How To Stop Overthinking

stop overthinking

Over-worrying and overthinking can really ruin the day if we don’t know how to manage it. As one of the most pervasive symptoms of anxiety, you must learn to control it, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn today.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just flip a switch and stop all the worry and monkey chatter? Well of course it would be awesome! Although not exactly a switch you can learn to pretty much stop overthinking dead in its tracks.

How do you do it? You must process the pending issues in your mind and give a finishing blow with a resolve. Let’s get specific…

Worry is damaging

You see, when we worry or spend too much time thinking about something, our minds are taxed. Even if we’re not thinking about it, the things that worry us remain as “pending issues” in our brains.

In fact, my Anxiety Warrior, these “pending issues” are so important that your anxiety can use them against you. The moment you process and fix those “pending issues” you remove anxiety’s “weapons” against you.

When we hold “pending issues in our minds” we are subconsciously overwhelmed by the open possibilities, and we especially feel down because of that one ugly possible outcome…. That catastrophic possibility we dread so much.

And this has a very strong emotional and mental impact on us. If you think about it, this is just like living under a constant threat.

So, how can we give this a solution? How do we take all those open possibilities, and the possibility of something awful; and reduce it to something non-threatening?

How do we become rational in face of all the dangers and worries? How do we close all those “open doors”? How can we have peace of mind again?

Stop overthinking
Stop overthinking

One by one

First, we take that one issue that is giving you trouble, the thing that worries you right now or the most recent one. I know there might be many things that worry you at the moment, but we just take one at a time. After you’re done with one you can follow up with the next one. Ready?

The solution is to make a plan. Making a plan has an extremely potent effect on a subconscious level and I will explain you how this happens.

Sounds crazy, right? I know, too simple to be true, but before you disregard all this as BS I invite you to read through and test it for yourself. It won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time and the reward will only be yours: Peace of mind, no more anxiety, no more overworrying/overthinking.

The many “flavors” of over-worry and overthinking

Overworry comes in many flavors. For example, you may spend too much time thinking about the tragedies that could befall you or your loved ones…

Or you may be overthinking about that time you screwed up or the time you made a fool of yourself, rehashing the situation once again in your mind…

Or let’s say you overworry about the dreaded palpitations and you fear anxiety might “get too physical” and you will end up in the hospital with a huge bill to pay!

Let’s close all those open doors!

A plan takes all those worries (or as we said before the “open doors”) settles most of them and allows us to solve the matter in a way that will lead us to what we truly want. A plan even covers the things that may be out of our control. At the end of the process, we achieve peace of mind and you will see the results yourself.

How can making a plan help in these situations? Furthermore, how would you make a plan in these scenarios? How good can a plan be against this? Let’s do it together so you can learn and do it yourself…

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