How Planets Influence The 8 Cycles Of Life, Astrology Says


planets influence cycles of life

Astrology believes that Mars, Venus, Sun, Moon, and the other planets have a big impact on your life and even influences it to a vast degree. You must have come across astrology articles before, that emphasize the fact that the planets can have a definite impact on your life during certain periods, also known as the 8 cycles of life.

The common notion is that different planets influence the different periods of your life, i.e. it depends on what age you are. In order to understand this better, you need to know that your life can be categorized into 8 time periods or phases. The bottom line is, that planets can have a positive and negative impact on the 8 cycles of your life during certain time periods.

Here Are The 8 Cycles Of Life Based On Astrology

0-7 Years

From the moment of your birth to your seventh birthday, your life is predominantly impacted by the Moon, whose primary attribute is sensitivity. This is why babies are always sensitive about even the tiniest of things, and during this period, a parent’s role is extremely vital.

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7-14 Years

Mercury’s influence is the strongest during this period, which is why you would want to explore the world, and also who you are on the inside. You will feel a strong desire to change and end up in a different situation every day. During this period, you gradually learn how the world works, certain rules and behaviors, and most importantly, you learn how to communicate with other people.

14-21 Years

The ruling planet during this stage is Venus which symbolizes love, sexuality, and erotica, which is why during this age you might have your first encounters with love and sexuality. Venus influences you to explore your emotions and your personality through your romantic relationships and also pushes you to focus on your physical appearance. This is the reason, why most people during this time focus on their personal style, and romantic lives.

21-35 Years

Mars is the most influential planet during this period, and this is when you discover yourself and your essence. You finally know what you want to do with your life, and have a stronghold on your desires, attitudes, dreams, and aspirations. Thanks to the influence of Mars, you understand and manage to set your life goal, and also decide how you want to achieve it. This is also the time when you gradually start settling down in your personal and professional life.

35-42 Years

Due to the Sun’s influence, you desire to reach a higher social status. Along with it, you also notice significant changes in your body, no matter your gender. This period can prove to be very stressful and demanding for you, physically, mentally, and even psychologically.

42-56 Years

Jupiter has the biggest influence in this time period, which is why your level of spirituality gets heightened. You will find yourself making important decisions which is the result of the spiritual and physical transformations taking place within you. Women will find themselves experiencing menopause and its symptoms, and men will notice their sexual prowess and energy receding. Naturally, this is an important and impactful time in every person’s life.

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56-70 Years

The ruling planet of this period is Saturn, and with Saturn comes wisdom and senility. This time period symbolizes the loss of energy in the body, steady decline of cognitive abilities, and bodily functions also start to slow down. However, even if your physical health starts declining, your wisdom won’t. Rather, this period is known for imparting the most amount of wisdom to people.

70 Years and Above

Uranus dominates this phase of life and instigates the search for new pleasures. This means you will find yourself focusing more on family values, spiritual values, and will love to spend time with your children and grandchildren. Spirituality and family life take center stage, but you don’t mind because at that point in life, that is what makes you feel the most fulfilled.

So, these are all the 8 cycles of life, and which planets influence which time period. In all these cycles of life, which one are you in currently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Cycles of Life
Cycles Of Life, Based On Astrology
planets influence cycles of life pin
How Planets Influence The 8 Cycles Of Life, Astrology Says
planets influence cycles of life cycles pin
How Planets Influence The 8 Cycles Of Life, Astrology Says

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