Birth Number Personality: What Your Date Of Birth Says About You


Birth Number Personality

Your date of birth isn’t just a number that reoccurs every year as an occasion for celebration. Your date of birth has the power to describe your personality, your inherent abilities and strengths. Additionally, it also indicates what you need to learn to grow in life and the challenges you shall be facing. In this interesting article, we reveal the story behind your date of birth. First, you need to calculate your birth number, after which you have to proceed to the section that explains what your date of birth says about you.

How to Find Your Birth Number:

How to Calculate Your Birth Number

In order to find out your birth number, write down your entire date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format. Then add all the digits, and keep adding until you reach a single-digit number, which is your birth number. Follow the example given below.

Note: Your birth number gives you some insight into who you are as a person and can help you make informed choices; it doesn’t, in any way, prevent you from becoming anything you wish to be.


Date Of Birth : March 15, 1970 
3 (March) + 15 (Date) + 1970 (Year)
= 3 + 15 + 1970
= 1988
= 1 + 9 + 8 + 8
= 26
= 2 + 6
= 8
Therefore for the above date of birth the Birth Number is 8

Based on your birth number, you are any one of the following 9 types of personalities:


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Birth Number 1 – THE ORIGINATOR


1s are the originators, Innovating new ideas and seeing them to fruition comes naturally to them.

1s are the originators. They are full of creative, fresh ideas and take initiative to execute them too. However, they like having things their own way, which makes them come across as stubborn and full of themselves. They can be brutally honest, and it will actually do them good to acquire some diplomatic skills. They look forward to taking on leadership roles and becoming the boss. Hence, being their own boss in self-employed ventures suites them well.

Lesson to learn: Be open minded because other people’s ideas are worth listening to and they can be better than yours too.

Compatible Birth Numbers – 1, 4, 7

Lucky Colors – Yellow and Golden Yellow

Famous 1s: Tom Hanks, Hulk Hogan, Carol Burnett, Wynona Judd, Robert Redford, Raquel Welch, Nancy Reagan.

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Birth Number 2 – THE PEACEMAKER


Born with good diplomatic skills and an intuitive mind, understands the needs of others.

2s are natural diplomats with an analytical and intuitive bent of mind. They can feel other people’s needs and moods, and if need be, prioritize them before their own. Good friendships are essential for these people and can be instrumental in their growth and success in life. However, they prefer to stay alone rather than be part of an uncomfortable relationship. They are people pleasers who can’t say no to people they like.

Lesson to learn– Since you are naturally shy, work on your self-confidence to help express yourself openly and grab the chance rather than put things off.

Compatible Birth Numbers – 2

Lucky Colors – Purple, blue, black

Famous 2s: President Bill Clinton, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Whoopee Goldberg, Madonna, Thomas Edison.

Birth Number 3 – THE LIFE OF THE PARTY


Creative, charming, and chill people who love to bring a smile on everyone’s face.

These social butterflies are very popular, and filled with romantic and idealistic thoughts. Their approach to life is often impractical. They enthusiastically begin many projects but don’t complete them. All they want is to make the people around them happy and put in serious effort to achieve the same.

Lesson to learn– It’ll help if you learn to view the world with a more practical mindset.

Compatible Birth Numbers – 3, 6, 9

Lucky Colors – Blue, purple, pink and yellow

Famous 3s: Alan Alder, Bill Cosby, Melanie Griffith, Salvador Dali, Ann Landers, Jodi Foster.



4′s are Prudent and traditional, they are fond of routines and hard work.

4s are conformists but always act sensibly. They take actions only after first understanding what is expected from them. They like traditions and routines. They enjoy slogging and getting their hands dirty. These people feel a deep connection with nature and the outdoors attract them. They are persistent and don’t mind waiting as long as needed, but sometimes they can be pretty stubborn.

Lesson to learn- They should learn to be more flexible and to be nice to themselves. Be kind to yourself and more flexible.

Compatible Birth Numbers – 4

Lucky Colors – Khaki, Grey and blue

Famous 4s: Neil Diamond, Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Margaret Thatcher, Paul Hogan, Tina Turner.



