signs of abuse

12 Signs You Are Being Emotionally Abused

Signs Being Emotionally Abused

The small slights, put downs, and ‘jabs’ often don’t feel all that significant because they are often “peppered” with random acts of kindness, leaving the victim of abuse slightly dazed and confused.

50 Ways to Tell If Your Partner Is A Narcissist

Ways Tell Partner Is Narcissist

Narcissism is a spectrum disorder; someone with a high level or number of these traits can be a more damaging influence on you, and your children. The more traits, the closer to a full-blown personality disorder.

What Is Social Aggression: How To Spot And Stop It

what is social aggression

Just as adult survivors may suffer from stress and trauma, children also have unique ways of coping. Social aggression might not seem like a very big deal on the surface, but if not tackled properly, it can have far-reaching consequences.

10 Safety Tips For Domestic Violence

domestic violence safety tips

Domestic violence is a kind of abuse, where there is a regular pattern of controlling, demeaning, coercive, dangerous, and violent behavior towards someone, with the motive of scaring that person, and keeping them ‘in check’.

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