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50 Ways to Tell If Your Partner Is A Narcissist

Ways Tell Partner Is Narcissist

Narcissism is a spectrum disorder; someone with a high level or number of these traits can be a more damaging influence on you, and your children. The more traits, the closer to a full-blown personality disorder.

The Subtlety Of Emotional Abuse

the subtlety of emotional abuse

Abusive tactics, however subtle, doesn’t undermine the effects of abuse. You have right of expression, without being labeled as crazy.

12 Signs You Are Being Emotionally Abused

Signs Being Emotionally Abused

The small slights, put downs, and ‘jabs’ often don’t feel all that significant because they are often “peppered” with random acts of kindness, leaving the victim of abuse slightly dazed and confused.

10 Things A Narcissist Believes All Empaths Owe Them

Things Narcissist Believes Empaths

The relationship between a narcissist is a very toxic one. While empaths usually get attracted towards the narcissist and vice versa, the toxic attraction is extremely harmful because the narcissist thinks the empath owes them a lot.

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