Why Empaths Prefer To Stay Single and Not in Relationships

Why Empaths Prefer To Stay Single

Being single is a blessing and not a curse for some people. Although most of us desire a meaningful and lasting relationship, some prefer being single and enjoy the independence that comes with it. This is more true for empaths.

Although empaths are known to be sensitive, intuitive, selfless, forgiving and compassionate people who develop deep connections, most of them prefer staying single. Why?

“As empaths, our high level of sensitivity means that we are prone to feeling like eternal outsiders who are in the world but not quite of the world.” – Aletheia Luna

Empaths and relationships can often be the perfect recipe for a catastrophic disaster. In case you are not up to speed, empaths have an innate capacity to deeply understand others. They can easily absorb and get affected by the energies, emotions, thoughts, and actions of people they are with.

Why Empaths Prefer To Stay Single and Not in Relationships

As empaths can easily pick up on the energy that flows between two individuals, whether consciously or subconsciously, this makes relationships more profound and complicated for them. They can absorb the energy and vibrations of their partner and may feel overwhelmed, anxious, overloaded, and exhausted. Oftentimes, empaths deliberately avoid relationships as they are afraid of getting too involved in and consumed by the relationship.

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Empaths and relationships

Every empath is sensitive to emotions and energies that surround them, whether from people, animals, or anything else. Not only can they intuitively understand the thoughts & feelings of other people, empaths can also understand their mental, physical and emotional state accurately. They usually develop a deep connection with people close to them either during healing or physical intimacy. As they open their hearts and their energies become vulnerable, outside energies can easily seep in and merge with their own.

“The Empath is often said to have such a great degree of empathy that they can literally feel what others feel, and thus intuitively know many of the yearnings, sensitivities, tastes and even thought patterns of the people they’re around.” – Aletheia Luna

Empaths are often left feeling overstimulated and fatigued as they are highly attuned to vibrations and energy, especially when they absorb it from someone they love and care about. This can lead to a number of complications in a romantic relationship. Moreover, empaths also need a lot of personal space, independence, and alone time to recharge and re-energize themselves, which might be difficult for their partners to understand.

Why Empaths Prefer To Stay Single and Not in Relationships
Why Empaths Prefer To Stay Single and Not in Relationships

Interestingly, empaths love profoundly and become deeply involved when they are in a relationship as they value deep and meaningful connections. However, being deeply intimate and close to someone can make them experience burnout fairly easily. Highly sensitive empaths often give a lot more to the relationship than they receive and this can make them feel emotionally bankrupt.

Relationships are complicated as it is. However, the chances of the relationship lasting becomes exceptionally low when an empath is involved. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why empaths, who are mostly introverts, prefer to be single.

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Why Empaths Prefer To Stay Single and Not in Relationships
Why Empaths Prefer To Stay Single and Not in Relationships

Figuring out people is an easy task for empaths thanks to their highly attuned intuitive senses. They can easily decipher the characteristics, motivations, emotions, and intentions of others that might be kept hidden. However, when they are emotionally involved with someone, their intuitive skills often fail and they ignore their instincts and inner voice. Their strong emotions for their romantic partner can easily cloud an empath’s judgment and intuitive senses.

Perhaps this is one of the biggest reasons empaths often find themselves in dysfunctional and toxic relationships and develop unhealthy attachments with their partner. And this is why they become easy targets for narcissists who prey on an empath’s caring and healing nature. 

“Empaths did not come into this world to be victims, we came to be warriors. Be brave. Stay strong. We need all hands on deck.” – Anthon St. Maarten

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2 thoughts on “Why Empaths Prefer To Stay Single and Not in Relationships”

  1. Avatar of Ivy

    Interesting article. In my experience as an empath who has attracted her share of narcissists in the past. I worked allot on my shadow while alone, healed from my traumas so I didn’t need to continue attracting destructive patterns by learn lessons. The outcome; a fulfilling loving relationship, one in which we both grow as separate individuals and together..& oh, he happens to be an empath too! 😉

    1. Avatar of Epiphany

      This article is me. Being an empath has made me be a wonderful mother and friend but also causes me alot of mental pain. Most people do not understand me and view me as overly sensitive and too emotional. It takes me ten times longer to recover from negative things because I absorb them so deeply that I have to recover from a lower mental state than most. I feel that being an empath is a very sad existence because we are consumed by our own and others emotional state.

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