10 Levels of Empath Evolution


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Levels of Empath Evolution

Understanding the layers of empathy can help you build stronger, healthier relationships. Empathy is feeling and a gift, it’s all about experiencing what others are going through from their perspectives and emotions. One can show empathy in many ways and forms and there are layers in which you can unlock the empath gift within you.

The empath gift structure happens in a series of programmed layers. This means that the person activated certain sensitivities before others until all sensitivities are activated.

This is when the gift actually becomes known as extrasensory gifts. It’s important to know that the empath gift is housed in all chakras. Even at layer three empaths can vary in their specific level. Especially if they have other major gift structures like a Psychic or Medium.

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Here Are The 10 Layers of The Empath Gift

Layer 1 – The Earth Empath


Layer one has heightened sensitivity to Earth and your immediate surroundings. A special “knowing” is like feeling a storm before it comes or feeling someone before they walk into a room. It’s an environmental and local space.

They crave being outdoors and may even crave being alone because it helps them control their sensory experience. Everything seems beautiful and has a purpose. They can seem to get lost in “small” things like the beauty of a flower.

Layer 2 – The Nurturing Empath


At this stage we find ourselves drawn to those who need healing and help through physical nurturing. This is a great time to practice protection and balanced energy exchange. Many people at this stage become nurses and doctors or child care providers etc.

They look for ways to work directly with nurturing others. This can be a very tricky stage and most people get stuck here because they forget to nurture and protect themselves. This can also be a very emotional stage where you feel overwhelmed with the suffering and emotions of humanity. Feeling like the world will never change. Most empaths on Earth are currently here.

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Layer 3 – The Radiant Empath


When you learn proper boundaries and energy control your energy simply amplifies and you are able to see the positive side of energy again. Able to work with others and share positivity and growth. Like the sun you shine once again, ready to create change and take charge.

This is an incredibly transformational time for the Empath. They value healthy relationships, start businesses, feel comfortable in their power. This is a stage of building self and making and planning change that benefits the collective.

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Layer 4 – The Healing Empath


This is a place when we learn to recognize the emotion in someone WITHOUT absorbing it. This allows us to heal and help others without losing ourselves in the process. This time can be heavy with emotions and grief.

If you are feeling emotionally burdened it is because you need to strengthen your gifts and re-establish your boundaries. Used inappropriately, one will try to “steal” their loved one’s emotions and suffering. But that never works it only defers growth for everyone involved.

Layer 5 – The Empath Teacher 


Around this time we find we have enough strength to help lead others empaths into a “safe space” of gift use and clearing. It’s a time to learn by helping and guiding others. This is a time of reflection, communication, and guidance.

Counseling and journaling. Empaths here may become writers. Sharing their stories of transformation and growth. Reflecting on their journey to guide others.

Layer 6 – The Visual Empath


This is one of my favorite stages. This is when we learn to digest the things we are feeling with actual visuals, screenshots or tapes played out in our mind’s eye. We may see memories, energy, spirit (depending on your specific gift structure).

Layer 7 – The Soul Empath


At this point, you will start sensing and feeling the energy in frequencies. Disruptive frequencies are usually noted as “negative” beings or souls. High vibrational frequencies as guides/spirits/relatives/loved ones. At this stage, one might even know exactly who it is they are feeling in spirit because their senses pick up a certain “knowing” that is actually being translated by the soul.

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Layer 8 – The Equilibrium Empath


A stage when your physical is balanced and integrated with your soul. You can easily differentiate between what is yours or someone else’s. You can clearly outline the aspects/memories/emotions of a particular body or soul and clearly map their origins.

One may even start to have a better understanding of holistic healing needed to take place for clients or self suggesting corrective actions for continued health and evolution.

Layer 9 – The Animal Sensitive Empath


This is usually when empaths choose to stop eating animals. It is not necessary. As you can see before this stage most empaths are quite powerful. When it is time, and if it is in their journey and purpose to continue beyond level 8, their body will simply reject animal products as they develop a heightened sensitivity to animal communications/feelings and energy.

You cannot eat something when you feel its emotions and hear its thoughts. I also want to note that you can “evolve” past this stage.

For example, you may pass this and fully develop all stages of the Empath gift structure. Then move into full extrasensory gifts. Some people simply feel like their calling isn’t to help animals or to feel for them so they shut that aspect off. Like shutting off a receptor.

But I note this because skipping this stage (without developing through it) does mean your sensitivity has yet to reach full capacity. You can’t “feel all” if you shut off sensors and intentionally bypass steps.

Connecting to the vibration of animals actually teaches us to be more sensitive in all aspects of our gift structure so it’s more valuable and expansive than some might think.

Layer 10 – The Inter-dimensional Empath


This is the last step before the empath gift structure becomes extrasensory gifts. It means that one gets so good at analyzing and digesting energy in their surroundings that they can now start reading people at a distance.

This means being able to travel to different “time zones” like reading the history or memories of land and objects. Or even across the world energetically to digest how someone is feeling. At this point, you would be able to access all the information in the previous layers at any distance in the world by using their name or a clear photo.

You and your soul simply know how to access the information through 5th-dimensional connections.

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What’s next? The gift structure would then evolve to full extrasensory gift expression and the person would no longer be considered an empath but an extrasensory being. Many empaths have more than one gift.

That means their level of empath programming can have multiple gifts within their Empath gift structure. Your souls’ gifts are truly unique. Like a soul thumbprint. So this is a general outline and not a definitive line.

Written By Jessenia Nozzolillo
Originally Appeared On New England Psychic Medium

“Visit Psychic Medium Jessenia on Facebook to book your own personal session online.” 

Akashic Records are records of every soul that has ever existed, and all of the information that lies within each of these souls. Jessenia has the gift of being able to access these records and work on your soul through a process she calls “soul reintegration.”

This process includes searching for any traumas and/or obstructions to the soul that would inhibit or delay your soul’s development or expression. Once these are found, they are repaired; once repaired, your soul is able to evolve to a closer state of full expression through your physical form.

This is what Jessenia, the New England Psychic Medium helps her clients and followers accomplish through articles, posts, videos, and personal sessions.

Layers of The Empath Gift: 10 Levels of Empath Evolution
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