10 Signs You Have Above Average Empathy


Signs Above Average Empathy

I believe everyone has equal light and darkness within them, empaths are those who emphasize the light within them and also believe in spreading it. If you possess these signs then you surely have an above average empathy.

Empaths feel and understand things which no one else can. They have this unexplainable gift which comes with a high cost and many cons.

Empathy is the ability to feel emotions at a higher level and no not just yours but emotions of other’s as well. Empaths are nonjudgmental and open people. They are open to any energy coming their way.


This often leads to problems I was talking about earlier. Due to their capability to feel emotions more intensely and their welcoming nature they often end up broken and hurt.

Signs your empathy is above average:

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1. You dislike large crowd

The crowd consists of many people with different energies, a great deal of energy will be automatically picked up by an empath. He can only take it so much before it completely drains him.

2. You try to keep balance rather than seek success

The balance in life means more to you than success ever will. You find solace in balance and comfort and you walk an extra mile to attain it instead of leaving no stone unturned for monetary success.

Reaching the top ladder of success is not your ambition but introducing balance in your space and environment is your goal. You are not here to compete with anyone but rather lend your hand and hope everyone makes it through.

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3. You dislike cities

Like the crowd, you find the cities too emotionally and mentally draining. A place where everyone is running in a race to get to what none has an idea.

Your ideal home is in some rural area or among the mountains, where you feel connected, free, and comfortable You love secluded areas and not the crowded ever busy cities. You are always desperate to escape the chaos of the modem cities.

4. You like personal connections

In this ever busy and running world, not much people care about making connections but you do, because you’re an empath and you believe in creating a one-on-one personal connection. Empaths value relationships and experinces over material things.

5. Solitude is important

Empaths get deeply involved in other people’s emotions and sometimes fail to distinguish their own emotions with that of others. Consequently, they are left drained. Therefore, they seek solitude time to time to escape from external stimulation and recollect their energy. Alone time help them recalibrate their thoughts and feelings and restore their energy levels. They love being with people, but ample alone time is compulsory for them to relax and restore energy.

triggers for empaths

6. You hate small talks

Small talk feels like a waste of time, you want to go deeper. ‘What’s up or how the weather is’ will never satisfy you. You want to talk about things that matter or are thought-provoking, actually. Also, most empaths feel that other people simply can’t relate to them. They are misunderstood as shy and indifferent or say, a loner. But. that’s not the truth. They have unique thinking skills and can gel up with only few specific types of people.

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7. You are creative and needs to practice

People with high empathy also have higher creativity and they need to practice it. They are always misunderstood by people so they immerse themselves in artistic endeavors. Empaths thrive on art to express themselves.

They love art and this is the best form of recreation to them. They like expressing themselves through art be it poetry or painting, they have a heart for it. It keeps them balanced and comforted.

8. Nature heals you

Every time you’re out hiking or just visiting the park you feel connected with nature. Nature has the power to heal empaths, recharge them and bring back down to heart. Nature feels like home and empaths can feel a joy and a strong presence of some protective and healing force in there.

9. You avoid confrontation

Empaths are sensitive, so confrontation is their worst nightmare. You hate it when it’s among friends – because taking sides – kill you inside. Confrontations can be extremely draining for empaths. They always prefer being rational, avoid conflicts and don’t like upsetting people. They absorb other people’s emotions at a deep level, so their nervous system gets overwhelmed easily. Empaths love to sort things out in a calm manner.

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10. You get overwhelmed emotionally

Picking up on emotions of any kind comes with its own prices to pay. You pick up other emotions as well as feel your own emotions intensely. It can quickly become way too much. That requires strong emotional regulation and self-care skills, else you will suffer from emotional fatigue and exhaustion.

10 Signs You Have Above Average Empathy
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