The Empath And The Wounded Narcissist: Toxic Dynamics Explained

Empath And Wounded Narcissist Toxic Dynamics Explained

What is the relationship between an empath and wounded narcissist? How do things unfold between them? Can these two personalities find an equilibrium? 

The cause of NPD is not known but there are many theories which include…

– Overvaluing as a child
– A learned behavior
– Genetics
– Abuse in childhood

The cause is most likely complex with the possibility of more than one factor being at the root of this disorder.

Some believe that the narcissist has come from a place of pain, that he or she has been subjected to unimaginable pain and as a result, they have taken on  a certain set of behaviors in order to deal with their past.  Many people have been subjected to abuse and yet have found the strength within themselves to not let their past dictate their future.

Let us take a look at when the ‘wounded’ narcissist meets an empathetic person.

An empath is a giver who wants to help.  They take on another’s pain and internalize it. 

The Empath And The Wounded Narcissist: Toxic Dynamics Explained

They are full of compassion believing in the good of humankind.  They have the ability to put themselves in another’s shoes and try to make things better often at the expense of their own wellbeing. 

On the other hand, the narcissist is a taker, sucking others dry for their own benefit and to hell with the consequences or who may suffer as a result (as long as it’s not them).  It may be a match made in heaven for the wounded narcissist but it’s a match made in hell for the empath.

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Empaths tend to think that people are inherently good failing to see that there are some people who don’t possess such qualities as empathy and kindness.

It’s hard for them to realize that some people are out for what they can get with absolutely no good intentions whatsoever.  They fail to set boundaries as to what is acceptable and what is not.  A narcissist will seize this opportunity to take advantage of their kind and forgiving nature.   Their aim will be to exploit and manipulate the empath by any means necessary. 

The wounded narcissist has mastered the art of deception and will employ well practised devious and underhand methods to exert their influence whereby they will eventually gain control not only of their target’s mind but virtually their every move. 

The Empath And The Wounded Narcissist: Toxic Dynamics Explained

This type of psychological abuse is a gradual process whereby the person being targeted has absolutely no idea that such wheels have been set in motion. 

Their objective has been to love, to help and to soothe the pain that the narcissist has so convincingly made them believe has been a part of their past.  Let us not forget that narcissists are pathological liars often portraying themselves as the victim where the opposite is true and they are, in fact, the perpetrator.

Can these two personalities find an equilibrium? 

That, I’m afraid is highly unlikely. Over time the target of this insidious abuse will get worn down. Just like a carpet that gets constantly trod on, its’ once beauty and soft touch are now lacklustre and barren of fibre. They will get fed up with constantly being blamed when things don’t run smoothly. 

They’ll get fed up with being the only one fighting for this relationship. Sometimes this process takes years but eventually, most realize that there is a point of no return.  It’s either sink or swim. 

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