The Good and Bad of Loving a Cancer (10 Brutal Truths)


Reasons Cancers Best Lovers Zodiac

Loving a Cancer is one of the best things you can do when it comes to loving someone. Their ability to love, and taking care of others is difficult to surpass.

Cancers are tough shells to crack! But once you do, you’ll relish in the warmth of their kind, caring, loving, compassionate……succulent gooey center. But, if you cross a Cancer, watch out! that shell will turn into battle armor and their pincers are faster than a speeding bullet. Here are 10 things you need to know about when loving Cancer.

The Good and Bad of Loving a Cancer (10 Brutal Truths)

10. They are easy-going.

Everyone loves the happy crab! Cancers are the first in mind for many when making plans for a night on the town.

The mature crab knows that there is a place for everything and everything has its place, they never purposefully try to draw more attention to themselves by making things dramatic or serious.

They are out to have a good time which rejuvenates them and charges up the batteries.

9. They are hardworking.

Cancers work hard for everything they have and aren’t afraid of a challenge. They know that it takes grit and determination to achieve their goals and they won’t stop until the job is complete.

On the downside, they are known to get a little tunnel-visioned and their work can interfere with family and relationships.

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8. They can be a little “shellfish”.

“What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is yours” can be the mentality of the Cancers. Because they work hard for everything, they expect others to do the same. Cancers don’t go looking for handouts and they aren’t going to give you one if you come knocking.

7. They are intuitive.

As the cancer is a water sign, alike to Scorpions and Pisces, they are naturally gifted at navigating the emotional waters of their psyche.

They trust their gut and follow their instincts, as it is relied upon for their very survival.

6. They are sensitive.

Alike to the scorpion, when they feel emotionally slighted they will bring out the pincers and nab you back the quickest way they can in order to get an emotional reaction. However, unlike the scorpion their attacks aren’t as deep or as calculated.

A Cancer’s main objective is defence and deflection, as opposed to the “strike to kill” mentality of the scorpion.

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5. They are natural nurturers.

Above all other signs, Cancer is the most motherly. Man or woman, they pride themselves on taking care of their families needs. They enjoy the role of bread-winner as it makes them feel important, respected, and appreciated.

4. They are highly emotional.

A young crab’s emotional needs are extremely high and if not nurtured properly, Cancers are known to hide their true selves as they form layer after layer of “shell” in order to protect their feelings.

They begin looking at the world from “eyes in the back of their shell” and this can lead to a fear of what is and is not safe causing them to be extra cautious in many of life’s situations. To keep a cancer, you’ll need to make them feel safe and secure.

3. They like to be in on the action.

Have you ever been on a hot holiday with live music and dancing, and all of a sudden the crabs have worked their way out from the beach to come and get a peek and “get in on the action?”. This couldn’t be more true.

Cancers are curious by nature and nothing attracts them more than positive vibes and good vibrations.

2. They are homebodies.

The crab is outgoing and sociable, yet they feel most comfortable in their own space. They seek outside circumstances to get a feel for the world, yet recluse when they want to relax and just let go.

Cancers like to entertain and prefer hosting special events and occasions as opposed to attending.

1. They are extremely loyal.

Cancers are the most loyal sign of the zodiac. They are forgiving (if not too forgiving) understanding and compassionate.

They understand that everyone has their flaws and they don’t hold grudges.

The term “forgive and forget” couldn’t ring more true for them, but don’t take advantage… Three strikes and you’re out!

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Written by L.J. Vanier

The Good and Bad of Loving a Cancer (10 Brutal Truths)
Reasons Cancers Best Lovers Zodiac Pin

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