5′s are the explorers. Risk-taking and adventurous, they crave for diversity and are eager learners.

There’s no end to their questioning- 5s want to learn something new in every situation. They are explorers at heart and seek new experiences always because they hate being stuck in a rut. They are naturally curious and look at the world as their classroom. However, their over-enthusiasm can get them into trouble also.

Lesson to learn- You are advised to think carefully before acting. Be aware of all the facts before jumping to conclusions.

Compatible Birth Numbers – 5, 1, 3

Lucky Colors – Light Green, grey, white

Famous 5s: Abraham Lincoln, Vincent VanGogh, Charlotte Bronte, Helen Keller, Bette Midler, Jessica Walter, Mark Hail.

Birth Number 6 – THE ROMANTIC

Birth Number 6 THE ROMANTIC

Idealists who feel happy when they feel useful; have a strong urge to care for others.

For the 6s, family bonds are crucial and decisions are made accordingly. They feel happy helping people around them. They are faithful friends and greatly value their friendships. These trustworthy people are well suited for the teaching profession. They appreciate beauty and art, and have a great aesthetic sense of style. They enjoy music and art.

Lesson to learn- Sometimes, you need to let go of your idealistic views and understand that you just can’t change a few things.

Compatible Birth Numbers – 3, 9, 6

Lucky Colors – Pink, yellow, white and light blue

Famous 6s: Albert Einstein, John Denver, Christopher Columbus, Merlyn Steep, Jane Seymour, Goldie Hawn.



They’re knowledgeable, always questioning everything, and never swayed by their emotions.

7s are the searchers, fond of secrets, are always searching for hidden knowledge, and don’t accept anything at face value. Although they probe and question everything, they don’t like being at the receiving end of the questioning. The motto “slow and steady wins the race” is totally applicable for them, as they are never the ones with a fast start. Revered as philosophers, they also come across as loners. Being passionate about uncovering information, they make good researchers and are also technically inclined.

Lesson to learn- You have created a world of your own but you need to understand what’s okay and what’s unacceptable in the bigger world.

Compatible Birth Numbers – 7, 1

Lucky Colors – Light Blue

Famous 7s: William Shakespeare, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Lucille Ball, Joan Baez.

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Birth Number 8 – THE BIG SHOT

Birth Number 8 THE BIG SHOT

Good judgment and problem-solving skills, they are professional and decisive.

8s have it all planned out to lead a good life. They always take charge, analyze people and situations objectively, and are to-the-point speakers. They are assertive and bluntly point out to you that they are the boss.

Lesson to learn- You have to focus on making decisions based on your own needs and not get swayed by others people’s wishes.

Compatible Birth Numbers – 2, 4, 8

Lucky Colors – Blue, purple, grey, black

Famous 8s: Pablo Picasso, Barbara Streisand, Jane Fonda, Edgar Cayce, George Harrison, Aretha Franklin, Nostrodamus.

Birth Number 9 – THE PERFORMER

Birth Number 9 THE PERFORMER

They are fearless dynamic personalities who go after things they really like. Naturally charming and entertaining, they are also very generous.

They are fearless dynamic personalities who go after things they really like. They are strong headed people who can be stubborn at times too. With their natural charisma, 9s have no problem being popular among strangers and making new friends. They are also caring and kind and will help someone in need even if that means parting with their last penny. Like chameleons, they exhibit a variety of shades that help them blend in with different types of people, but at the same time, it becomes difficult for people they live with understand who they really are.

Lesson to learn- You are blessed with luck but your fortunes can take extreme turns, just like your mood. In order to achieve success, you must build a solid foundation anchored in love.

Compatible Birth Numbers – 9

Lucky Colors – Red and pink

Famous 9s: Elvis Presley, Albert Schweitzer, Jimmy Carter, Harrison Ford, Shirley MacLaine.

Story Behind Your Date Of Birth - WHAT’S YOUR BIRTH NUMBER?
The Story Behind Your Date Of Birth - What's Your Birth Number?
what your date of birth says about you
Birth Number Personality pin

Birth Number Personality – what your date of birth says about you

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