Choose A Key And Discover Your Subconscious Personality: Key Personality Test


Choose Key Discover Subconscious Personality

This key personality test will reveal the state of your subconscious mind. Are you ready? Choose a key that resonates with you and reveal undiscovered things about yourself!

This Subconscious Personality Key Test asks very targeted and hence, you’ll be surprised to find out how accurate the results are!

Though the test is not based on something scientific, you will be stunned to see the accuracy of this test. This is because this “Choose a Key Personality Test”, asks specific questions about your subconscious mind and thus the results are astoundingly correct.

This is what Dr. Abigail Brenner writes about this concept in Psychology Today, “The subconscious is recognized as the source of creativity, intuition, inspiration, inner knowing, interconnectedness, and spiritual enlightenment. Within this realm, reality shifts and expands, creating a matrix that is far more elastic and multi-dimensional than is perceived by the conscious mind.”

The messages we receive from our dreams and the primordial symbols or archetypes handed down to us from our ancestors, inform us about what is unique, authentic, and sacred to each of us. When we heed these messages, we are following the path of our soul’s evolution.

These symbols and archetypes are essential elements of the collective unconscious, the universal intra-psychic structuring device innate to humans. What is so poignant here is that words are unnecessary to communicate or convey a message.

The symbol, the representational picture or image, conveys the complete thought, concept, or idea without the use of words to describe it; the proverbial, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

So, take this Subconscious Personality Test below and see how accurate the results are. Take a good look!

Subconscious Personality Test: Pick A Key

All you need to do is select a single key from the 6 different key personality test given in the image, and we will give you the most accurate results about your hidden subconscious personality.

Did You Choose A Key? Test Results For This Key Personality Test

1. If you choose Key Type 1

Key Personality Test one
Choose A Key And Discover Your Subconscious Personality: Key Personality Test

You chose the most simple-looking and common key, devoid of any fancy embellishments. But, despite it’s plain appearance, it is highly functional and very effective in unlocking doors.

Your choice reveals a lot about who you are as  a person. You’re rational, a logical thinker, highly analytical, determined and strong-minded. You’re a practical person, and look for utility more than fancy things in life.

However, there’s a vulnerable and fragile side to your personality, which is revealed from time to time.

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2. If you choose Key Type 2

Key Personality Test two

You’ve chosen a key that is highly reliable and can open all the doors in a magic castle. Selecting this key implies that you’re a strong and charismatic individual, innovative and full of creative energy.

You express your opinions frankly. You usually get what you wish for. You refuse to feel trapped by promises and value your freedom above everything else. You’re a free-spirit and your biggest strength is being independent.

3. If you choose Key Type 3

Key Personality Test three

You’ve selected an uncommon key that has a rare structure. This suggests that you’re a person with high self-confidence and self-belief. Otherwise, why would you feel drawn to such a strange-looking key?

The biting cuts of the key are tricky, which makes one unsure if it can unlock any particular lock. You’re a resolute person and always coming up with interesting ideas. You’re unique and stand out from the crowd.

You’re bold and never scared of voicing your opinions. You’re always up for a new challenges and accept them without thinking twice. You have steady control of your life and are forever ready to embark on a fresh adventure.

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4. If you choose Key Type 4

Key Personality Test four

You’ve selected a key that looks like a four-lobed clover leaf. Did you notice that? Your choice reveals that you’re a pleasant, sunny, positive-minded and easy-going person. You’re always looking at the bright side of things and view the world with “the glass is always half full” attitude.

However, be wary of people trying to take advantage of your optimistic spirit. You also need to be careful about your easy-going attitude because sometimes it makes you impulsive and distracted, which might get you in trouble without you even realizing it.

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5. If you choose Key Type 5

Key Personality Test five

The key you’ve selected is full of intricate decorations, very similar to the ones you see in fairy tales and fantasy worlds. This shows that you’re creative and have a vivid imagination.

You’re a dreamer with originality and a unique personality. The negative side to this is that you take things personally, and at times, your uniqueness is not well-accepted, which makes you feel left out and misunderstood.

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6. If you choose Key Type 6

Key Personality Test six

You’ve selected the typical and classic key. Your choice reveals that you’re a rational person as the key can unlock different types of doors. It shows that you have a sound judgment and good sense.

You have amazing concentration powers. However, you find it very difficult to explore beyond your comfort zone. You prefer to take the traditional path. You are an extremely loyal person and expect the same level of faithfulness from the people around you.

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So, what do you think about the 6 different key personality tests? Did you discover your subconscious personality or not? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Choose A Key And See What Your Subconscious Reveals About Your Personality
6 Different Key Personality Test To Discover Your Subconscious Mind
 Choose A Key To See What Your Subconscious Reveals About You
Choose A Key Personality Test To Discover Your Subconscious Mind
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