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What it Means to Love a Libra

love a libra

A Libra always longs for a beautiful love, it is her soul and heart’s forever wish. If you want to love a Libra, you have to love them truly. You have to love them with everything. All or nothing.

A Libra will crave personal space; she will crave liberty to be who she wants to be always. She wants to adore, hate, celebrate, and suffer who she is. She feels and wants to experience a thousand feelings because she is always discovering new parts of who she is; she is always trying to be her authentic self.

She’ll never tell you something critical straight away, rather she’ll think about it, and sit with it unless the right words come in her heart and ever-so-carefully travel to the tip of her tongue. Even after that, she might choose to write you a letter conveying her feelings. The intensity of the feelings she possesses can sometimes make it very challenging for her to elucidate into words.

Words are important to her, and they hold a special place in her heart. She is eternally in love with the magic words have, and the beautiful way they can free her.

So when you love a Libra, always remember and understand that words will always play a major part in a Libra’s life —they are the brushstrokes of her heart. She will never lie because she knows that she is not good at it. She won’t brag, for she holds words in too high esteem. You must never cheapen your words through hurtful patronization and false and unfulfilled promises. If you ever hurt her with unkind words, she will never forget them and will hold them close to her heart till the day she dies.

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She’s a true-blue artist. But a Libra is always searching for the right medium so that they can survive in this harsh and cruel world. The words, or paints, the delicate, mindful crease of a freshly-made bed—it’s all art to her. She needs objects and sounds and smells and textures to resonate with that place deep inside that says, “Yes. This is it, now this is how I exactly wanted it to be.”

She’ll need her art like you need your breath—without it, she will lose track of who she truly is, and who she truly wants to be.

You must watch the curve of her mouth; her lips will purse (ever-so-slightly) and when they do, you can rest assured that her mind wanders because her heart is not still. You’ll notice her eyes are far away; at that moment, you must let her go there—to the place where the words find their way to the air—but not for too long. She’s always in danger of escaping for too long.

She is always looking to find stillness in her life, and keep herself grounded.

A Libra will treat her body with kindness and a lot of love, but sometimes, she will hate it too. But if you love her, you must love her body, and always love it. Look deep into her eyes and give her your most loving smile. Move her hair from her face so you can get a better look. Love her in places where she has never been loved. Slide your hands firmly over every inch of her skin as if it were the first time you’ve ever touched her. You must touch her. She’ll crave your embrace and wither without it.

She needs romance in her life. And kisses all day from the person she has given her heart to.

She needs to be whisked away to see the world and she needs a comfortable home to return to.

When she feels sad or broken, she will cry a lot, and you might not know why. She won’t tell you what’s wrong, not at first, because she herself might not know. There will be times when she needs to just feel the sadness that has taken over her heart. She wants to experience the pain and struggle of being alive, even when both of you don’t understand it.

And when she finally turns 30—when the leaves are changing and she feels most herself—you’ll be mindful of her feelings; because, even if it isn’t a big deal, it is actually a big deal. And the tears that roll down her face for no reason come from a place of ignominy deep inside her heart.

To love a Libra, you must celebrate; you must celebrate her, life, the amazing, the plain, anything, and everything.

Loving a Libra means loving the very essence and beauty of love.

There is a perpetual tug-of-war—- and a delicate balance between feeling feisty and fierce and completely against feeling emotional, frail, and soft. Because she is eternally trying to build that impossible balance, she is never quite sure about who she truly is.

To compensate for the not-knowing she’ll please everyone around her. She’ll adjust with others at the cost of her own happiness, and rectify situations until you hate her for it; but, when you love a Libra, you will see that her sacrifices, no matter how devastating, are the only way she knows how to love. Her bleeding heart is how she finds her place in a world that can be unkind; it’s the way she can claim some shred of control—she believes that kindness is what matters most.

A Libra will always want you to and need you to push her toward taking care of herself. She’ll never choose her needs first, so you’ll have to teach her this craft. You’ll need to teach her that putting her needs before others is not the same as selfishness because she sees selfishness as ugly.

