Appreciate Your Partner: 65 Romantic Ideas To Make Your Partner Feel Special On A Daily Basis


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Small ways appreciate your partner in life

Do you take your partner for granted? Or do you actively take the effort to make them feel appreciated on a daily basis. Relationships need constant nurturing and this is why you need to appreciate your partner in simple daily moments, when they least expect it. Because love is in the little things.

Most of us often make the mistake of taking our partner for granted as life keeps pulling us in different directions. With our goals, responsibilities, career prospects and family obligations, we often forget to appreciate what matters the most – our relationships.

This is why, appreciating your partner is a crucial step towards building a happy relationship. Instead of making grand romantic gestures to appreciate your spouse, you should show appreciation to the love of your life through the little things that hold a lot more value.

From stocking up on your partner’s favorite snacks to a quick peck on the cheeks every night, there are many small ways to appreciate your partner. 

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How to appreciate your partner

Here are 5 helpful ways to appreciate your partner and show them how much you truly love them every single moment –

1. Know your partner’s love language

love languages

What is a love language? It refers to how someone prefers to receive love from and express love to their partner. Introduced by author Dr. Gary Chapman, there 5 main love languages

  • Acts of service
  • Gifts
  • Quality time
  • Words of affirmation
  • Physical touch

But why does this matter? Each one of us wants to be loved in a specific way, in our own love language. When you know your partner’s love language, you will be able to love and appreciate them in the way they want to be loved. 

For instance, if your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, then you can send loving and appreciative text messages, handwritten love letters or quick notes that tell her how much you love them. When you understand your partner better and know your partner’s love language, your relationship will become stronger. 

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2. Say “I love you” and “Thank you” more frequently

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to show your partner love and appreciation is saying what’s on your mind – openly, genuinely and honestly. Good communication is the bedrock of a happy relationship. Be deliberate about verbally expressing your love and gratitude to your partner on a regular basis, but make sure that you actually mean what you say. Being genuine is crucial when you want to appreciate your partner.  

When we take our partner for granted, saying I love you and thank you may not come naturally. We start to believe that they already know how important they are to us and how much we love them. So eventually we stop saying it altogether. However, intentionally expressing your gratitude, appreciation and love to your partner using your words can not only make your partner feel happier, it can also work wonders for your relationship.

So go ahead, look them in the eyes and tell them in person how much you truly love them. If it feels awkward for some reason, try being creative and make things fun. The important thing is you express yourself honestly and openly by telling them how thankful you are for having them in your life.

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3. Give your partner a much-deserved break from responsibilities

Saying that you appreciate your partner is important, but it is even more important that you show them your love and appreciation through your actions. Give your spouse or partner a day off from their responsibilities. We all struggle through our day coping with innumerable daily stressors, targets, deadlines, chores, tasks, and responsibilities. All because we want to make sure our loved ones are happy and taken care of. So make sure to give your partner a break from all these stressors from time to time.

Give them some space and alone time, share some responsibilities, like doing chores around the house or running errands, cooking dinner twice or thrice a week, taking care of the children at times – do whatever little you can depending on your situation. Create that opportunity for your partner so that they can get some break from their daily pressures and responsibilities. 

Life is hard as it is. So giving your partner a day off and allowing them some time to relax and just be is one of the best ways to appreciate your partner in daily life. Just a few moments of peace in a day can go a long way in making your partner feel appreciated and valued.

4. Give your spouse your undivided attention

When you spend quality time with your partner, give them your full attention. Don’t stare blankly at the TV, don’t scroll through your phone, don’t think about what your coworker said. Be present and be with your partner. Stay attentive and actively listen to them. This shows that you value them and really appreciate the time you spend with them. But why is this important?

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Paying attention to one another strengthens your relationship, builds intimacy and brings you closer to your partner. While it may not be the most natural thing to do at times, make sure to intentionally pay your undivided attention to them if you wish to appreciate your partner. When your partner is starved of attention from you, they will feel undesired and unloved which can eventually lead to distance and detachment in the relationship. We all want attention from the right person as it helps to boost our self-esteem and our sense of self-worth. 

So go ahead, ditch your smartphone and be attentive. It is one of the best ways to express your appreciation and interest. And let’s face it, why would you want to look at that stupid screen or think about another person when the love of your life is sitting right in front of you. Look at them, appreciate their beauty and just be in awe.

5. Take your partner out on a romantic date

As a relationship starts to get older and more mature, the romance starts to fade away, especially when you are married. Burdened by our responsibilities, we become more practical and realistic instead of being romantic. This is why it is crucial that you take your partner out on a romantic date at least once a week, if you wish to appreciate your partner. Spending time with a romantic partner by going on dates is important for promoting closeness in established relationships, explains a 2021 study

Dating enables us to know our partners better and to stay updated with the latest happenings in their life. Taking your partner on a romantic date allows you to spend dedicated, quality time with them, which strengthens your bonding, emotional connection and intimacy. It also shows that you value having them in your life by treating them nice and taking care of them. 

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So plan a romantic date and take your partner to their favorite or a new restaurant, go for a hike over the weekend, or simply watch a new movie that they have been planning to see. A good date is a good way to say thanks and show you appreciation.

 saying i love you

But wait, there are more ways to show appreciation to your partner.

35 More ways to appreciate your partner in daily life

Here are some more quick ways to show your partner love and appreciation in your every day life –

6. Flirt with your partner and tell them how attracted you are to them at every opportunity as it will make them feel wanted and desired. Flirting is a sign of appreciation, desire and gratitude.

