20 Subtle Signs of Emotional Abuse

Signs of Emotional Abuse

Have you ever been on the receiving end of emotional abuse? Or have you ever seen signs of emotional abuse in others’ relationships? 

Pain is not always inflicted by physical abuse, emotional abuse hurts equally if not more. In fact, in most cases, the effect of emotional abuse lasts longer. Depression, emotional abuse has proven to be damaging by doctors and researchers.

Unfortunately, most people in a toxic relationship suffering from emotional abuse don’t realize this until they are far too deep in it.

20 Subtle Signs of Emotional Abuse
20 Subtle Signs of Emotional Abuse

Listed below are 20 signs you need to be careful of, in your relationship.

They might not be clear indications of abuse, but if one faces these or many of these regularly, it might mean something coming up very soon. Identify these subtle signs, and make amends before its too late:

1. They belittle your accomplishments. Your achievements and accomplishments are not celebrated but just passed on as another event.

2. Somehow, you’re always responsible for their sadness, you’re always to be blamed.

3. They claim to know you better and believe that the decisions they make for you are best. They deprive you of making your own choices.

4. They need you to answer their calls or text messages right away, even a short delay makes them angry.

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5. They always try to be above you, time, and again they will try to make you think that you don’t really deserve to have them as their partner but it’s just your luck that they are with you.

6. You’re to be blamed for everything and often you’re accused of doing things that you didn’t do.

7. No secret is safe or off-limits, the share your private details like your fears, insecurities, secrets, and even intimate moments with others.

8. You cannot ignore what they say even if it’s just a ‘suggestion’. For you fear how may they react or feel.

9. They don’t hesitate from criticizing you in public, making faces of disagreement and disapproving, or just rolling eye.

10. You are often called by names, this is actually cute but they do it on purpose and often even use abusive language.

11. They need to know everything about you, they want to be included in everything you do.

12. They get irritated and angry when you tease them, even in loving ways.

13. They often punish you by not talking to you or withholding love, care, and sex.

14. If you get in an argument you always lose, there is no other way around and you’re the one to apologize, always!

15. They take control of finance, you’re questioned for every expense.

16. If they hate a person so should you, if they don’t like anyone of your family members you’re not allowed to talk to them.

17. They convince you that your dreams are unworthy and impractical, they diminish your ambitions.

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18. Every time you try to pour your hurt to them, they dismiss you as being too emotional or sensitive.

19. You fear to fail in front of them. You’re not confident that they will hold you when you fall but instead leave you there when you fall.

20. They control your major life decisions including your career choices.

If your relationship reflects these signs, then you are in a toxic relationship and going through emotional abuse. We urge you to get out of that toxic relationship and get a hold of your life. It’s not easy, it never is, maintain your emotional well being while you’re at it.

If you want to know more about the signs of emotional abuse, then check this video out below:

Identifying The More Subtle Signs of Emotional Abuse
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20 Subtle Signs of Emotional Abuse


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