Hugs Decoded: 11 Types and What They Reveal About Your Relationship


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Different Types Of Hugs Reveal Relationship Is Like

Did you know the way you hug your partner says a lot about your relationship? This Valentines week, find out the different types of hugs and what they mean.

It explains if you’re deeply in love or trying to understand each other – the answers are all here!

There’s nothing a good hug cannot fix. It is a form of touch and affection that is necessary for you to express love and bonding. You may not have realized, but there are different types of hugs and depending on the type, you can interpret it as a sign of intimacy, friendship or love.

Below are some of the different types of hugs and what they mean. You can also try each one of them as a valentine special activity.

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11 Different Types of Hugs and What It Says About Your Relationship

Different Types of Hugs Test
11 Different Types Of Hugs And Their Meanings In Love

Find our about the different types of hugs and what it says about your relationship below –

1. A Pat-On-The Back

Types Of Hugs pat on back

This type of hug signifies that your relationship is all about friendship and companionship. You or the other person pat each other on the back as a sign of encouragement and comfort. But it tends lacks intimacy.

This isn’t the usual hug for romance or even attraction. It’s related to connection and it’s probably how you hug your friends.

2. The Backstroke

Types Of Hugs the backstroke

Your relationship is built on assurance and supporting each other. So, when you and your partner rub each other’s backs while hugging, you’re actually expressing how much you care for each other.

In short, this is the type of hug you want to give your partner whenever you are sad or feeling down because it makes you feel comfortable and secure. It is also your way of showing your support.

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3. The Protector

Types Of Hugs protector

The Protector hug indicates that your relationship is about security and taking care of each other. You or your partner wrap your arms around your partner’s waist to provide stability or protection.

This hug expresses a high level of trust in the relationship by covering the back as if you want to protect them.

4. The Slow Dance

Types Of Hugs the slow dance

The Slow Dance is all about passion and romance. You wrap your arms around their waist, while the other wraps their hands around your neck, holding their back in a musical gesture of love.

This hug indicates that this is either your first love or young love. However, if you’re still hugging this way after years of dating, it’s a sure sign that you’re in a long-term romantic relationship.

5. Deadlock Hug

Types Of Hugs deadlock

In this hug, you and your partner squeeze each other as tightly as possible, as if something is separating you.

This hug expresses the fear of letting go and a deep desire to be together. You wrap each other up in this manner because you are afraid that letting go of the other person will make them leave and you will lose them forever.

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6. The Reach Around

Types Of Hugs the reach around

This hug indicates that you and your partner are not just lovers but best friends. As if they were your partner in crime.

You wrap one arm around the other’s shoulder in a half-hug which suggests that you would be better off being attached in a friendly manner rather than a romantic interest.

7. The Flying Hug

Types Of Hugs flying hug

The Flying Hug is a hug that indicates that your relationship is filled with intensity and burning desire for each other. In his hug, you embrace your partner while either being seated or “flying” in mid-air.

You have sexual desire for each other and can’t help but jump into each other’s arms whenever you meet. So, even if your love isn’t that strong, your physical relationship with them is active.

8. The London Bridge

Types Of Hugs the london bridge

This describes that your relationship is based on maintaining some distance from one another. If you hug with your upper body while keeping your lower body apart, it shows that you’re uneasy in the relationship.

A hug like this shows that neither of you wants to be very intimate or close to each other. It may be a fear of vulnerability or commitment.

9. The Rag Doll

Types Of Hugs the rag doll

The Rag Doll hug is a type of hug that means you have a one-sided relationship. You hug your partner tightly as they can stand awkwardly, like a “rag doll.”

This position shows a significant imbalance in your feelings for each other. No matter how hard you try to make this relationship work, it is impossible to sustain without some form of love and reciprocity.

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10. The Pickpocket

Types Of Hugs pickpocket

When you can slip your hand into your partner’s pocket, you know you’ve found the perfect match.

Sharing this type of hug clearly shows that your love is genuine and that you are at ease with each other even in silence. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to make this relationship a success.

11. Eye-to-Eye

Types Of Hugs eye to eye

This is a hug that expresses that your relationship is about deep love and spiritual connection. Maintaining eye contact is extremely important regardless of the form of the hug.

You can see into the depths of each other’s souls, and your bond is unbreakable.

Among the different types of hugs, which hug did you find the most interesting? Try it out to have a cheerful and happy Valentine’s day! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

The Different Types of Hug Pin
What Different Types Of Hugs Mean
The Different Types of Hugs Pin
The Way You Hug Your Partner Says A lot About The Relationship
Different Types Of Hugs Reveal Relationship Is Like pin
Different Types Of Hugs Reveal Relationship detailed pin

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