13 Signs You Are A Psychic Empath


Signs You Are A Psychic Empath

Do you intensely feel the emotions of other people even without any verbal communication? Do you experience their emotions and energy in their bodies all around you? Does this lead to emotional turbulence or anxiety? If yes, then you are not just an empath but a psychic empath. 

What is psychic empath?

Often people confuse ‘Psychic Empathy’ with Empathy – which is the ability to sense (and imagine) what other people are (or might be) thinking or feeling.

Psychic empaths stand out from other types of empaths because of the ability to pick up on non-visual and non-verbal cues like sadness, joy, fear, pain, anxiety that other people are feeling without any clues to that effect. They can also sense auras or energy fields surrounding them and energies of plants and animals.

Unlike empaths without psychic abilities, psychic empaths feel drained or exhausted as they absorb the energies of other people (both positive and negative). Therefore, they require shielding techniques to protect themselves emotionally. 

How to know if you are a psychic empath?

If you want to be sure that you are a psychic empath then check out the following signs.

Here are 13 signs of being a psychic empath:

Signs You Psychic Empath Infographic
13 Signs You Are A Psychic Empath

1. You see

Having a heightened sensation, psychic empaths sometimes tend to see certain –

  • Lights
  • Ccolors
  • Flashes of spirit orbs or different spiritual objects.

These things tend to spontaneously pop up in their field of vision.

They have the power to “see” psychic images or visions as mental flashes which can also include pictures of places, objects, people, symbols, and events. If you have such clairvoyance, then you are a clairvoyant psychic empath. 

psychic empath
Signs Of Being A Psychic Empath

2. You hear

Psychic empaths have extra keen senses, so they can hear certain –

  • Tones
  • Pitches and
  • Ringing in their ears.

They may hear a non-descript voice or mix of voices or messages that are transmitted from the spiritual realm as psychic empaths are known to be highly advanced souls.

If you have such clairaudience, then you are a psychic empath. 

3. You feel 

People with psychic empath traits can literally feel the energy and emotions of other people as if they were their own. They cannot distinguish someone else’s emotions from their own. They can sense other people’s –

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Pride
  • Happiness, and
  • Excitement.

Psychic empaths are highly sensitive and can read people’s minds as well as feel the touch of a spirit. Also, feel vibrations when touching or holding an object in their hands. Do you have such psychic empathic feelings?

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4. You know

psychic empaths

Psychic empaths tend to just “know” something, without any intuition, gut feeling, clue, or awareness of where that knowledge came from. What you know can be a deeper universal truth or something common and mundane.

If you have such a strong sense of knowing and tend to experience déjà vu and synchronicities, then take it as a sign you are a psychic empath.   

5. You believe 

Psychic empaths seem to have a sense of universal connectedness to all things and the eternal nature of the human spirit. They have a naive optimism and even when the whole world is turned upside down, they “know” all is ALWAYS well. 

6. You smell

Having highly tuned senses, psychic empaths can smell fragrances and odors that other people around cannot usually smell. They can smell cigarettes or perfumes that can be messages sent by a spirit to them for someone who smoked or a person’s favorite perfume.

7. You are overwhelmed by intimacy

People with psychic empath traits struggle to maintain intimate relationships because they are overwhelmed with closeness and intimacy. Spending time with their partner makes them absorb his or her energy, hence they need solitude.

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So, it is not uncommon for psychic empaths to stay single or childless.

However, if you establish healthy boundaries being a psychic empath and know how to take breaks to clear your mind, relationships can be less challenging for you. Else, you may lose your identity in the relationship.

8. You need a lot of alone time

psychic empath traits

As a psychic empath you need alone time to feel relaxed and at ease with your feelings and senses. Exposing yourself to a large crowd or even a small group can turn out to be risky for you. Because you feel different sorts of emotions and easily absorb the energies of other people. It’s common for psychic empaths to have unstable moods and that’s why they love solitude.

