
38 percent is based on the vocal factor– the way others hear our first words,
and only 7 percent is dependent on the verbal factor, or the actual words we speak.

Did you notice that?! A whopping 93 percent of someone’s first opinion of you has no connection with what you are actually saying!

“Men with shaved heads were rated as more dominant than similar men with full heads of hair.”– according to a study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania.

A British study reveals that in women, the degree of tattooing on their bodies is directly proportional to how sexually promiscuous they are perceived to be by the opposite sex!

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Critical aspects of first impressions:

Within seconds of meeting you, people decide on your financial status, your smartness, if you’re successful, if you’re adventurous, how promiscuous you are, and how powerful you are!

Hence, understanding what people notice first in you when they meet you can go a long way towards the betterment of your career and the new relationships that you form.

In social cognition literature, the most researched form of first impression is traits. People form impressions in a split-second on stable qualities of a person, like competence and trustworthiness. 

Mainly, facial expressions and regular behaviors are judged. For example, if a person chooses to take the elevator to the first floor instead of one flight of stairs, he/she might be inferred as a lazy person, on first thought.

The motivation behind a first impression is also an important factor. For example, a reporter whose aim is to find out facts about a person will judge differently than a person who is out on a blind date. In the first case, the reporter will most likely perform systematic processing of the person whereas the one on a blind date might be a little biased in his/her evaluation of the date.

Take the first impression quiz

The first impression quiz has been carefully developed to help you understand how others perceive you when they meet you for the first time. 

You need to choose 1 picture out of 4 pictures from 8 categories. Just select whichever picture appeals to you the most.

Once you are done selecting the images, we will provide you with the most relevant answers for your first impression quiz. 

So go ahead and take this fun and intriguing first impression quiz. You’ll surely be surprised by the results!

Also, don’t forget to share the results with your friends and family and also ask them to take the quiz so they don’t miss out on the fun!

Let me know what people notice in you first; leave a comment below.

First Impression Quiz Pin
First Impression Quiz: What Is The First Thing People Notice About You?
First Thing People Notice About You Pin
First Impression Quiz: What Is The First Thing People Notice About You?
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