What Is Your Strongest Gift As An Empath? Choose A Circle To Find Out

Your Strongest Gift Empath

Are you an empath? Do you know you are blessed with unique gift? Take this ‘strongest gift as an empath quiz’ to find out what it is!

It’s a common notion that an empath is the one who experiences what the other person is going through but the reality is, an empath actually understands why the person is going through that particular phase. This understanding gives you a clear picture of whatever that is happening. However, an empath can differ from another empath in terms of feeling these experiences because each one of us has a varied set of empathetic abilities.

Wondering which of these are you?

Just look at the 6 circles very closely and identify the one you feel most connected to.

The one you choose will help in determining the type of empath you are and guide you in utilizing the most of this special gift you have.

What Is Your Strongest Gift As An Empath? Choose A Circle To Find Out

1. If You Chose 1

You are a plant empath

You are a Plant Empath:

You can sense the needs of plants. You are probably in some profession related to nature like parks, sanctuaries, forests. You understand plants more than anyone else and know the right plant for a place.

You can connect to trees and even get guidance from them. Spending your time sitting by trees gives you insights into your own life. The plants too need your guidance and care to survive.

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2. If You Chose 2

You are an animal empath

You are a Animal Empath

Being an animal empath, you can communicate with animals. You have probably studied animal physiology and are involved in profession which asks you to take care of animals. Consider training as an animal healer if you haven’t already. This will help you make the most of your gift.

You can understand the needs of animals; you spend most of your time with them and you can easily detect if something is wrong with them and you know exactly how to help them.

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3. If You Chose 3

You are an intuitive empath

You are an Intuitive Empath:

You pick up information of people without even communicating with them. As a Claircognizant or Intuitive Empath, you can easily understand the main intention of the other person and read them very easily.

With this ability, you have to surround yourself with people who are like you. It’s important for you to strengthen your own energetic field so that you don’t get exhausted by thoughts of others.

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4. If You Chose 4

You are emotional empath

You are Emotional Empath:

This is one of the most common types of empaths. Being an emotional empath, you pick up emotions of others and feel as if they are your own. You feel happy when the other person is experiencing joyous emotion, you feel grieved by other’s sorrow.

It’s important for you to understand and distinguish your own emotions from others. This will refrain you from getting exhausted and at the same time, you can help others.

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5. If You Chose 5

You are a geomantic empath

You are a Geomantic Empath:

A geomantic empath or environmental empath is the one who can feel the energy of a particular place. The environment of a place can instigate emotions in you like joy, sorrow, and others alike. As an environmental empath, you are drawn to history and geography of a particular place.

For you, the best way to recharge is spend some time amidst nature. Cutting of trees or destroying the environment affects you. Join environmental projects if you can.

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  1. i am a combination of 3 and 6.
    It is very accurate . i just have one question. I seem to have gained this additional ability to slip into peoples prospective and see and feel life from their eyea.

    I really would like to be able to control it.
    I would appreciate some advice on how

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