Positive energies can make you happy. But, If you are absorbing negative energies, it can be hard to handle and you may fall sick both physically and mentally. You tend to isolate yourself to protect your energy and maintain peace of mind. Over time, you can develop immunity and be defensive to negative forces surrounding you.

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9. You love nature and animals

Psychic empaths seek comfort and peace in nature, it helps them clear their mental confusion and overcome physical discomfort. To enjoy the solitude, they commonly indulge in activities like

  • Hiking
  • Walking on the beach
  • Meditating in the woods
  • Listening to nature’s music
  • Traveling to remote areas
psychic empaths connect with animals

Animals are attracted to psychic empaths like magnets. If you can absorb the energies of animals and also sense that they have been mistreated or are in need of your care and love, then it’s a sign you are a psychic empath.  

10. You are intuitive 

Everybody has intuition but the gut feelings of empaths are quite literal. — Colette Davenport

Psychic empaths can sense a feeling in their gut, which can help them to do some good deeds or avoid energy vampires. You can be a healing tonic for hearts in need as you can pick up verbal and non-verbal cues that give you insight into what is on a person’s mind.

So, if you can filter the world through your intuition it’s a surefire sign that you are a psychic empath. 

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11. You cannot resist caring for others

You can intensely feel the emotions of people and animals so it is hard for you not to care. Seeing others in distress gives you pain. As you are naturally giving and spiritually open, you will always go out of the way to help them.

If you believe that you are supposed to help others live better lives and create a better environment for the world, then you are a psychic empath. 

However, a psychic empath is also a master at self-care and self-love. Even if they are mentally consumed and put others’ feelings first, they don’t stop valuing their own emotions. 

12. Your sense of emotion is receptive

signs you are a psychic empath

You can absorb both positive and negative energies as well as distinguish between both energies. You have psychic empath abilities and that helps you decipher and deal with a sticky situation.

Around positive energies like peace, love – you feel high, energized, and excited. Around negative energies like some malicious or dark or harmful intentions – you tend to feel cautious, anxious, and exhausted.

Once you have realized you are a psychic empath, you will surely learn to set up a healthy emotional barrier so that others’ emotions do not upset you. However, it may take a lot of time for you to learn and practice how to process your (and others) thoughts and emotions on a whole-body level and how to solve negative situations. Over time you will know when to help and when not to bother a person. 

13. You can feel sick any time

Certain types of loud noises, strong odors, or places like graveyards, hospitals, or other dramatic environments can make you sick both physically and mentally. It is not uncommon for psychic empaths to experience anxiety, nausea, dizziness or stomach upset out of nowhere.

Because they not only absorb all sorts of high levels of energy but internalize it. If you frequently feel overwhelmed or mentally exhausted or pass out in some social environments, then it’s one of the signs you are a psychic empath.

So, what do you think? Are you a psychic empath? Let us know in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the different types of psychic empaths?

The different types of psychic empaths are – Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Telepathic, Psychometric, Precognitive, Geomantic, and the Medium Empath.

What is a dark empath?

Dark empaths are those who seem to have a pleasing attitude at first sight but can possess dark traits such as narcissism. They understand other people’s emotions but can get dangerous. 

What is the difference between a psychic and an empath?

A psychic can pick up information from spirits within the spirit realm and from people because they see with the mind’s eye. Whereas an empath doesn’t deal with information-based communication, but emotional communication. Empaths tend to feel what others are feeling through energy transference.

How to develop psychic empath abilities?

You can develop psychic empath abilities by practicing meditation, nurturing your intuition, and building positive emotions within your heart. 

Do empaths have psychic abilities?

Everyone including empaths has some degree of psychic abilities and it can take different forms. However, the psychic form of empathy is different from having empathy or empathetic nature.

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Psychic Empath Test: 13 Signs You Are A Psychic Empath
Signs Psychic Empath pin
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