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10 Reasons Why Empaths Have a Hard Time Finding True Love

They fill other’s life with love and happiness. Then why are empaths have a hard time finding true love? Read to know.

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Empaths are one of the most wonderful beings in this world. With their love and support, they light up our lives.

However, it is their love-life which is the most difficult one. Empaths find it very difficult to get into serious relationships. Sounds like a paradox, isn’t it?

How can an empath, who loves and understands people have trouble getting into a serious relationship?

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The truth is, there are quite a few reasons for this.

(1) They tend to attract people who wish to be saved, not loved:

The empath enjoys saving others and that’s how they fall in love. While doing this, most empaths fall for narcissists and the relationship turns bitter.

As an empath, one must know that being in a relationship is not about saving someone, it’s about loving someone.


(2) They are always trying to ‘fix’ things for their partner:

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To an empath, being in a relationship means fixing things for their partner.

The empath is always busy figuring out what’s wrong with their partner rather than appreciating the right which is existing. Such an outlook obviously creates problems in relationships.


(3) They become the parent in the relationship:

A romantic relationship is not about being a parent. The empath internalizes their partner’s problems in the relationship and focuses on helping them, healing them and guiding them.

Not everyone enjoys having a partner who acts like a parent. A romantic relationship calls for equality. Loving someone doesn’t mean one has to be a guardian. One can love their partner and support them without behaving like a parent.


(4) They don’t know their boundaries:

In their quest of saving this world, an empath forgets their boundaries. They should know where they should stop and let others deal with their own problems.


(5) They are a bit too honest

Empaths are not good at faking things. They are straight in their talks and do not sugarcoat things. Their honesty at times, might come in their way to a healthy happy relationship.


(6) They often take things personally:

An empath is extremely sensitive and often take things too personally. They easily get hurt by others which makes them a bit difficult to handle.


(7) They see the best and also the worst in people:

They can sense things. The good and the bad both. They know a person inside out and this often creates a hard time for them to accept them at a go.


(8) They are different:

The empath is always busy in fulfilling the greater purpose of life. Very few people can understand them because they are different, because they can feel the emotions of others. This makes it difficult for them to find someone who will truly understand them.


(9) They are space craving and need freedom:

An empath needs their own space to recharge. Since they are always absorbing all sorts of energies, they need to recharge a lot and while doing this, they seek solitude.

If their partner doesn’t give them this space, the relationship takes a bitter turn.


(10)  They have to let others learn on their own:

An empath feels they should protect everyone. But this often backfires because we all need to go through pain to become stronger.

Until and unless we experience the storm ourselves, we wouldn’t know how to be independent. While trying to protect others, the empath unknowingly creates an obstacle in letting the other person experience the difficulties.

They should set them free and help them learn on their own because that’s how the empath has learnt too.


(11) They have to love their partner:

Being an empath is not easy. The emapth is always attracted to emotions of other people and by doing this, they give more time to others and even fall for others who are not their partners.

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