Awakening The Shero Within Part 1: Enter The Dragon

Awakening The Shero Within Part 1: Enter The Dragon

Surely you’ve picked up the Bruce Lee reference in the title? If not, who are you and why are you interested in my work?!
Only kidding.
I’m definitely part of the Bruce Lee mania. He’s my hero. He is the Hero. The Warrior. On the outside, you may think he elevates the male hero archetype. Not for me though. His philosophies honour the divine feminine. No where is this more pertinent than in his famous line from the movie, Enter the Dragon, when he teaches, ‘Don’t, think. Feel. It is like a finger pointing away to the moon.’ In this line he references the sacred feminine twice. The emotional body and the moon. Two sources of power. Our inherent power.
In Vedic mythology the gods must draw their power from a feminine source. For example, Vishnu, the God who upholds dharma, draws his strength from the Goddess or Shakti, the active force expressed as creation, willpower, intelligence, energy and action in order for him to awaken from his eternal slumber and manifest on the earth. Do you see the parallel between Bruce Lee’s famous line and Indian mythology?
Stay with me! 
Both narratives demonstrate that all power is feminine! In Enter the Dragon, Lee next states, ‘Don’t concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all of that heavenly glory.’
Are you missing out on your heavenly glory? Are you in heaven? – is my question. Are you basking in inner stillness and peace? Do you feel empowered and motivated? Are you living the life of your dreams? Is the feminine within your source of power?
Lucky you if you are! For most, to arrive at this state is an ongoing process. A lived experience. For me, to achieve a balance between inner stillness and outer movement is my idea of success, of heaven. Am I there yet? Hell no. I am a work in progress. My gift is that I never give up. That I persevere. That I am consistent in working on myself, consistent in healing what needs to be healed and transforming what needs to transform. Even amidst emotional turmoil, I have found myself to rise, no matter how long I’ve endured the darkness. How and why? Well, my friend, the How is what I’m here to teach you!
Our state of suffering, chaos, confusion and disharmony within ourselves and in the outside world is caused by the oppression, repression and suppression of the feminine principle!
The disempowered feminine is part of my personal mythology, healing it is part of my soul’s purpose. I discovered this when a Dragon tried to take me down. Yup. A Dragon. It took the form of a malignant narcissist, a deeply disordered person who attempted to destroy every aspect of my being.
Within my lineage, specifically in the masculine genealogy, I see the thread of narcissism along with the abused feminine dynamic. The abuser vs the abused. Yet HOW in the world did I not see this coming? With strong feminist values how did my perception get so eclipsed that I suffered a long-term emotionally abusive relationship?
Though my intuition was on fleek and emotional body sensitivity was heightened, I was still disconnected my Self, particular from my feeling body. I concentrated on the ‘finger’ as Bruce Lee says and not the ‘moon’. I didn’t know how to trust what I innately felt and knew, that something wasn’t right and because of this ‘not knowing’ I was helpless to take myself out of the toxicity.
The biggest realisation was that I didn’t know HOW to communicate with my emotional body. This is the key to reclaiming our power.
For over 18 years I’ve kept a journal, my self-awareness is and has always been very strong, it wasn’t until I went through my dark night of the soul, that I strengthened my writing practice and my gift finally arrived. The gift of being able to converse with Spirit—my spirit, my soul—to get all the answers I needed for clarity and purpose, to be my own support and my own source of love, care, safety, motivation and strength. This is what my daily journaling practice is! It is a form of yoga and meditation, a stillness within the movement and a movement within the stillness. The experience of self-connection, deep trust and inner knowing is my ‘heavenly glory’.
I’ve learned how to use creative writing, and especially visual writing or art journaling as a method of self-transformation and healing. I also borrowed aspects from my martial arts training and transformed my yoga and teaching practice into a strength training for the inner feminine.
With the help of a wonderful mentor, I experimented with all my gifts, tools and other resources to accelerate my own healing. I then had to share the joy of transformation, the joy of no longer being stuck and feeling powerless, the joy of moving forward and the joy of self-care and self-love! My mission became crystal clear: Warrior Training for the Sensitive Soul!
I’ve created Enter the Dragon’s Cave: An 11 Day Writing Challenge to Awaken the Shero Within as an offering to show you the opportunity for your own growth, transformation and healing. I ask you to commit to 15 minutes a day to follow my prompts and become the Shero – the creator of your adventure story –of your destiny! In this journey you will awaken to Shakti, your divine feminine power.
The quest is presented to you like a book, with each day as a new chapter. You will have to face some monsters who will take the form of your emotional body. You will learn how to communicate with your feelings, so that in any external situation in which you’re triggered, you remain calm and active and not reactive and lost in the chaos.

‘Befriend your demons and go to the places that scare you.’ 
― Pema Chodron

The 11 Day journey is likely to be intense. It is for the warrior who’s ready to shed the skin that no longer serves them, to shed the fears, worries, concerns, excuses, however real they are, feel and seem. If you really desire change, desire healing, you will schedule the time to do it!
That ‘heavenly glory’ – how much do you want it? Your actions will tell you, but your resolve will make you.
We begin our quest to awaken the slumbering feminine on Sunday 26th February, on the New Moon, also called the Dark Moon, which brings with it a Solar Eclipse. A sacred and potent time! I don’t know about you, but I’m not wasting the power in the air—the magical opportunity of a new cycle, of visions coming true—that this eclipse brings! It is a promise of a fresh start – the universe is on our side!
Aren’t you tired of feeling overpowered by fear and worry – the fact that it’s stuck to you like glue, it’s so old and familiar you’re just sick with it because it stops you from thriving?

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