4 Myths And Facts About The Cancer Zodiac Sign (as written by one)

4 Myths And Facts About The Cancer Zodiac Sign (as written by one)

“It’s hard to imagine what the world would be like without the geometry of Euclid, the philosophy of Pythagoras, the logic and literature of Aristotle and the fables of Aesop, not forgetting the Olympic games with their spirit of peace and brotherhood. Words such as philanthropy, harmony, music, architecture, and ecology that we use so often today are derived from Greek.”


Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, people born between dates (23 June – 22 July) fall under the Cancer Zodiac Sign.

Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Moon
Colors: White and Silver
Gems: Moonstone and Pearl
Quality: Cardinal
Quality most needed for balance: Mood Control
Strongest Virtues: Emotional sensitivity, tenacity and the urge to nurture
Deepest Need: A harmonious home and family life
Characteristics to avoid: Oversensitivity, Negative Moods


Cancerians usually get a bad rep for being highly emotional and overtly sensitive but there is so much more to these intensely beautiful people.

Deeply intuitive, mystical, family oriented, creative and psychic, Cancerians can be the most difficult people to understand.


Here is a low down on the myths and facts about Cancer Zodiac Sign from a Cancerian Woman herself:


1) Cancerians are over emotional and cannot be successful

Cancerians have got a bad rep for being over emotional and sensitive but Cancerians are emotionally stronger and independent than you might think.
They are more in touch with their emotions and intuition and they know how to handle their mood swings and fight their own battles.
Cancerians are a crab sign and a Crab is extremely tenacious.
Cancerians are very strong willed and perseverant, they do not let go easily if they want something.
They are very resilient and always get back whenever they fall. They keep on striving towards the goal no matter whatever the odds.
This quality of tenacity and resilience can make them successful in any field they choose.


2) Cancerians are too shy and cannot be good leaders

A Cancerian’s intuitiveness and sensitivity is exactly the quality that makes them a people’s person. They know how to care for people and take them along. They make for the kind of leaders that lead by inspiring others.
Cancerians are also very intelligent and creative; they can come up with ideas and solutions spontaneously.
They are also very good with taking decisions regarding which business partners and ventures to follow, thanks to their intuition.
Due to their intelligence, intuition, creativity, and sensitivity, they know the best ways to build money and relationships and also how to sustain them in the long run.


3) Cancerians are home bodies and do not like to socialize

It is true that Cancerians love being at home and enjoy indoor activities but that does not mean they are social recluses.

Cancerians thrive on emotions and they have a deep love for people and relationships.

They believe in the general goodness of people and universal love and go out of their way to make people feel loved and cared for.

They are the ones who would give genuine heartfelt compliments to strangers, would indulge in community and charity work, would give their friends and loved ones unlimited hugs.

They are only shy till they trust you enough to open up, but once they get comfortable with you, their infectious love for life and goofiness will enchant you to no end.


4) Cancerians are clingy

Cancerian is a deeply romantic sign. If a Cancerian woman falls in love with you, it would be deep.
But a Cancer woman does not go headlong into any relationship. She takes her time before committing. She values emotional intimacy and compatibly and does not enter into shallow relationships or casual flings.

A Cancer woman may sometime over care for you and protect you out of her motherly instincts but her actions come from a place of pure love rather than trying to be in control or manipulative.



1) Cancerians are prone to Moodiness

The Cancer Woman is ruled by the Moon. Her moods wax and wane like the lunar cycle.
She is fluid like her ruling element water; she is both peaceful and passionate.
Just like the tidal waves rise and fall, she has her mood swings. She can be stubborn, docile, happy and furious all in the same hour.
She is strong willed, persistent and nurturing but can sometimes draw into her shell and be reserved if disturbed or provoked.
If you want to understand and support a Cancerian Woman, give her time and space to feel her entire range of emotions, they keep on changing and she will always come back from her shell and be her goofy self once again.


2) Cancerians are very loyal and trustworthy friends

Cancerians make for the most caring, loyal and trustworthy friends.
Their motherly instincts propel them to comfort and nurture their close friends. They are the ones who would text you to check if you have reached home safely from a late night out or send you a motivational text before your big event.
They are the ones who would send you homemade cakes and handwritten cards for your birthday.
They are the ones who can counsel and comfort you after a bad break up and will come running to protect you if you ever land up in a difficult situation.
Cancerian woman is also very loyal and trustworthy. Any secret that you share with her will always remain guarded.


3) Cancerians tend to overanalyze situations

Cancerians care about everything a lot and therefore they tend to overanalyze everything. In order to ensure a decision that not only benefits them but also people around them, they weigh the pros and cons and do not jump head first into a situation.
Cancerians are so sensitive to vibes and are so attentive to subtle details like body language and tone of voice; their sensitivity and hyper active sense organs can really exhaust them.
They like people and situations that are straight forward because they can so easily see through pretense and nothing loses their interest faster than lies and hypocrisy.
If you are engaging with a Cancerian woman, it is better to be straight forward and tell her the truth because she will find it out anyways, thanks to her intuition and psychic ability.


4) Cancerians are intuitive and psychic

Cancer is first water sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Moon and therefore is greatly affected by the human emotions. The cancer woman is more in touch with her emotions and intuition than you can imagine.
If she says she doesn’t feel right about someone or something, it pays to take notice. She might not be able to reason it out with you with logic but her intuition and psychic ability is pretty bang on.
She follows her instincts to know which path to follow or whom to trust, it is not about being judgmental but she is deeply in touch with her instincts and feelings.


5) Cancerians are sensitive and nurturing

The Cancerian woman is sensitive – very sensitive but not only to her needs. A Cancerian woman is the most nurturing, caring and loving of all zodiac signs because of her intuition, sensitivity and deep running emotions.
She can pick up on your unsaid needs and thoughts and will carefully find a way to fulfill them. She will intuitively know when to provide you a sympathetic ear, when to be the shoulder you can lean on, when to put on her goofy face and when to slow dance in the rain.


Nothing describes Cancer woman as “home is where the heart is”. Family and friends are her high priority and she nurtures them and joyfully accepts the role of a caregiver in relationships.

If you have a Cancer woman in your life, thank your stars for all the unending love and nurturing that you get and don’t forget to care for her and pamper her because she sometimes forgets to take care of herself by caring for and pampering others all the time.

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4 Myths And Facts About The Cancer Zodiac Sign (as written by one)



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