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The 10 Obligations of the Empath

Obligations of the Empath

Empathy enables you to grasp someone’s perceptions and provide encouragement. When you transform empathy into responsibility it tends to be problematic. Learn more about 10 empathic obligations.

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For War-Weary Empaths

For War Weary Empaths

As an Empath, you are a powerhouse of energetic vibration and you have the gift to empower yourself and others, in that order! You perceive everything said and unsaid, seen and unseen, and can even feel what’s going on around you. Your intuition is second to none and you form bonds and lifelong connections with people purely based on your ability to care for them on a deeper level.

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Top 10 Things That Weaken An Empath

Top 10 Things That Weaken An Empath

Empaths- We have to go through the dark to experience the light. If we had not gone through all that we had, we would not develop the inner strength and understanding that takes us to another level.

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