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Soul Alignment: How It Helps In Recovery From Codependency

true self soul alignment

We each must find our way, learning to honor, express, and love our true Self. Every day, we have a chance to discover who we are, what we believe, feel, need, want, and value. Indeed, every moment provides opportunities to affirm our authentic Self.

How Self Love Is The Key To Codependency Recovery

self love is the key to codependency

When we can really be anchored and rooted in this love that exists within us, then we’re not dependent on this other person, fearfully holding them to be responsible for a love that actually we can only ever find and access from within us.

-Meggan Watterson

Five Ways To Overcome Your Insecurity

Five Ways To Overcome Your Insecurity

First, understand that your insecurities will hit any time of the day, but don’t let them overpower you. Just focus on yourself and accept your limitations. What you hate about yourself makes you unique and loved by others. Just embrace them and be kinder to yourself.

How To Grow Up Mentally: 15 Simple Tips

How Grow Up Mentally

Do you want to gain the ability to make tough calls? Be mentally strong to tackle life’s challenges? Build a healthy social network? Become successful? Then it’s time to learn how to grow up mentally!

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