The Funniest Zodiac Signs: Ranking From The Funniest To The Grumpiest


Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked From Funniest To Grumpiest

Do you belong to the funniest zodiac signs? Believe it or not, our astrological placements influence our ability to crack and take a joke!

Our zodiac signs have a say when it comes to our personality and behavioral traits. We have often observed Leo and Aries to be passionate and hotheaded, likewise, Cancer and Pisces to be more sensitive and emotional, and so on.

Naturally, our sense of humor (or lack of it) can also be the result of a cosmic affair.

Let us take you on a starlit journey, starting from the funniest zodiac signs to the grumpiest zodiac signs, all along witnessing what a great influence the cosmos holds over our personality!

The Funniest Zodiac Signs: Ranking From The Funniest To The Grumpiest

Here are the funniest zodiac signs ranked, from most to least. Don’t forget to check your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. 

1. Sagittarius (The Funniest)

Known for their love for thrills and skill of flirtations, Sagittarians use their sense of humor to charm and attract people. They are generally happy-go-lucky fellas and their style is often hilarious and irresistibly funny.

2. Gemini

Geminis are witty and great at talking, they can crack jokes without thinking about it, amusing others with their ease. They have the capability to gel with everyone they meet, and their casual (read superficial) humor is one of the reasons.

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3. Leo

Leos naturally entertain people; it’s a part of their charm. Along with their dramatic storytelling skills, they use their unique humor to get laughs out of others. They love to be loved, and humor is one of their assets.

4. Aquarius

Aquarians have an offbeat sense of humor that surprises others with their intellectual yet unusual jokes. Their humor is sometimes sarcastic with veiled insults and snarky comments. When targeted at a third party, you can find their jokes really enjoyable. 

5. Libra

With sophistication and light-heartedness, Libras charm others through playful banter full of wit which includes humor. Like their balanced nature, their jokes and anecdotes too are nuanced, subtle, and refined.

6. Taurus

Taurians take a dry and often sarcastic approach to jokes, crafting deliberate ones that’ll make you giggle every time. When around people they like, they can be playful and funny, but to others, they can come across as rude and grumpy. 

7. Aries

Arians aren’t afraid to be upfront and don’t mind poking fun at people they adore in a non-hurtful way.

They are also known to crack self-deprecating jokes, that sometimes give away their vulnerabilities, and sometimes their resilience. Their funny side is seen only by their loved ones.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios bring a sharp and piercing sense of humor when it comes to joking around, blending depth with slightly intimidating witty observations and remarks that unveil truths in such a way, that you won’t be able to gulp it down easily.

9. Virgo

Virgos’ keen eye for detail is what helps them make pointed jokes. They tend to keep it real because they’re always so observant of everything around them. Their jokes are blunt and in your face.

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10. Capricorn

Capricorns are known to be serious with a “no-nonsense” kind of approach to life. Their dry sense of humor is often too subtle, delivered with such a straight face it might go unnoticed. But rest assured they can drop hard-hitting one-liners, but only when you catch them in a rare light-hearted mood.

11. Pisces

While not necessarily grumpy, Pisces is the most emotionally sensitive sign and tends to be upset a lot. They have a great sense of humor too, but it’s often overshadowed by their emotional depth and tendency to retreat when feeling sad.

12. Cancer (The Grumpiest)

Cancers are very soft-hearted and learn to detach quite early. They are exceptionally moody and can appear to be reserved and even rude when they are not in their element. Their fluctuating mood often hides their genuinely funny side.

This playful take on the funniest zodiac signs illustrates how astrological traits can influence our humor and mood. However, do keep in mind the unique personality that each individual cultivates over the years, beyond their zodiac sign. What is the funniest zodiac sign according to you? Comment your favorite one below!

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