The Photos You Choose Will Tell How Stressed You Are: Quiz

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Do you feel excessively stressed? Is stress affecting your work and daily life? But how stressed are you? Choose between the photos in this stress quiz and we’ll tell you how stressed you are.

Stress can disrupt our lives

Encountering and overcoming stressful situations is a daily occurrence for almost all of us. Whenever we experience stress, our body gets pumped up with adrenaline as our ‘fight or flight’ impulse automatically kicks in. However, our mind and body can remain in a heightened state of alert long after we have overcome the stressful situation.

Although this could have increased the chances of survival for our ancestors, for us stress can be more damaging than helpful. Apart from posing various health risks, stress can even affect our mood and behavior leading to problems in our career, relationships, and personal life. By taking this stress quiz, you can find out your level of stress and start taking control of your life.

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How stress affects us

Most of us feel stressed out with something or the other. When we experience a stressful situation, our body generates cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol stimulates our liver to boost the production of blood sugar which provides a ton of energy to our body. This enables us to overcome the situation that is causing us stress.

However, being too stressed for an extended period of time can seriously affect your mental and physical health. Over a long period of time, stress can lead to anxiety and depression and increase the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It can also result in a number of other physical health issues like insomnia, muscle pain, fatigue, headaches, exhaustion, lack of concentration, mood disorders, and changes in appetite.

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According to a 2017 study, it was found that stress can have a severe impact on body function. The study revealed that “Stress can be either a triggering or aggravating factor for many diseases and pathological conditions. Many disorders originate from stress, especially if the stress is severe and prolonged.”

Another 2008 medical study discovered that stress is directly associated with health-related quality of life (HRQOL). The analysis showed that high levels of stress led to low mental HRQOL. The papers stated, “As stress increased, mental HRQOL decreased and a significant negative correlation was found between the 2 measures.”

This is why it is crucial that you take this stress quiz to know how stressed out you are and start improving your mental and physical health.

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Take The Stress Quiz

This stress quiz has been especially designed by experts to help you know how much stress you are in right now. Simply answer the questions by choosing the most relevant photos to know your level of stress. Take your time to answer all the questions honestly and we will provide you with the most accurate results. Once you are done answering the questions, you will know your stress quiz score.

However, it is important to remember that this test is purely intended as a fun exercise. It is by no means a medical diagnosis. If you think you are unable to cope with stress, make sure to visit a mental health professional.

Go ahead and take this intriguing stress quiz right now to find out how stressed you are. You might be surprised by the answers you get.


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The Photos You Choose Will Tell How Stressed You Are: Quiz

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  1. Avatar of Mav

    Ah, no.
    I had a heart attack/cardiac arrest 17 years ago due to stress ( according to my cardiologist) so I know what prolonged , serious stress feels like and what it’s consequences can be.
    Today I am at peace. I am certainly not “ freaking out”…
    I just like peaceful photos of nature.

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