What Kind of A Thinker Are You? Emotional, Logical or Spiritual: Quiz

What Kind of A Thinker Are You

Have you ever thought about how you think, and how your brain functions? Are you an emotional, logical or spiritual thinker?

If you are an emotional thinker, you will make your decisions and choices solely based on your emotions. An emotional thinker tends to form a quick opinion based on what their feelings are. Once they reach an opinion, they collect information that will back their opinions up. Emotional thinkers usually twist facts in order to prove their points.

On the contrary, if you are a person of logic, yo will balance and weigh the pros and cons of every piece of information before reaching a conclusion or opinion. The conclusion you will reach is usually well thought of and deductive in nature and has lower chances of getting the reality distorted.

People who think spiritually, are ones who will use the guidance of the higher realm of being to influence their decision, thoughts, and opinions.

Want to know more about spirituality? Read Psychologist Carl Jung on Spirituality

Are you interested to know what type of thinker you are? If yes, play this cool game. The results reveal what your thinking pattern is.

Don’t forget to share your results with us in the comment box below.

What kind of mind do you have – Mind Game (2)
What Kind of A Thinker Are You? Emotional, Logical or Spiritual: Quiz
What Kind of A Thinker Are You

50 thoughts on “What Kind of A Thinker Are You? Emotional, Logical or Spiritual: Quiz”

  1. Avatar of Yeswanth Reddy

    Spirtual minded , i lode myself for emotions, iam a peacemaker at heart, dedicated to positivity, And whatever it is iam Ready for the challenge

  2. Avatar of Kelly

    I have a creative mind and I read through all the comments and not a single person said the same thing (kinda feel special here for once)

  3. Avatar of Joowlz

    I got logical mind. Well I have to wonder. I have no street sense, just well-educated.

  4. Avatar of Thahia Yaquanteen

    You have a spiritual mind. Your mind is compassionate, introspective, and constantly striving to make the world a better place. You know better than all of us the power of our thoughts, and you’re dedicated to positive and compassionate thinking. You don’t follow cold logic but neither do you lose yourself to your emotions. You’re constantly thinking in terms of self-improvement and kindness towards others. You’re a peacemaker at heart and you’re always seeking compromises that work for everyone. The challenge of world peace rests on your shoulders. Are you up to the challenge?

  5. Avatar of Cheryl

    I apparently have an Emotional Mind and use my intuition a lot. I found that to be true. On reflection, I do listen to that little inner voice we all were born with. I listened to it when I was about to get engaged the first time and didn’t get married to someone who would only drag me down and I would have to bail out all the time. I listened to it the second time and married a wonderful man who truly was a spiritual man. When I make a decision, I do stick with it unless things happen that adversely affect that decision.

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