20 Sitting Positions and What They Reveal About Your Personality


Sitting Positions Reveal About Personality

Do you have different sitting postures for dates, interviews, watching Netflix on your comfy couch, or attending conferences? Or do you sit the same way all the time? Well, don’t be surprised! Your sitting position speaks volumes about your personality. Scroll down to learn about the different sitting position personality types.

Your body language says things that you don’t communicate verbally. This post mainly focuses on how you sit. Your sitting position and how you keep your hands and legs when sitting down can reveal your feelings, mood, emotions, and underlying meaning to what you are saying. And that plays an important role in communication and establishing relationships. 

What Your Sitting Position Says About Your Personality And Your Attitude

So, in this post, I will discuss 20 different sitting positions (that includes sitting on the floor too) and associated personality traits. Read on to know more about yourself. 

1. Sitting upright

What Your Sitting Position Says About You upright

People who always sit upright are very confident, strong and decisive. They have a helpful nature, thereby people rely on them for comfort and support. Sitting straight with good posture also means you are a fun-loving person. 

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2. Sitting in reclined position

Sitting Position Says reclined
What Your Sitting Position Says About Your Personality

If you’re sitting while leaning back on your arms then you are judgemental. You assess a situation without taking action and waiting for things to happen. Sitting with a slouch reflects disinterest or tiredness and can be considered as an attitude problem.

3. Sitting while leaning forward

Sitting Position Says About Your Personality lean

Curiosity is what drives your life. You have an explorer spirit – travelling to new places and meeting new people always give you pleasure. Though you have an impressive attitude, you may sometimes lose control of your behaviour. 

4. Sitting while leaning backwards

Sitting Position Says backward

The posture indicates a casual and indifferent attitude. Isn’t it? But, people who lean backwards while sitting are actually very weighed. They take a decision only after careful analysis and consideration. 

5. Sitting with ankles crossed

Sitting Position Says anckles

When your ankles are crossed but legs are slightly open, it’s an elegant and relaxed posture. Sitting like this indicates you prefer to be comfortable. You are a down-to-earth and open-minded person, which makes other people around you feel confident.

Liking this position also means you love things to be in your control. At work place this position can also signal apprehension and defensiveness. However, sitting with ankles crossed and knees close together (hiding less of your legs), means you’re secure and sure for yourself. 

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6. Sitting with ankles wide apart

Sitting Position Says wide
What Your Sitting Position Says About Your Personality

If you are sitting with knees close together and ankles wide apart, then it means you’re creative, adventurous and charismatic. These traits help you make friends easily. 

But, your habit of making decisions in haste can put you in trouble. That said, your charming look can save you from a sticky situation.

7. Sitting with legs close together

Sitting Position Says legs

People who sit with legs close together but not crossed are calm and collected. They love to complete any task with perfection. No wonder why they always have a neat and well-organized personal space. Also, they are known to be smart, sincere, honest and rational thinkers. 

8. Crossing one leg over the other

Sitting Position Says crossing legs

You seem to have high self-awareness and rich imagination. But, this sitting position also signals that you’re insecure as you’re hiding the bottom leg. Sometimes, you hold back yourself so that people don’t peek into your weaknesses. 

But your empathetic nature and good listening skills bring you closer to people. At a workplace, sitting with legs crossed and foot kicking slightly is the sign of boredom. 

9. Sitting with crossed legs on the floor

Sitting Position Says crossing floor

Sitting in this style on the floor means you’re an open-minded, agile and carefree person. If your knees are slightly spread to the sides then, it means you’re physically open to new ideas as well as emotionally flexible. Sitting with legs crossed and hands clasped behind your head is a sign of confidence and superiority. 

10. Sitting with arms crossed

Sitting Position Says crossing arms
What Your Sitting Position Says About Your Personality

You come across as a serious, confident and defensive person. It may be a little tough for you to open up and reveal yourself to others. Crossed arms also signal that you’re a deep thinker and can well analyse problems and situations. 

11. Hands wedged between legs

Sitting Position Says wedged hands

You are a shy, modest, gentle, and good-natured person. Being sensitive and caring, you are willing to solve others’ problems whole-heartedly. Hands resting in laps also signify that you’re calm and composed. 

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12. Keeping hands on your knees

Sitting Position Says hands on knee
What Your Sitting Position Says About Your Personality

This sitting posture signals that you’re a go-getter, confident and a bold person. You know how to take and fulfil your responsibilities. With mindful nature and a focused attitude, you can easily solve problems and tackle grim situations. 

13. Hands clasped together on lap

Sitting Position Says hand on lap

People always get positive vibes from you. Cheerfulness, optimism and friendly nature are the best gifts you possess. 

Hence, it’s not at all tough for you to communicate with people, make them feel better or get your work done smoothly. What makes you attractive is your passion for life. But at times you’re impulsive too.

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14. Hands crossed on lap

Sitting Position Says hand on lap cross

People who prefer this sitting style are highly likely to be kind-hearted and loyal. You seem to be the one who has mastered the art of speaking and can very well engage people in conversation. 

Well, these are skills that add to your charismatic nature and people are drawn to you easily. And the biggest advantage is that you enjoy a wonderful social life. 

15. Sitting on the centre of the couch or bench

Sitting Position Says center of bench

Sitting at the dead centre is a sign of a high level of confidence in you. If you always choose this sitting style, it means you can be confident irrespective of any situation and place. In addition, you’ve bold and friendly nature that makes you socially dynamic  and pro at networking with people. 

16. Sitting with knees wide open

Sitting Position Says knee wide open
What Your Sitting Position Says About Your Personality

If you are sitting with knees wide open but ankles are close together, then you’re likely to have a energetic personality, troubled or chaotic mind. Therefore, it’s tough for you to have a long attention span. You are always worried and contemplate a lot before speaking. 

Having a tendency to get bored easily, can affect your work, relationship and life. Without strong and solid stimuli, it’s tough for you to give your best in your work. However, if you are sitting with legs and ankles wide open, then it reflects arrogance and power. 

17. Sitting with both legs one side

Sitting Position Says legs one side

People sitting on a chair/bench with both legs leaning on one side are goal-oriented and take their career very seriously. Being ambitious, they think big and hate to be the second-best. At times their perfectionistic attitude can be the cause of stress and restlessness. 

If you are sitting on the floor in a side saddle fashion, then you’re delicate and caring. Sitting in this position in front of your potential partner is a sign that you are in the mood to flirt.

18. Kneeling

Sitting Position Says kneeling

Sitting and holding this position for too long is very difficult. But, those who prefer this sitting posture most of the time are assertive. They are natural leaders, problem solvers and always willing to help others.

19. Legs crossed and bouncing 

Sitting Position Says legs bounce

If you often cross and shake your legs, then you are an organized, detail-oriented, cool-headed and timely person. You always keep your word and help others in need. 

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20. Sitting while clutching armrests

Sitting Position Says lclutching arm
What Your Sitting Position Says About Your Personality

This sitting posture means you are a sensitive person and always physically and emotionally aware of your surroundings. It means you are seeking comfort and want to be stable and grounded. 

How do you sit most of the time? Cross-legged? Upright? Clutching armrest? Do you agree with the personality traits discussed in the post? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Sitting Positions Reveal About Personality pin
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