Who Is An Emotional Predator And 4 Ways To Escape From Their Prison

who is an emotional predator

Relationships are meant to make us better human beings and help us stay on the right path. That is why every person out there is always looking for that one special relationship that will help them be better people. However, like healthy and stable relationships, there are many emotional predators in emotionally abusive relationships, who end up destroying anyone who is caught in their clutches.

In unhealthy relationships, the emotional predator destroys you mentally by trapping you in their prison of emotional abuse, and pain.

Just like animal predators stalk their prey, wait for the right time to pounce on them, and then devour them, emotional predators do the same. They look for people who they can manipulate, and brainwash so that they end up doing their bidding all the way. An emotional predator does not care about you in the slightest, and the only thing they know is how to exploit you and cause you pain.

In order to protect yourself from an emotional predator’s manipulation and dirty tricks, it is important to understand how their mind works, and how their personality actually is.

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Here Are 4 Characteristics Of An Emotional Predator

1. They feed on your energy and suck you dry.

Emotional predators are emotionally stunted people who in reality hate themselves and harbor a lot of resentment in her heart. In order to make themselves feel better about their flaws and shortcomings, they focus on positive and emotionally healthy people and proceed to suck out all their happy, and positive energy. They normally target people who are compassionate, empathetic, kind, and cheerful; all those qualities that an emotional predator severely lacks.

Because they envy these beautiful people, they want to humiliate them, destroy them emotionally, and psychologically put them down, and hurt them in any way they can, just so they are not constantly reminded of how sad their own lives actually are.

2. They change colors like a chameleon.

Fakeness is their middle name, and they are in no way real or authentic with people. They change colors according to the people they meet, and the situations they are confronted with. One minute they are the best people you can ever meet, and the very next moment they can be your worst nightmare; it all depends on what and how much they need from you.

Anybody can be an emotional predator – a family member, a friend, spouse, work colleague, etc. They are masters at self-preservation, and the way they switch personalities, they can give the best actors in this world a run for their money!

3. They do not possess the ability to feel and handle emotions.

The biggest reason why emotional predators are the way they are is that they are horribly incapable of connecting with their emotions. They find it extremely hard to find a strong connection between the emotions they feel, and their mind. This lack of connection normally starts from a very young age, which is why they never see it as something abnormal; they just get used to it.

This sense of disconnection can be traced back to their childhood, where they might have been emotionally abused and neglected, and as a defense mechanism, they have in a way shut off their emotional side. Because they do not feel their emotions like normal people do, they end up seeing everyone as objects, and not human beings.

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4. They have a hard time accepting themselves.

An emotional predator always wants to hurt and humiliate good people, because deep down inside they hate themselves, and have never been able to accept themselves for who they are. Also, they have never dealt with all the pain, and hurt they might have been subjected to as a child, which is why they hurt other people and want to make them go through the same pain they did.

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