What Type of Empath Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

type of empath based on zodiac

Empath Zodiac Signs: We are surrounded by energy vibes whether we see them or not. These vibes affect us all. They change us with every breath we take. Some of us, are keener on realizing these subtle changes as they can actually sense them.

But here’s the tricky part. All empaths are not the same. Hence, there are Types of Empaths. The ones who can actually feel the pain, hear the pain, or maybe sense what troubles the animals, or the trees, etc.

Types of Empath And Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs have actually a very good story to tell for each of us revealing the magical potential behind our physical talents. Although just the zodiac sign cannot tell the whole truth – we need to see the bigger picture, the whole natal chart – it’s a very good start.

Remember, being an empath is the first step. Practicing our ability to ‘sense’ the energies can bring us to the second step. What’s the next step? Becoming a Discharger, the other half of the whole picture. A discharger is one who can affect the energy and emotional states of those who surround them.

1. Aries: Fauna Empath

empath aries

Aries is the force of Spring. The energy in them runs in a very peculiar way, as when the Sun enters their Zodiac Sign, all species urge to win the battle against Winter. This brings all Aries close to animals who somehow can connect with them better than other signs.

Aries may want to hunt or go fishing but that’s just another way for them to become one with the Circle of Life.


2. Taurus: Physically Receptive Empath

empath taurus

When the Sun enters Taurus things become real and everything is materialized. Hence, Taurus’s feelings become so strong that can actually be manifested. Taurus is this type of empaths who actually mirrors emotions into their own bodies. These ‘psychosomatic’ symptoms are extremely common to them. Many of their health issues are just another actual form of empathy.


3. Gemini: Telepathic Empath

empath gemini

Gemini is an extremely sensitive individual who can actually attune to voices and vibes from all around them. This makes them telepathic empaths who can easily enhance this ability to both receive and send messages to anyone they like.

The key is to feel free and doesn’t try to judge what you are thinking. Let the thoughts travel free. Telepathy is a rare gift and a powerful weapon. Use it wisely.


4. Cancer: Chameleon Empath

empath cancer

Cancer is the most sensitive individual and the purest type of Empath. We could title Cancer as the “Pure Empath” or “True Empath” as you guys have a natural ability to feel the ripple any emotion causes. It comes naturally to you. Moreover, these changes you.

Have you noticed how different you react when you change rooms where other people are? You mirror everyone’s thoughts and emotions in your psyche and these changes you like the waters follow the tides.


9 thoughts on “What Type of Empath Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign”

  1. Im a Scorpio and am empathic, psychic, medium, intuitive, clair audience and clair voyance at times. Your article here says nothing abt scorpios. Im interested to know what kind of an empath we are?

    1. Hi Brenda, you had to click through to page 2 to get to Scorpio. I had to look twice before discovering it.

      8. Scorpio: Medium Empath

      You already knew that don’t you. From all the types of Empaths, it’s you who can naturally sense the spirits and other invisible entities around you. It’s no wonder why Scorpio is considered the best conjurer. Moreover, you can affect them by becoming a beacon of light for them. Furthermore, you are able to get valuable information from the spirits. The key to this amazing ability is to feel safe and secure

  2. This article is way off base. Empaths cannot be generalized by which month we are born in. We are all special and many of our “types” intersect. I was born in Sept and am in no way influenced or affected by trees, flowers and the like. Empaths should not be assigned to a particular classification.

    Saying that one empath is a purer type of empath than the other “types” that the author mentions is an insult.

    1. I think he meant the pure one in a way that is since empathy is abt emotions this type of empathy is just all there is to it that is emotions…?

  3. I’m cancer 25th June I would have never considered astrological star signs to determine what type of empath people although I must admit I have had a difficult life

  4. Diana Terlingen

    Well… i dont recognise the split within the zodiac signs…. My son is aquarius and empath, but not into earth matters. (thats more me) and i am pisces, i dont find them easy to relate to….
    But hey- thats me.

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