Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You


Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You

Have you ever wondered how boring and drab the world would be if we all were identical in every way? Fortunately, the only thing all humans have in common is that we all are very different, and each one of us grows up to be a unique individual with specific personality traits. You must be eager to know more about your unique traits and have a better understanding of who you really are. Here is a fun personality test, the Feather Personality test, based on the psychological theory of shapes and patterns, which can reveal some surprising facts about your character.

Based on the psychological theory of colors and shapes, different types of personalities have been identified and described as per your choice of feather. People are attracted to shapes, patterns and colours unconsciously. What you are automatically attracted to is a reflection of your personality.

All you have to do to play this simple Feather Personality Test, is choose a single feather out of the five feathers that are shown in the image. And then we will give you different parameters of your personality and tell you what kind of a person you are.

Carefully observe the five feathers in the image. Notice the shape and patterns and pick the one that draws your attention the most. Once you are sure that you have chosen the feather you like the best, proceed to the result section below to learn some fascinating secrets about your personality and what affects you.

Results of Feather Personality Test: Pick a Feather Discover What It Says About Your Personality

Feather 1 — Peace-loving and Harmonious

Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You
Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You

You are a noble, peace-loving, non-violent soul who loves to help people and can go a long way to support others. You are valued as a kind, friendly, and very generous person.

You like being in a tranquil and harmonious environment full of peaceful people like you and try to make your surroundings as friendly, conflict-free and agreeable as possible. You are a law-abiding citizen and try your best to avoid conflicts and quarrels in your life.

When it comes to helping someone in need, you never back out. Your kindness and empathy know no end. But your generosity is also your weakness, and you can never say ‘no’ to someone, which ultimately results in having too much on your plate at a given time. Your ability to empathize with others is highly respected, but you don’t have to be over-empathetic and always help others at the expense of your own needs.

While someone might judge you to be a weak character, you know how kind and helpful you are to others, and that is your greatest strength.

Being empathetic, you have no trouble relating to others; on top of that your good social skills ensure you become instantly likeable to the new people you make contact with. However, you prefer and give more value to creating a close-knit circle of friends you can trust and depend on. You put a lot of worth in forming a group of friends that share similar interests and tastes to your own. You have plenty of friends because you’re admired for the stable, friendly and social person that you are.

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Feather 2 — Intelligent and Quick Learner

Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You
Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You

You are clever, tenacious and very observant, so hardly anything escapes your attention. This ensures that you’re a good listener, and being sharp and quick to notice things, you’re the ideal person others look at for advice.

There are many perks of being as intelligent as you are. You fit easily into new situations and quickly grasp what you need to learn. You are a born perfectionist who always tries to give their best effort and be as successful as possible. But the problem is, you expect the same from others.

With your level of intelligence, dilemmas, conflicts and problems are a natural byproduct. Although you are a good listener and give valuable advice to help others, the reverse isn’t true for you. You aren’t able to open up about your problems and speak freely to anyone. You’re actually a bit of an introvert, and others see you as a quiet, thoughtful and reserved personality.

However, you have no trouble connecting with people and making friends, and enjoy the fun-filled moments spent in the company of close friends and family. But from time to time, you tend to detach yourself and spend more time with yourself. You just want to get to know yourself better, and being alone helps to look inward and improve yourself.

Introspection is a good thing, but your friends aren’t always happy about this and isolate you. You should be more expressive about how important your friends are to you because they often think the cause of your detachment is your friends, even though it happens naturally and unconsciously.

Feather 3 Independent and Goal-oriented

Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You
Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You

You’re a fiercely independent person and very focused on your goals. You’re a resolute, decisive individual with a solution-oriented approach, and hence possess the qualities needed to be an inspiring leader.

You’re an independent soul having high worth for your freedom. When it comes to fulfilling your life goals, you exhibit your risk-taking and adventurous side. You direct all your energy, interest, focus and actions towards what you want to achieve.

You’re a determined personality who pursues their goals with passion and let nothing come in the way of your dreams. You’re the type of person who isn’t bogged down by failures. You exemplify the saying “fall down seven times, and stand up eight.”

When it comes to failures, your approach is very practical; in fact, you don’t mind failures because you accept them as valuable experiences that teach crucial life lessons and make you wiser, stronger and more mature. Hence, your growth as a person never stops, which is a great thing.

All these winning qualities combine together to ensure that you have the potential of an inspiring, powerful leader. Moreover, you show kindness and empathy towards others when needed.

The only thing you have to be careful about is the kind of friends you make because your honesty and goal-oriented nature can overwhelm the people around you, sometimes.

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Feather 4 — Imaginative and Magnetic

Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You
Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You

You have immense imagination and unparalleled improvisation skills, which gives you the capability to easily and creatively solve problems. You have a charismatic and magnetic appearance, but your personality fluctuates between extremes.

Your creativity, originality, and spontaneity are what distinguish you, and others envy you for having these qualities. Whatever problems come your way, you have some fresh and innovative approaches to take care of them. Your aim is to look for the best and most practical solution, which is highly appreciated. In short, you have a strong, problem-solving personality, and that makes you unique. You make strong arguments and don’t get fooled easily.

Your impressive personality gets easily noticed. When you enter a room full of people, you instantly grab attention for your charming, alluring demeanor and a naturally attractive aura.

However, not everyone takes an instant liking to you, and that’s because your magnetic character and popularity make you come across as a potentially authoritarian, power-hungry person. But once they have the chance to know you personally and understand you, your charm and creativity make sure their opinions are swayed positively.

Your personality fluctuates between extremes, so you sway between extreme joy and deep sadness. Thus, others think you to be an unpredictable and moody person. You can unknowingly hurt others badly when you are in a gloomy and negative state of mind. But let’s not forget that most people consider themselves lucky to have known you intimately.

It is advisable for you to not take stress and relax more in life. Enjoy every moment instead of focusing on the issues.

Feather 5 — Artistic and Sensitive

Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You
Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You

You have an artistic flair, creative nature, and a great eye for detail. Your impressive artistic skills easily translate what you observe into beautiful art. But your sensitive nature creates problems regarding your self-confidence, and trusting others blindly may hurt you.

You’re a gifted artist with impressive creative and imaginative powers. You have a fine eye for details and are naturally talented in all art-related fields. People are awed by how effortlessly you translate your observations into artistic creations.

Being an artistic person, you are also very sensitive and get affected easily. While that works in your favor when creating a piece of art, in the practical world, it means you become insecure and lose confidence in yourself easily. This, in turn, affects your work and can hinder your growth because you begin to doubt your own skillset. Insecurity will never let you reach your true potential, which is immense.

You have to overcome your fear of failure and if things go wrong, just learn to assess them with a positive mindset. You should have more confidence in yourself and your skills and qualities. Trust me, you are capable of achieving much more than you think you can!

You have a gentle nature and easily place your trust in others without thinking too much. This can lead to some very disappointing experiences and your feelings being hurt. Be a little more cautious regarding the kind of people you trust and make an integral part of your life.

Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You
Pick a Feather Discover What It Says About Your Personality
Feather Personality Test Pick Feather And Discover What Says About You Pin
Feather Personality Test: Pick A Feather And Discover What It Says About You

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