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11 Mental Tricks To STOP Overthinking

mental tricks to stop overthinking

Overthinking can often erupt a negative outlook towards life. Too much thinking can confine the brain in a panic cycle, and if you find that you keep going over an issue every time, there are various tips that can help you to stop overthinking.

How to put an end to overthinking?

Here Are 11 Mental Tricks To STOP Overthinking

1. Identify Your Overthinking Sequence.

Self-awareness is the first step in any personal growth process. Knowing yourself enables you to understand your behavior and be able to change it if necessary.

When you end up in the overthinking hole, softly remind yourself to step back. Know the overthinking signs and use self-awareness to determine when it is time to stop and give yourself a chance to let things settle.

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2. Come Up With A Ritualized Response.

Now that you know your overthinking pattern, you can come up with responses. With specific responses, you will be able to reorganize your thinking path.

For instance, if you find that you have started overthinking, start counting to fifty or chant the lyrics of a song that you love as a response. This counter mental activity will prevent you from thinking too much and it also provides you a way to change your thinking.

Also, engaging in a physical activity like doing sprints or any other extreme physical activity is a great counter mental activity.

3. Fast Reality Check.

Losing reality is the greatest stressor of overthinking. When you think too much to the extent of questioning yourself, you lose contact with reality.

For instance, you can send someone a message and your mind starts to race while you are waiting for the person to respond. As the mind races, you start wondering if you sent the right message, whether you wrote it correctly, whether the person will find the message insulting, and so forth.

However, of all those mental situations, none of them is real. Those are simply hypothetical scenarios that you have formed in your mind. Your head situations have not bored any fruits and they are never going to.

In such situations, it is crucial to perform a quick reality check. Ask yourself what is really going on and determine the narrative that you have formed in your brain. Then, softly remind yourself to allow the situation to settle and unfold. Believe that you are capable of handling the consequences that come if at all they will.

Stop overthinking
Stop overthinking

4. Value Action Over Evaluation.

Being analytical is an awesome way of thinking but it is crucial to be a person of action otherwise your evaluations will be useless.

Be action-oriented and decisive. The more you understand your overthinking process, the more you can be able to identify when you need to act. Do your thinking, evaluate things and mull them over. However, when you get to the end, stick to your judgment and perform the necessary action.

5. Meditation.

Meditation is highly recommended for over-thinkers. Meditation does not end your thinking completely but it improves your mental awareness and controls your thinking process.

A lot of meditation brings more meditation benefits and mindfulness into one’s daily life.

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6. Improve Your Self-Sense.

Thinking too much leads to self-doubt. You start questioning your first conclusion, your objectives, your bias, your reliability and so forth.

In the end, you lose contact with yourself and you also lose confidence in your skills. Something that was once a strong decision change to you questioning all about yourself.

Having strong self-sense means that you will doubt yourself less and second-guessing chances are minimal. For a start, this will lower the effects of thinking too much. But ideally, self-sense can enable you to make a decision before your overthinking starts.

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