The Way You Cross Your Arms Reveals The Kind Of Person You Are

Way Cross Arms Reveals Kind Of Person You Are

The way we cross our arms can reveal a lot about our personality and our thinking. To find out, cross your arms, the way you always do and see, which arm do you place above the other. Is the left arms on the right one, or the right arm on the left one?

 Read the interpretation below

1. If You cross your left arm over the right:

If You cross your left arm over the right

This implies your right brain is more developed.

Since the right brain is associated with cognitive skills like creativity, emotion, and intuitiveness, you are an artistic and spiritual person by nature. You can sense the shift in mood in your environment. It is very easy for you to know what other people are thinking or feeling even if they don’t open up to you.

When it comes to making decisions, you can always go with your gut. But, when the situation is very critical and stakes are high, you will examine and critically evaluate things. 


You are an empathetic lover – can understand and meet your partner’s needs. Enticed with your warmth and affection, your partner feels attracted and lucky to have you in life. Your ability to balance emotions help you set things right.

A lot of left-handers are right-brained.

By profession: you are into art, politics, music, athletics or anything that is related to creativity and invention.

Famous Celebrities :

Steve Jobs, Stephen Spielberg, Picasso.

2. If You cross your right arm over the left:

If You cross your right arm over the left

This implies your left brain is more developed.

Since left-brain is dominated by logic, you are a rational human being. You are diligent and organized. Success comes easily to you. You also tend to be an animal lover. In no situation you let, your emotions or feelings overpower you. 

You don’t use intuition to make decisions of personal or professional matters. Instead, perform a detailed analysis to reach up to the conclusion. People may fall in love with your intelligence, sarcasm and wit. You have a sharp mind, so one may have to think twice before cheating you. 


You got a cool personality, style and elegance that draws people to you. Your charming attitude helps your partner connect with you easily. And your suave approach and smooth one-liners make people fall head-over-heels in love with you. 

By profession: you are a lawyer or a banker or a scientist.

Famous Celebrities :

Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein. Bill Gates.

3. Both hands resting on opposite arms

Both hands resting on opposite arms

This implies neither left nor right brain being dominant.

When you cross your arms so that both hands are out, it means equality between the different sides of the brain – your right-brain and left-brain traits working together. This personality type will exhibit traits of both the above-mentioned personalities. That means they can be intuitive as well as logical. Maintaining such equilibrium help you mediate professional and personal disagreements.

You are a self-confident person who knows the purpose of life. You have got clarity in mind so you never doubt your decisions. People look up to you to solve their problems because you treat everyone with respect. 

You are a kind-hearted person and a born leader and can naturally inspire people. No surprise you have a huge fan following. You attract people with your kindness, honesty, and helping nature. 


Your partner can connect with you easily because your open-minded individual and frankly speak your thoughts and feelings. You don’t hesitate to take that first step in the relationship. Even after a misconception or heated argument, you are the first person to initiate the conversation.  You can well-plan surprises and choose appropriate gifts for your lover and take any step to deepen the bonding between you both. Your partner respects you and happy to be in relationship with you. 

Profession: Suitable for any profession because of your versatile nature.

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The Way You Cross Your Arms Reveals The Kind Of Person You Are
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