7 Simple Ways To Be A Better Husband And Partner

ways be better husband partner

Are you spending sleepless nights thinking how to be a better husband? Well, “happily married” is not always “The End” like shown in the movies.

Marriage requires work, but research has shown that with work in challenging times, couples are more likely to be happier in the years ahead than those couples who decided to separate when things got difficult, and the relationship broke down.

One of the most important things to remember is that as a partner and husband, you have no control over your wife’s actions or feelings.

If you work on becoming the best person (and husband) you can be by being honest, considerate, open and patient, you can trust that your relationship has a better chance than running to look for someone else when things start to become difficult.

Here are some easy, simple ways on how to be a better husband and partner.


Sometimes it becomes too easy for our responsibilities at work or our hobbies to get in the way and slowly erode our relationship. We may start to take her for granted because she does not seem to demand our time and attention the way our other responsibilities do.

Random acts of kindness, even small and seemingly insignificant, help create a stronger marriage and are vitally IMPORTANT to women.

Here are some ideas:

  • Draw a heart on the steamy bathroom mirror while your wife is in the shower.
  • Get up early and make breakfast for her.
  • Clean her car.
  • Call her unexpectedly during the day just to say “I love you.”
  • Watch her favourite show or sporting event with her.
  • Arrange a girl’s night for your wife.

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Your wife will always appreciate a good gift at any time, not just Christmas or Valentine’s Day. This does not need to be expensive, though it can be.

Make sure you remember important dates like her birthday and anniversary. If you have to, schedule reminders in multiple places so you don’t make the mistake of forgetting.

As far as anniversary gifts advice, choose a meaningful gift she can treasure.

A bouquet of flowers will wilt in a week, so consider a fruit tree, or a real rose dipped in precious metal that she can admire for a lifetime.

If you have seen her take a second glance at a skirt in a shop window or mentioned something specific that has piqued her interest, surprise her with it.

A treat for your wife should be a regular thing, even if it is just her favorite chocolate bar when you are in the store picking up bread and milk. Otherwise, a trip to a local art exhibition, an aromatherapy bath kit, or a night out for dinner for no special reason are other great gift ideas.

The more confident your wife is that you truly love her and want to take care of her, the more excited she will be to spend time with you.

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Consider how you both feel about money. This is an important factor to become a better husband.

Whether you’re fearful of financial insecurity or a big spender, there are “money personality” quizzes online that you can suggest you both take as a first step in the conversation about money.

It’s a good idea to sit down each year and align your decisions about your shared financial priorities for the year, whether it be a vacation, debt-repayment, or saving more for retirement. This means that you can agree on a household budget so that neither of you feels in the dark about where the money is being spent.

It is a good idea to have a separate “fun money” budgets to spend how you wish, as well as an agreed system about what you need to discuss before you make a purchase.

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