13 Signs You Are A Psychic Empath

Signs You Psychic Empath

Do you intensely feel the emotions of other people without them speaking a word? Do you experience their emotions and energy in their bodies and all around you? Does this lead to emotional turbulence, anxiety? If yes, then you are not just an empath but a psychic empath. 

The reason why psychic empaths stand out from other types of empaths is the ability to pick up on non-visual and non-verbal cues like sadness or anxiety that others are feeling without any clues to that effect. They can also sense auras or energy fields surrounding them and energies of plants and animals. 

Unlike normal empaths, psychic empaths feel drained or exhausted as they absorb the energies of other people both positive and negative. Therefore, they require shielding techniques to protect themselves emotionally. 

Often people confuse psychic empathy with the basic human emotion of empathy. If you want to be sure that you are a psychic empath then look out for these signs:

Signs You Psychic Empath Infographic
13 Signs You Are A Psychic Empath

1. You see

Having a heightened sensation, psychic empaths tend to see certain lights, colours, and flashes of spirit orbs or different objects. These tend to spontaneously pop up in their field of vision.

They have the power to “see” things or psychic images or visions as mental flashes which can also include pictures of places, objects, people, symbols, and events. If you have such clairvoyance, then you are a psychic empath. 

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13 Signs You Are A Psychic Empath

2. You hear

Psychic empaths have extra keen senses, so they can hear certain tones, pitches  and ringing in their ears. They may hear a non-discript voice or mix of voices or say messages that are transmitted from the spiritual realm as they are  known to be highly advanced souls.

If you have such clairaudience, then you are a psychic empath. 

3. You feel 

If you are a psychic empath, you can literally feel the energy and emotions of other people as if it were your own. You cannot distinguish someone else’s emotions from your own. You can sense other people’s anger, anxiety, pride, happiness and excitement.

You are highly sensitive and can read people’s minds as well as feel the touch of a spirit, and vibrations when touching or holding an object in your hands.

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4. You know

13 Signs You Are A Psychic Empath
13 Signs You Are A Psychic Empath

Psychic empaths tend to just “know” something, without any intuition, gut feeling, clue or awareness of where that knowledge came from. What you know can be a deeper universal truth or something common and mundane.

If you have such a strong sense of knowing and tend to experience déjà vu and synchronicities, then take it as a sign you are a psychic empath.   

5. You believe 

Psychic empaths seem to have a sense of universal connectedness to all things and the eternal nature of the human spirit. They have a naive optimism and even when the whole world is turned upside down, they “know” all is ALWAYS well. 

6. You smell

Having highly tuned senses, psychic empaths can smell fragrances and odours that people around cannot usually smell. They can smell cigarettes or perfumes that can be messages sent by a spirit to them for someone who smoked or the person’s favourite perfume.

7. You are overwhelmed by intimacy

People with psychic empath abilities struggle to maintain intimate relationships because they are overwhelmed with closeness and intimacy. Spending time with their partner makes them absorb his or her energy, hence they need regular solitude.

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So, it is not uncommon for psychic empaths to stay single or childless.

However, if you establish healthy boundaries and know how to take breaks to clear your mind, relationships can be less challenging for you. Else, you may lose your identity in the relationship.

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