20+ Best Meditation Music For Stress and Anxiety Relief

20+ Best Meditation Music For Relief From Stress & Anxiety

Do you feel stressed & anxious on a daily basis? Coping strategies like listening to meditation music can help us improve our mental state & relax our mind.

The power of music

Elizabeth Scott, MS, wellness coach in stress management, explainsMusic can be a powerful tool in relieving stress and can be used in several ways.” Listening to relaxing music can help you cope with stress and anxiety and enable you to calm your mind. And it has even been backed by science. A 2018 study revealed that “exposure to melodic music increases dopamine and serotonin activities” which makes us feel calmer, peaceful and happier.

Music can significantly influence our mind and listening to meditation music to relieve stress and anxiety can actually make us feel better psychologically, emotionally and physically.

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What is meditation music?

Meditation is an ancient practice for bringing awareness to our thoughts & emotions and attaining mental clarity. Music, with melody and rhythm, can transform our mood, emotions, thoughts and minds. Listening to relaxing music tends to have a calm and soothing effect on us.

Meditation music utilizes the calming properties of meditation and music and combines them together to no only facilitate our meditation practice, but also to alleviate our daily stress, anxiety and other difficult emotions.

Although music was not incorporated in traditional meditation practices, listening to music while meditating can be highly beneficial for us today. Buddhist practitioner, teacher and author Bodhipaksa explains, meditation music is a “modern notion, and probably comes from the fact that many alternative health practitioners play relaxing music in the background while performing their healing arts. This music became known as ‘meditation music’.

Meditative music is believed to be highly relaxing and meditation has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety. A 2011 study showed that meditation is an “efficient tool in reducing stress” and “induces a positive response during stress events.

Bodhipaksa adds “Listening to music, if done properly, can be a meditation in itself, just as walking or washing the dishes can be. You can take many activities and make them richer and more satisfying by taking more awareness into them… Listening to music as a meditation practice can be a very powerful practice.

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20+ Best meditation music you need to listen to

If you are looking for the best selection of relaxing songs for stress and anxiety relief, then we have assorted the best collection of meditation music for you.

Here is a list of best meditation music according to the public research University of Nevada, Reno –

1. A Moment of Peace Meditation

It is a beautiful piece with contemporary piano music, accompanying instruments and nature sounds.

2. Echoes of Time

This is a serene music composed with Native American flute and provides a very spiritual experience.

3. The Winding Path

This is another wonderful piano composition which is highly appreciated and rated by meditation practitioners.

4. Classical Indian Music for Healing and Relaxing

This track is intended for “Pure Deep Meditation”. The rhythmic piece is composed by using the ancient Indian musical instrument Veena.

5. Angels of Venice

This is a classical music track using 3 instruments – Harp, Flute & Cello to provide you the best relaxing experience.

6. Earth Drum

According to a University of Nevada post, this is a “serene and lovely contemporary Native American informed-drumming music utilizing Taos Log Drum and Incan Pan along with other instruments.

7. Buddha Spirit

This track is a powerful yet reflective contemporary music that incorporates different instruments and humming voices.

8. Spa Relaxing Music

This peaceful piano-based track is a contemporary instrumental piece that can make you feel relaxed and stress-free.

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