7. Show you appreciation for your partner through small thoughtful and kind gestures in your daily life as a couple

8. Pay attention to the little things as it will make your partner feel seen and heard and genuinely loved

9. Actively listen to your partner when having a conversation, even if the topic may not be of any interest to you

10. Make sure to remember special dates like birthdays, anniversaries etc. It is a great way to appreciate your partner and celebrate important milestones together

11. Offer a helping hand to reduce your partner’s work load, especially when they are under a lot of pressure and stress

12. Be appreciative of the things that you generally take for granted like making dinner, buying groceries or taking out the trash

13. Praise and compliment your partner genuinely and be specific when complimenting them

14. Be supportive of your partner’s goals, dreams and passions in life. Encourage them to pursue their goals even when they struggle to believe in themselves

15. Honor and respect your partner’s emotions, both positive and negative, instead of minimizing their feelings

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16. Do one nice thing for your partner every single day, like getting their favorite icecream, giving them a massage or planning a surprise dinner date etc

17. Respect their unique personality. Accept them as they are and acknowledge & encourage them to be their most genuine self

18. Put in some effort to improve yourself as a partner by addressing your insecurities, boosting your self-esteem, kicking your bad habits and intentionally being more loving, caring and empathetic towards your partner

19. Respect their personal boundaries and their need for space. Avoid being overly demanding or needy in the relationship

ways to appreciate your partner in daily life

20. Manage your unrealistic expectations from the relationship and openly communicate about your needs to your partner. This is a simple way to show respect and appreciate your partner 

21. Show interest in things they are passionate about and try out each other’s hobbies and interests

22. Give them a thoughtful gift for no apparent reason. A gratitude gift is the perfect opportunity to show how much you love them just as they are

23. Always make time to have dinner together on a daily basis and spend some quality time by having some non-romantic discussions about each others’ day

24. Write a thoughtful love note or letter to your spouse or partner expressing how much you truly appreciate their presence in your life and hide it in plain sight for them to find later.

25. Be mindful in your relationship and enjoy the time you are spending with your partner right now instead of being too caught about the past or the future

26. Be reliable and trustworthy, do what you say and keep the promises you make to your partner. Respect their time and their willingness to be with you

27. Make compromises and sacrifices to put their desires and needs ahead of yours. This shows you are selfless and appreciative in the relationship

28. Create a handmade gift like a painting, a card or a sweater to show appreciation for your partner

29. Make affectionate physical contact with your partner to build a sense of closeness and mental & emotional wellness

30. Shoot funny, cute and meaningful videos and share a message of appreciation for your partner

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31. Like, share and subscribe to their posts on social media and leave cute comments expressing your love and appreciation

32. Host a surprise appreciation party for your partner and invite all your family and friends to celebrate how awesome your partner is

33. Be available and be there for them every time they need you

34. Designate a specific day for your partner to do everything they like, prefer and desire to make them feel special

35. Pray for and with your partner so that they become happy, healthy and successful

36. Share you happiness and success with your partner whenever something good happens in your life

37. Involve your partner in making crucial decisions, whether in your personal or professional life

38. Share their sadness, grief, frustration, emotional pain and anger without judging them

39. Be your most authentic self in your relationship and avoid dominating, influencing or manipulating your partner

40. Accept that your partner is not perfect and avoid criticizing their flaws or making insensitive comment 

show your partner love and appreciation

25 More ways to show your partner appreciation

There are many more ways to show your love and gratitude to your spouse or partner and make them happier with just a little effort. Here are some small ways to appreciate your partner – 

41. Be kind and respectful to them even when you are having an argument

42. Hold their hand every time you walk with them, regardless of how long you have been together

43. Give them a shoulder massage after a long day

44. Plan a surprise dinner at home and cook their favorite meal

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45 Bring a gift for them every time you come back from a trip out of town

46. Make them feel warm and comfortable with lots of hugs and kisses

47. Smile genuinely every time you see them after a long day to appreciate your partner

48. Create an appreciation list and note down 10 things you love about them

49. Take them out to a fancy resort or hotel during the weekend

50. Book a spa session for them and gift it as a surprise

51. Create a relaxing environment at home to help them relax after a long stressful day

52. Take them out of their comfort zone by planning some exciting activities & experiences like bungee jumping or going on a road trip

53. Buy a small gift for them like flowers or chocolates whenever you go for grocery shopping

54. Hold them close every time you sit beside him or her, whether at home or out in public

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55. Send cute text messages in multiple languages (using Google translate, of course) to them once a day telling them how much you miss them

56. Make time for activities that you both mutually enjoy

57. Create a photo album of your favorite memories together and gift them

58. Openly express your feelings and do not hesitate to be vulnerable to them

59. Create a Spotify playlist of your favorite romantic songs that you love listening to as a couple

60. Ask your partner about how their day was and if they want to vent about anything

61. Avoid giving your phone more attention than your partner

62. Celebrate every time your partner achieves a goal, no matter how small

63. Tag them in social media on posts, memes or articles about love to appreciate your partner 

64. Plant a tree and dedicate it to your partner

65. Give them a kiss morning every morning when they wake up, smile and say “I love you”

Appreciate your partner today & every day

appreciate your partner

Well, now you know how to show appreciation for your partner on a daily basis. But the truth is, you don’t need any tips, advice or suggestions to show your spouse how much you love them. All you need to do is follow your heart and be genuinely appreciative of them. Anything and everything you do for them will express your thankfulness and gratitude for your partner, as long as you are genuine in your efforts. 

However, it is also important that you appreciate yourself in the process and practice self-care as well. A relationship strengthens with the efforts of both you and your partner. The key is in finding balance and helping each other feel comfortable and confident so that you can grow and prosper together. 

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