10 Spiritual Symbols You Must Know

Spiritual Symbols You Must Know

There are certain symbols that have the capability of leaving a permanent and strong impression on your mind, even if you just look at them. If you look a bit deeper and focus on the intricacies of these spiritual symbols, you will notice that you feel fascinated, connected and more alive. And that feels amazing, doesn’t it? But, have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about what these spiritual symbols actually mean and what their powers are?

10 Spiritual Symbols You Must Know

Here Are 10 Spiritual Symbols And The Deep Meanings Associated With Them

1) The Hamsa

10 Spiritual Symbols You MUST Know

The word ‘Hamsa’ is an Arabic word that denotes the number ‘five’ and represents the five digits of the hand. It is an universal symbol of protection and is normally associated with the symbol of ‘Evil Eye’ to protect someone from negative energies, people, and harmful spirits.

As per the history of this spiritual symbol, if someone is planning to harm you and wants evil to befall on you while you have this symbol on you, they will fail to hurt you in any way. 

2) The Tree Of Life

10 Spiritual Symbols You MUST Know

The Tree Of Life is also popularly known as the World Tree and is said to be deeply associated with the concepts of life, birth, death, rebirth, and circle of life. The Tree Of Life is revered across many religions, traditions, and cultures around the world. Did you know that this tree is the same tree from which Adam and Eve picked the forbidden fruit, according to Christianity?

It is believed that the Tree Of Life is intricately linked to the four elements (fire, air, water, and earth), and also represents the infinite connection of each and everything that has been created by nature.

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3) The Ankh

10 Spiritual Symbols You MUST Know
This is one of the most famous and revered spiritual symbols of the Egyptians and is also known as the key of life. It is associated with the concepts of the breath of life and eternal life. Did you know that the Egyptian ancestors would use the Ankh to regenerate sexual energy when it came to orgasming during sexual activity?

Many people wear the Ankh as an amulet for spiritual healing, for good fortune and to protect themselves from negative energies. Additionally, this spiritual symbol is believed to serve as a portal to the other side and can help in communicating with divine forces.

4) Eye Of Horus

10 Spiritual Symbols You MUST Know

The Eye of Horus is another strong and revered spiritual symbol of protection for the Egyptians. It is also known as the Ujat or Wadjet and the “All-Seeing Eye”. The history behind this spiritual symbol is that it was supposed to protect the Pharaoh in the human world and also in the afterlife by warding off malevolent spirits and evil energies. 

Middle-Eastern sailors and ancient Egyptians used to strongly believe in this symbol and that is why they used it to paint it on their ships to guarantee safe travels on the sea.

5) The Lotus Flower

10 Spiritual Symbols You MUST Know

The Lotus Flower symbol is associated with many religions across the world, including Buddhism. It is a symbol of enlightenment. Because a lotus flower grows in muddy and dirty waters, and later blooms and opens its petals to the sunshine of enlightenment, it serves as a strong reminder of your journey from the tough times to your positive transformation. 

It also serves as a symbol of detachment, as the several water droplets on a lotus petal slowly slide off one by one. 

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6) The Yin Yang

10 Spiritual Symbols You Must Know
The Yin-Yang symbol is probably one of the most well-known and famous spiritual symbols of all time. This symbol represents the concept of importance and harmonization of duality. It denotes the coming together of feminine and masculine energies, and how both of them are equally important. 

The Yin-Yang symbol draws attention to the law of balance and how the universe depends on it. As long as there is a balance between light and darkness, the universe and mankind will remain in harmony. 

7) The Pentacle

10 Spiritual Symbols You Must Know

The Pentacle or commonly known as the Pentagram is always misunderstood as the Devil’s sign. On the contrary, it stands for the qualities of man. The topmost point of Pentagram is associated with spirit, while the remaining points focus on the four elements.

Wiccans heavily use this symbol in sacred ceremonies to remind themselves of the nature of humankind.

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