7 Things That Look Like Love But Are Actually Emotional Abuse

Things That Look Like Love

Abuse doesn’t always mean having physical wounds and scars. Abuse can be emotional too, and sometimes it can even look like gestures of love. The important thing to understand here is that just because it looks like love, that doesn’t mean it really is. Unfortunately, many people tend to confuse signs of emotional abuse as genuine love, but the truth is anything but that.

Your partner might do certain things for you that will make you feel like all they are trying to do is show you that they love you a lot. But underneath that sweet, caring exterior they are pulling your strings and playing you like a puppet. You might think they love you, but all they want to do is control you and make you do what they want you to do. That’s why it’s important to understand the difference between genuine, selfless love and emotional abuse.

7 Signs Of Emotional Abuse That Look Like Love

7 Things That Look Like Love But Are Actually Emotional Abuse
7 Things That Look Like Love But Are Actually Emotional Abuse

1. They want to know everything about you. Every little thing.

When a person loves you, they would naturally want to know you better, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But as far as an abuser is concerned, they want to know everything about you, so that they can use it against you sometime in the future. They love it when you share everything about yourself – your darkest secrets, deepest fears, things that cause you pain, and your past. You find yourself saying all this easily because they make you feel seen, heard, and safe, and this way you slowly start to trust them.

And that is what an abuser waits for, from the beginning. For you to trust them blindly. Everything you tell them are kept as ammunition, which will be fired when the right time comes. They remember every little thing you tell them, and in case you don’t play by their rules, they hold you hostage by using your trust against you. It’s like a sword constantly hanging over your head.

That’s why it’s important to not give anything away very quickly. Always take some time and try to understand what kind of a person you are dealing with and whether they deserve to know everything about you or not. Take your time, and never trust anyone that easily.

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2. They fall in love very quickly, and move very fast.

Whenever someone seems to move very fast in a very short time, know that it’s a huge red flag. True love doesn’t happen that easily. True love takes a lot of time to blossom. So when someone seems to fall head over heels for you in just a few days and shows a lot of romantic intensity towards you, steer clear of them. If you find yourself spending all your time with them, and it feels like you have known each other forever, when it has been just a few days, run and never look back.

Abusive relationships start very fast and intense, and before you know it, you are in a relationship with a person who only cares about hurting you and controlling you. So if the person you are interested in showers too much admiration and romance on you, make sure that you hit the brakes and take it slow. If that seems to annoy them and agitate them, then it’s another sign that you are with the wrong person.

3. They want to spend all their time with you, and expect you to do the same.

Now, this is one of the biggest signs of emotional abuse and one you should never, ever tolerate. In the initial stages of a relationship, it’s very natural to want to spend all your time with each other, and not do anything else. Wanting to go out on dates, talking on the phone and texting all the time, and making plans every day to meet each other, are just some of the things that people do when they fall in love.

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