10 Personality Traits Of Virgo, The Mercurial Earth Sign


Have you ever wondered what makes Virgos different from the rest of the herd? Even though Virgos are perceived as the ultimate perfectionists, there is a lot we don’t get to see. Perfectionism is just one of the many personality traits of Virgo, and there is so much more to learn when it comes to the sign of the Maiden.

In order to understand a Virgo, you need to have a lot of patience, because they don’t let anything out easily. Nor do they show their soft side to just anyone. So, are you ready to take a deep-dive into a Virgo’s personality?

10 Personality Traits Of Virgo, The Mercurial Earth Sign

1. Virgos are true blue go-getters. 

Virgos don’t just talk the talk, they also walk the walk. Whatever goals and aspirations they have in life, they work hard to fulfill all of them. Once they set their sights on a goal, they will give their all to reach that goal and won’t stop working, unless they are successful.

Even when things get tough, they refuse to give up and keep on working hard. Their immense self-discipline and determination make them one of the strongest zodiac signs out there. 

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2. They hate stupidity and incompetence. 

Virgos are not really known for being patient when it comes to dealing with stupidity and incompetence. Since they are hard workers, they end up expecting the same from everyone else. So, even the tiniest bit of incompetence irks them to no end.

Virgos really need to take a deep breath when it comes to engaging with people like this. They need to understand that not everyone has the same level of intelligence. They need to be more patient and nicer. 

3. Virgos have extremely analytical minds.

One of the dominant personality traits of Virgo is that they are very analytical. They have clever and analytical minds, which helps them find the right solutions to problems, which everyone else might be struggling with. 

They have the ability to detect things that others might miss, and this probably makes them the cleverest people in the room. If you have to use one word for a Virgo, it will definitely be intelligence.

4. They are secretly very emotional.

Even if they never show it, Virgos are extremely emotional beings. They might seem unbreakable from the outside, but they are like soft cinnamon rolls on the inside. For them, their closest friends and family are everything in this world.

Lots of things get to them, but they refuse to show their emotions because they don’t want to burden anyone else with their problems. Only the people closest to them have the privilege of seeing their vulnerable side. 

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5. Virgos can be very skeptical

One of the most prominent personality traits of Virgo is that they are born skeptics. Due to their practical and rational nature, they don’t just believe anything you tell them. They never give in to gossip, and will always form their opinions based on facts and logic. 

It is very difficult to mold their opinions and thoughts just by telling them something. They are independent thinkers, who always prefer to form their opinions, and refuse to be manipulated. 

6. They are experts in over-thinking. 

People belonging to this zodiac sign tend to overthink a lot. They keep on analyzing and overthinking even the tiniest of things, which results in them stressing out very often. Overthinking is like second nature to them.

Virgos really need to give their minds a break, which is always working on overdrive. They need to relax and take care of their mental health, otherwise, they are always at a risk of burning themselves out.

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7. Virgos hate unwarranted advice and judgements. 

Virgos can get really over-confident and arrogant at times, and that is why they hate it when someone gives them unwanted advice. Even if it’s for their own good, they tend to shy away from lectures and unwarranted advice.

They absolutely despise it when people try to tell them what to do, or what not do. And worse still, when people pass judgements. Virgos are firm believers in the phrase. “None of your goddamn business!”.

8. They are very organized.

One thing a Virgo absolutely hates is clutter. They are extremely organized beings, and cannot stand mess and disorganized stuff. Needless to say, they suffer from bouts of OCD and are genuine clean freaks.

Be it their room, their workspace or wardrobe, you will never find a disorganized thread in a Virgo’s home. They love cleaning and decluttering whenever they get the chance.

Personality Traits Of Virgo
Personality Traits Of Virgo


9. Virgos are loyal people. 

When it comes to loyalty, Virgos take the cake. Even if they take a lot of time to open themselves up emotionally, once they do, they will stand by your side no matter what. If they consider you an important part of their lives, then they will always have your back.

No matter how rough things get, you can always count on a Virgo to be there for you. 

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10. They cannot be dominated. 

People who think that they can control and dominate a Virgo, then they are in for a rude shock. Even though Virgos hate conflicts and confrontation, they will fight back when their back is up against the wall.

They are anything but submissive, and they know very well how to stand their grounds. Virgos can put problematic people in their place without resorting to any kind of aggression or foul language. 

Virgos are pretty chilled out and unproblematic people and are always a pleasure to have around. If you genuinely get to know a Virgo, then count yourself lucky, because they are some of the best kinds of people out there!

If you want to know more about the personality traits of a Virgo, then check out this video below: 

10 Personality Traits Of Virgo, The Mercurial Earth Sign
10 Personality Traits Of Virgo, The Mercurial Earth Sign

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