She is scared of ugliness. She hates loneliness.

She gets her heart broken a lot. Her heart will feel sad and lonely about so many things, but if you choose to love a Libra, you must never break her heart completely.

To capture Libra’s heart is to capture her heart forever. There are no partners more attentive, more committed than your Libra. You mustn’t ever take her for granted though; for Libra’s heart will grow uneasy when neglected, her heart will close and you risk never finding your way in again.

A Libra’s heart knows the secret to everything. That is why you need to protect it.

Sometimes she might feel lost. She’ll want to watch black-and-white movies, look forward to having hot tea and blankets, and simply no conversation. Sometimes, she’ll want people around her, because she has a hard time with loneliness. Midnight walks, parties, and deep, philosophical conversations—she likes science, literature, and philosophy the best. She loves whiskey too. 

She will need to be constantly reminded that she is loved—better yet, adored. She needs a lot of mindful smothering of love, she needs excitement and adventure. A Libra wants independence, but can’t stand the thought of isolation or loneliness. Accept her even when she is a contradiction.

She will need decisiveness in her life from you, as she has none of it in herself. She is spontaneous and you will be surprised by the commitment she shows. But if she has time to think, any decision will be painful—be it where to eat, what to wear or who to love. This will frustrate you, but you must try to understand. For her, there is no such thing as an obvious choice.

Libra loves the idea of love itself. She loves everything about love: the ecstasy, the discovery, the connection, the heartache, and the very idea of love. She craves the security and safety that comes with partnership and commitment, but at the same time, the uncertainties of love excite her to no end.

She sees the good in every person, but when it comes to her lover, she looks for humor and intelligence. Because for her there is nothing bigger and more desirable than wit.

She hates conflict because it makes her feel exposed and vulnerable; but to love her is not to worry too much, because she believes in trust and forgiveness—two virtues that are enough to repair almost any hurt caused to her. When you lock horns with a Libra, she’ll be sure that every conflict she has with you will end everything and this will ruin her a little. During times like this, you must remind her that every argument is an opportunity for growth—it is the beginning of a new everything.

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To love a Libra you’ll need to see a good intention that she always has in her heart; to ignore this well-meaning piece of her is to deny her a personal truth. She cannot survive without this particular truth. When she is being rude, awful, or arguing because she thinks she is right—and she’s normally right most of the time, it is her inherent nature to be fair and just and unfailingly right—you must take a deep breath. Do not make her feel bad for being who she is. Everyone has flaws, right?

She cares too much and too deeply to ever hurt someone intentionally.

But if you witness the flash of anger in her eyes, you must let her rage. The compassionate, sweet, and gentle Libra will fight ferociously in the face of injustice. You must stand by her, and drive her to be a warrior when her heart tells her that it’s time to rage and fight. You must believe in her cause and admire her devotion—see it for what it is, a manifestation of her heart’s deepest purpose.

Believe in her and she’ll believe in you too.

She might be tagged as an introvert by people who do not understand her. She might be tagged as an extrovert by those who know her best. None of these things matter, because as long as she identifies and feels connected to what she is surrounded by.

When Libra is ecstatic and there is happiness in her heart, she can take over the world. She only needs to have laughter, music, and her beautiful smile.

The secret is making sure that she is kept in that ocean of ecstasy and contentment that only her huge heart can appreciate. If you can keep her at the moment, you can keep her forever. But her mind will after a point drift away and get lost in worry. She will constantly think about all the bad things that have happened to her and have caused pain to her heart.

She will scrutinize the words you used or the words that went unspoken. She will worry about every little thing that has gone wrong and might lead to you leaving her in the future. It is then that you must gently bring her back to the present and soothe her delicate heart.

She believes in the goodness of people, in magic, and (above all else) in happily ever after.

When you love a Libra, you love her for everything she is. And everything she can be.

What it Means to Love a Libra pin
What it Means to Love a Libra
love a libra pin

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    I am in love with a libra and have been for for 14 yrs now but we have been separated for3 and now its to the point that she does not speak

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